TV Fanatic Round Table: Best Dramatic Performance of 2013

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The TV Fanatic staff is back with a new end-of-the-year Round Table.

Following a discussion over the Best Comedic Performance of 2013, we're back with our views on the opposite end of the television spectrum: Who was the Best Dramatic Performer of 2013?

Scroll down for our take and then chime in with your own...

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Miranda Wicker: Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan in Dexter. It's really a series-long award instead of just the final season, but Debra was consistently one of the best parts of the show, no matter how whacky the writing got at times. Watching her struggle with learning Dexter's secret and killing LaGuerta and ultimately decide to let Dexter go with Hannah and then dying? Geez. I'm sad all over again. RIP Debra Morgan.

Matt Richenthal: Bryan Cranston. It may be an obvious pick, but it's an obvious pick for a reason. Just go back and watch the final scene of Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 14. My goodness.

Kate Brooks: Jonny Lee Miller, Elementary. The first episodes that immediately come to mind are "M" and the Elementary Season 1 finale, "The Woman/Heroine. "The range that Miller demonstrated in these installments were some of the best performances I've ever seen on TV. I still cannot believe that he was Emmy snubbed. A beautiful actor who just pulls you into his scenes and makes you feel what he's feeling.

Leigh Raines: Maggie Siff on Sons of Anarchy. She perfected the art of losing your sh*t because you married into crime and need to protect your family. Between the fake miscarriage and screaming at Jax outside the brothel, she gets my vote.

Ozymandias Scene
Olivia Looks Distraght

Steve Marsi: Kerry Washington took Scandal Season 2 to a whole new level. She can play strong, vulnerable, vengeful and sensitive. All at the same time, no less.

Carissa Pavlica: I'll give it to Tatiana Maslany. There have been many actors and actresses who have attempted to portray multiple roles, but none with as wide a range and with as much sincerity as Maslany did in Orphan Black. Because of her performance, it was easy to lose yourself in the story and believe each woman was someone completely different. What she accomplished was nothing short of amazing.

Nick McHatton: I'm tipping my hat to Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florick on The Good Wife. Her separation from Lockhart Gardner was riled with emotion and she played the cut beautifully. Alicia runs a gamut of emotions: sad, feisty, cutthroat, charming, witty, etc. Her performance has given the show a brand new feel and energy.

Chandel Charles: My hat is off to Piper Perabo on Covert Affairs. This season took a completely different and much darker turn and the way she played through Annie's relentless quest to bring down Wilcox made it impossible for me to keep my eyes off the television or my body off the edge of my seat.

Doug Wolfe: Cranston. His composite portrayal of Walter White left me wondering if the character wasn't in fact a psychopath. The actor made White a presence, not just another character.

YOUR turn, TV Fanatics: Who would you say was the Best Dramatic Performer of 2013?


Any answer other than Brian Cranston is a joke. This is the greatest acting of all time. To compare Cranston to Covert Affairs shows the stupidity of this pole.


covert affairs sucks, at least it's been cancelled


I never ever watch the shows in the preceding comments,but I would never ever miss Piper Perabo in Covert Affairs.I never use to watch the show,but when I did,I feel in love with it,and Piper is a great actress,and a sweetheart.


Scandal, The breaking bad and elementary are the best series to watch; covert affair and the orphan black the worst

@ mike

Elementary is silly.A lovely chinese lady living with a man,and they don't have sex.A person can hardly understand Jonny Lee when he talks.when I do watch it's because of Lucy Liu.I have never watched Breaking Bad,as I can't even stand the commercials about it.That and Walking Dead should be removed from tv.

Lost twd pp got
@ Gerald McGarrigle

LMAO Troll


Scandal's Jeff Perry is absolutely amazing. And Kerry, yeah kerry.


Bryan Cranston was the best this season. Peter Dinklage was superb also. Emily Deschanel was wonderful too in the Spark in the Park episode where she was interpreting the grieving father's equations recreating his daughter's life in a truly remarkable scene from Bones.


Many of the actors listed are definitely deserving, but I have to acknowledge Jensen Ackles for his performance in the season 9 mid-season finale. That takes the prize all by itself.


I actually think the worst show on TV is Hawaii 5-0 and the worst actor is Caan.

@ poppysmom

One of the best shows on tv.


James Spader in The Blacklist.

@ poppysmom

Another silly show,but I watch it because of Megan Boone.

Drea xoxo

kerry. kerry kerry and wait for it KERRY

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