TV Fanatic Round Table: Best Couple of 2013

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From the villainous to the amorous...

In our latest year-end Round Table discussion, various TV Fanatic staff members have gathered below to answer one simple and one very sweet question:


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Miranda Wicker: Damon and Elena on The Vampire Diaries! Finally, these two get their moment! While they might be breaking up right now, they finally got a chance to be a real couple.

Chandel Charles: Shawn and Juliet - affectionately known as Shules across Psych fandom - are my unrivaled choice for best TV couple of the year. They certainly had it rough this year with Juliet discovering his secret, but they recovered beautifully over time and I have hope that 2014 will be nothing but blue skies for these two!

Carissa Pavlica: Carrie and Brody on Homeland because nothing says love like refusing to give up faith and standing by your man as he's swinging by the neck from the arm of some construction equipment in front of a cheering crowd.

Olivia and Fitz on Scandal
The Relationship Test

Doug Wolfe: Philip and Elizabeth Jennings on The Americans. This is a fascinating couple who were brought together as part of their assignment, but then found themselves emotionally entangled with each other. This series turns the idea of marital relations end over end, constantly, where "marital discord" translates into a few dead bodies, give or take.

Christine Orlando: Rick Castle and Kate Beckett on Castle.These two have always had amazing chemistry. It's almost a relief to have them together as a solid couple. I loved Castle's proposal during the season premiere. I find the relationship even more fun to watch now that they're engaged. But I have one small request...a few more romantic moments here and there would really make my new year.

Gabrielle Moss: NBC and Dan Harmon. I'm glad those crazy kids were able to finally work things out!

Leigh Raines:  My vote goes to Olivia and Fitz on Scandal. They are beyond far from perfect - he is married and the President - but there is such chemistry there. When they're together and they're good it's amazing. The episode when he showed her the house in Vermont and she told him to keep it… it just slayed me.

Runner up: Elijah and Hayley's sexual chemistry on The Originals. Can they bite the bullet and get together already?!

Michelle Carlbert: I've got to go with Deeks and Kensi on NCIS: Los Angeles. Normally I am quite annoyed when a relationship is attempted between partners. Some have overcome my initial misgivings (see Bones and Castle) but this is one that has had me from the get-go. Their chemistry is great and the emotional journey they've been on this season has only added to the fun of watching and hoping they end up together.

Christina Tran: Jolex! They are just so right for each other and only second to MerDer on Grey's Anatomy.

YOUR turn, TV Fanatics! Vote now on the top TV couple of 2013:

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Castle and Beckett all the way!


FitzSimmons all the way!


Jackson and April. We've had a tough time, but Jackson's ILY SLAYED me in the winter finale! Bring on the Japril goodness in 2014!

@ Nia

Haha Im so not happy about that... i hate it


Although I'm totally with Damon and Elena has everyone forgotten about TIVA? they may not be 'together' but what happened between them counts enough to be the best couple of 2013 easily


Out of the given choices, I'll have to definitely go with Castle and Beckett. Apart from those few episodes at the end of last season with the faux angst, they've been solid.


Jax and Tara forever

Leigh r
@ Jenn

@jenn Amen.

Drea xoxo

Olitz Olitz and o yea OLITZ!!!!!! who else can sizzle like that NO ONE minus the ethics and morale part they should always be no1!

Spindae 2o

Ted and the Mother!!! I mean they had like 4 scenes max, but come on that chemistry perfection!!!!


Vincent & Catherine, Beauty and the Beast. It's absolutely no contest. I'll forgive the oversight...this time!