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Secrets come out over Thanksgiving dinner and Tori and Gabe join Vincent and Cat at her father's.

Vincent and Cat are making out.
Vincent thinks his excessive violence against the last beast was a reaction to all of the assassinations.
Bob calls and invites Cat to Thanksgiving dinner.
Tess tells Cat Gabe's theory about Vincent's last mission.
Vincent discovers on his own that Gabe was right.
Tori is asking about flatlining and later ends up in the river after a car accident. Gabe decides to keep an eye on her.
Cat and Vincent try to find out whether or not Bob is trustworthy by utilizing Vincent's beast lie-detector capabilities.
Cat goes ahead and spills her guts on Vincent even though they didn't have any idea whether Bob is involved with beasts.
Vincent touches Tori and his violence is triggered again, and he pins Bob up against the wall. Tori runs.
Cat tells Bob everything and convinces him to hear Vincent out.
J.T. and Tess eat pizza and drink beer and then J.T. asks Tess why she is single and confesses an attraction to her and they kiss.
Bob says he'll help to try Vincent's handler but only if Vincent leaves her life forever.
Tori beasts out at Thanksgiving dinner and Cat realizes that's what is making Vincent change.
Bob talks condescendingly to Cat and she is appalled.
Tori seeks out Vincent and he tells her she should stay away. She asks who else she can talk to about it and asks for his help.
Vincent and Tori have an animal magnetism and they kiss as Cat walks by.
Bob sends Tori home with his "driver" who is actually his partner in crime.
Tess and J.T. talk about their kiss.
Bob gives Vincent a "tip" he got about someone going to kill another beast - in Tori's apartment building.
Just as Cat says goodbye, she and Gabe hear the church bells Tess and J.T. heard in the recording they were trying to unscramble.
Vincent gets to Tori's apartment, stands on a trip wire and the apartment explodes.
Beauty and the Beast
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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Cat: My heart is racing.
Vincent: Mine too.
Cat: Except I can't rip yours out of your chest.

Tess: It's just, I dread this holiday so much. It's the part where my family grills me about my single status and there are no gifts to offset the humiliation.
J.T.: Then don't go. Tell them you're working, which you are. We can boycott the holidays together.
Tess: Just you and me?
J.T.: And some beer and some pizza and some creepy guy's voice.
Tess: Can we start drinking now?
J.T.: Absolutely. This is going to be the best Thanksgiving ever! Non-Thanksgiving.