Beauty and the Beast Midseason Report Card: Grade It!

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What's happening on Beauty and the Beast Season 2?

Now seems like a perfect time to take stock of The CW drama, so sit back, read through our analysis below and then weigh in with your own grade...


Best Episode: The Thanksgiving episode was fantastic. There’s no doubt many of you are going to be unhappy that I can choose any episode as the best, but Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 7 was just brilliant in moving things along. Cat finally learned her dad was the bad guy, but she also saw Vincent kissing Tori. It wasn't the best holiday for her, but J.T. had a lovely time with Tess. There were unexpected kisses, explosions, bombshells of all sorts. It was well worth the wait.

Vincent vs. Cat

Best Character: Vincent. Even after he was taken hostage and his physiology was mucked with again, he still didn't lose all faith in humanity. Despite Cat’s constant prodding for him to be someone he didn't remember, he didn't completely push her away. Given his beastly state, it would have been easy for him to do. He has been trying to be all things to all people, but the obstacles before him have been too steep for him to win.

Most Surprising Development: I never imagined there would be a female beast, and I like the concept. It’s a shame she’s a red head, as it brings up nasty memories of Vincent’s ex. If you put yourself in her shoes, with new-found powers and a hot guy who is the only other person like you, you’d fight to be by his side, too. Admit it.

Most Likely to Entertain: It took a long time before we were treated to any on-screen time with Tess and J.T., but when it finally happened, it didn't disappoint. The makings of a fun duo were always there, but until the Best Episode, we were left wanting during Beauty and the Beast Season 2. The Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 9 photo preview looks like we’re in for more of this entertaining duo.

Strangest Development: Let’s be honest, Joe was kicked off the force because he didn't do his job, and Gabe was tasked to tie up loose ends with all the unsolved cases that Joe let slide. If that’s the case, why doesn't anyone do any police work anymore? It’s nice that we’re focusing on the beast story, but viewers aren't so shallow that we don’t understand there are other things going on in the lives of the characters. It’s plain weird.

Worst Story: There was a great opportunity during Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 5 to get to know some of Cat’s and Vincent’s old friends. Cat had a high school reunion and Vincent learned an old high school friend and fellow Afghanistan soldier and beast was still breathing. They turned out to be fly-by-night stories instead of meatier fare.

Overall Grade: B  I'm really enjoying the new dynamic, even if I miss the steamy kisses between Cat and Vincent. To expect them to be together without problems so soon into the series was unrealistic, and that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Putting their love to the test will make it last.  

Hopes for 2014: I’d like to see more Tess and J.T. They are so enjoyable. Perhaps by seeing them together, their friends VinCat will remember what it was they loved about each other. Cat and Vincent need to be apart for a while to remember why are so good together, and to get to know each other again. Cat needs to meet the new Vincent, and stop pining for the man she loved before her father took him away. I want everyone to stick with the show so we have a couple to root for. Have faith!

It’s your turn. Grade Beauty and the Beast Season 2 now:

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Season 2 has been fairly horrible. I miss the crime element and strong cop Kat from Season 1. She has become whiney, her cop partner has become a 1-dimensional Vincent hater. Vincent is the best character of the season, but unfortunately is being put through the ringer by the writers. And don't even get me started on the b*tch beast Tori. She's a spoiled rich brat character that is totally unsympathetic. :/ Miss season 1.


For me, episode 1 exceeded anything I was prepared for. I was mesmerized by this new Vincent. Even without his memory, he made us feel that he would risk life and limb for Catherine. Episode 2 is my next favorite, then 3 and 4. After that, I wasn't as emotionally engaged. I felt Episode 5 was written by an extremely sexist male writer. Episode 7 was written by someone who hadn't done their homework or even viewed the previous episode. "He was going to kill his daughter" sloppy writing. We saw in episode 6 that Windsor had disabled Gabe and was ready to kill Vincent, not his daughter. But to make episode 7 work without relying on imaginative writing, they had to brain wash us into believing that Vincent killed Windsor to save Tori by saying it least three times. Plus we have to be party to Catherine's really awful decisions that only harm Vincent. If she wanted to go to dinner to feel out her bio-dad, she should have gone alone.
For the rest of the episodes, we are being bombarded with the dreaded "often repeated phrases" Your humanity, moving on, don't make me shoot you again. In season 1, "normal" was used 14 times in one episode, hopefully they won't fall into that trap again.
The loss of the rare almost legendary chemistry between the two main characters is leaving me bereft. I know they say they need more story lines, but their on screen chemistry was a very rare gift. Action adventures, science fiction I can see every day, but nothing that makes me hold my breath waiting for a look to pass between them, or a touch or a kiss. It should be capitalized on, not wasted.
Still, I give it an A just because of Episodes 1-4. After that I would give a C because again the writers are unable to decide on Vincent's powers. They come and go again. He can hear heartbeats but not a cell phone conversation. He could only judge truth by heartbeats suddenly when before it was by seeing into eyes and noting changes in body temp. First he could track beasts without ever seeing them before, but suddenly he couldn't without Tori helping.


I agree, Tess & JT are just wonderful to watch. Also wish they would do more character development through the old friends, thought they shouldn't have killed off Zack right away either. Enjoying the episodes but missing the connection between Vincent & Catherine. Die hard beastie & won't stop watching, just missing it.

@ Ruth+Cassidy

I'm really disappointed some of the characters from Reunion didn't stick around. There was a lot to mine from those friends from the past. Missed opportunity, I think. When Cat settles down, and Vincent discovers who he really was, it will be really worth the wait. I just hope we get there!


I gave it an A because it is a great show with a great cast and if anyone can't see that theirs something wrong with THEM not the show.


Best Episode ~ Definitely not this turkey *coughToriblecough*. Mine are 2x01 Who Am I which far exceeded all my expectations for Season 2 and just made me love BatB even more ~ that heartbreaking VinCat scene at the end delivered on the promise of achingly romantic and then some. 2x04 Hothead is definitely my fave for being Vincent-centric and Cat not being the pain that she was at the end of 2x03. Perfect VinCat moments as they reconnected in the sweetest ep of Season 2 so far.
Best Character for me if you haven't guessed by now ~ my Sexy Beast Vincent. Always. Jay is so expressive and true to his character. He plays the tortured and torn hero sublimely well. Swoon.
Most Surprising Development ~ I actually liked Gabe for the first 4 episodes! I never liked him in Season 1 and was SMH that he was returning (would have preferred my lovely Brit Evan). When Gabe was being smart and helpful and trying to keep the Scooby Gang focused he was pretty fun to watch and had some great lines. Right until the Writers made him crush on Cat ~ oh hell NO. Why?? Gabe STOLE what should have been a precious VinCat moment in the ending of 2x05 Reunion which also happens to be the only Season 2 ep I don't care for. Gabe is a dead man walking to me if he continues to have feelings for Cat. They have absolutely zilch chemistry. Stay in the friend zone please. He can have Tess or Torible.
Most Likely To Entertain ~ In Season 1 it was JT for sure but this season it's Vincent because JT has been sidelined so much. I hope the JTnT romance dies ASAP. I'd much rather see the missing bromance between JT and Vincent again.
Strangest Development ~ Cat blowing hot and cold with Vincent throughout Season 2 so far ~ I guess its just for drama but I don't like her character this way especially when she was so obsessed with finding him in 2x01~ then she does a 360 in each subsequent ep ~ taking one step forward and 10 steps back in their relationship ugh. Can't wait for VinCat to be in sync with each other again. On a different note ~ usually I loathe bad guys but I love Big Bad Bob. Ted Whittall ~ brilliant addition.
Worst Story ~ 3 actually 1) Torible ~ she killed it with that kiss. A female beast could have been .interesting but now I just want her gone. The fact that she's a bratty devil on Vincent's broad shoulder tempting him to unleash his Beast side while driving a wedge further between my fave twosome just makes me despise her character even more. 2) Gabe ~ again I don't want to see to see or hear about his Cat crush. EEW. 3) JTnT romance. Just wrong. JT deserves a better storyline.
Overall Grade ~ A all the way! Whatever the Writers throw at us I believe in BatB and will never stop watching. Holding on for dear life through all the loop de loops ~ I might hurl during some of the twists but I'll never get off this crazy emotional rollercoaster because I adore my VinCat. ♥
Hopes for 2014 ~ Improved ratings for BatB leading to the good news that my favorite show will be renewed. Everything else will just fall into place then. The Writers have really stepped up their game in Season 2 ~ NO other show has me so excitedly counting the days till each new episode arrives to see how it fits into this mesmerizing mythological BatB puzzle that intrigues me so. I know many of us are missing the romance but I LOVE the compelling storytelling of Season 2. I know Brad Kern has mapped out the story for at least 5 seasons~ I need to see this special story play out to its full potential. The cast the crew and the fans ~ we all deserve Season 3 and beyond.

@ ean

Agree with you 99%,, you pretty much took the words right out of my mouth! With the favourite eps, I have to I include ep 2 Kidnapped - the VinCat chemistry was exquisite in this, my 2 complaints with this ep were that the sex scene was cut short (way too short! ) & the push at the end was too heartbreaking to see! Plus with regards to Gabe, I'm loving his character this season and I'm very glad that he's there for Cat, but always remains honerable! I completely understand that VinCat have to be torn apart sometimes or the show could get stale, but I think they could have done that without changing Vincent's core of being the good guy that would NEVER hurt Catherine - even as a super soldier / assassin, he should still have had that at his core, just like how he could not ignore the connection to her and the sound of her heartbeat!


Kidnapped is my 3rd fave ep of Season 2. Sexy sweet sad funny VinCat = pretty perfect!!! Yeah being robbed of major sexy time made it 3rd for me instead of tied for 1st with Who Am I and Hothead. Sherri and Jen really know what we like in our VinCat ~ hope they write more coming eps for BatB! The shove doesn't bother me at all ~ that was just Vincent's Beast reacting to Cat's unrelenting questioning. No I don't blame Cat either. I think that scene was perfectly played out to show Cat that her sweet Vincent is an entirely different Beast now ~ damn you Muirfield altho he's smokin hot so I can't really complain because I love his character development in Season 2 (except him sticking by silly Tori ugh)

@ ean

ean, I thought I loved Vincent last season but this new characterization is beyond amazing. He is spectacular. I love his malevolence yet gentle side. That scowl is magnificent but his expression toward her is heartwarming.
The shove didn't bother me either. But I wonder if this didn't begin her dissatisfaction with him. The Gabe character doesn't help with his lies into her ear. He effectively made her doubt even more. Vincent was purchased by the drug dealer. Vincent is a paid assassin. Vincent is dangerous. Gabe running around with syringe, blue gloves and defibrillator wanting to experiment on beasts made it seem like he was an evil Dr. Moreau. He even made Catherine kill a beast (they later said Vincent killed Eddie Long, not true) so he could experiment on him. This Gabe isn't a good guy, no matter how hard they try to convince me.


great recap; so positive!!! my favorite episode is who am i. jt needs more screen time. gabe should go away :) i am a big vincat fan but i'm patient. the longer we wait the better it will be!!

@ debbie

yes! I wish Gabe would just go away! He totally ruins the dynamics with all the characters. Too much Gabe has lead to too little JT and Tess. But as usual, I 100% agree with Carissa.


I respectfully disagree with everything on this report card except Most Likely to Entertain. I kind of agree with the Worst Story bit that the potential of uncovering Cat's and Vincent's pasts wasn't fully explored in 205, but I have seen worse this season. My Grade so far: D.
That is actually a good thing because I really feel that the series can't go lower than this so hopefully, things will only look up here onwards :)

@ Marie

I thought I'd list a few of my own. Best Episode: Who Am I? The only episode where I saw the angst and aching romance promised by the writers in their comic-con interviews. Liar, Liar comes a close second.
Best Character: JT, despite the lack of his screen-presence. He's the only character who hasn't done a downward spiral.
Most Surprising Development: Strong, will-powered Cat turned into weak, whiny, dependant girlfriend. While I understand that she's in a tough emotional place right now, everything I loved about her seems to have vanished. I can say the same for others except the Best Character but I'm most disappointed in hers.
Most Likely To Entertain: Same as the writer.
Strangest Development: The priority of Vincent's memories and how he will never get any more back. Also, it's strange seeing Vincent being so cold and callous. Doesn't seem like the same character from last season. Even if his memory has been wiped, I expected the compassion to remain.
Worst story: I am tempted to mention the female beast one since it's been utterly useless till now, and I find the 'animal attraction' between her and Vincent absurd. But I know there are more episodes for her to go so I'll hold on to that. I can't believe I'm saying this but I hated how VinCat were shown in from 204-208 so I will probably go with them.
Overall Grade D: So many things haven't worked for me this season that if I get down to listing them, I can write a full essay.
Hopes for 2014: What the writer mentioned except along with Cat embracing the new Vincent, I would like to see him go back to being the soft, kind and gentle Vincent from S1 as well, the one who actually cared about people. I loathe Vincent 2.0 but I like his confidence and how he doesn't feel unworthy of himself, so I'd like that to maintain.


Beauty and the Beast has potencial to many more seasons! This show is great and it`s so diferent from all the others that are in the air on tv, and brought back the love and romance in our hearts and lives! Beasties are anxious for it`s return on Jun 13 and for the Third Season!

@ Ludmila

Ludmila I totally agree with you! And the fact Brad Kern has a story line for 5 seasons says it all. I want them to get the chance to tell that story. I loved S1 but I love the direction of S2. The new mythology that's coming and what we saw about the upcoming eps looks so promising. I think we will see something of the softer side of Vincent back and of course Vincat will be together again after going on a rollercoaster ride!

@ Ina

Totally agree with you Ina @Ludmila. I love S1 and S2 is exciting. I dying to see what's going to happen and where the new story line is going to go. I have faith that Vincat will be back stronger than ever. For now I do miss the Vincat Love, but I'll wait because I know it will happen again. I thought that the "Kidnapped" episode was very sexy and seductive. There's a lot to come and I'm excited to see where it goes. I guess I'm just a "Beastie forever".

@ Ina

I totally agree with you, Ludmila! Beauty and the beast is a number that has been growing in action, excitement ... The actors are wonderful and the characters are not caricatures as in so many others! The chemistry that happens between the protagonists so much that it involves creating expectations among fans! I think the wonderful series! Is there room for improvement? Of course, there always! Aim for a series that has no room for improvement! For me, the concept is smaller than B strangest!

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Vargas:This is where he lives? A chemical plant?
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Vargas: Or maybe it's a meth lab.
Cat: Just my type.

Everyone told me it was just a coyote or a bear. This thing I thought I had seen was just a result of my concussion or post traumatic stress. No, the men who killed my mother were beasts. I believed them. Until now.