Days of Our Lives: What Has EJ Done?

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Oh. My. God! 

This week, Days of Our Lives put together a couple I never would have predicted:  EJ Dimera and Abigail Deveraux. 

Simply put, the pairing makes me simultaneously cringe and laugh at the same time. Why?

Cringe because there's age difference. Probably somewhere around 15 years. Not that that's never happened before but it's still a wide enough gap to cause more than one raised eyebrow. And up until this point it felt like EJ and Abby had sort of a big brother little sister thing I never saw this coming.

Secondly, I like EJ and Sami. I didn't always, given their history, but after about a decade of undeniable chemistry I'm finally sold. 

So after years of hoping, begging, and scheming to get Sami to take him seriously, why would one more rough patch in their relationship have EJ suddenly falling into bed with Abby Deveraux? I'm still not entirely sure. 

EJ and Abby Kiss

Yes, Abby is a beautiful, sweet girl but let's face it. She's also a bit of an nutcase. 

Let's recap...

When Abigail first came back to town, she did everything in her power to ruin Austin's marriage to Carrie. She even went as far as to lie about sleeping with him. Fast forward a year and Abby's playing Salem's resident good girl, lamenting about her virginity and pondering whether Chad is good enough for her. 

Now she's bedding EJ Dimera!?!  

And I had to laugh when she stormed over to the Dimera mansion today to ask EJ why it happened and accuse him of taking advantage of her. 

Seriously, girl. You quite literally threw yourself at the man. Let's not play the victim card now that you're worried mommy will find out.

Speaking of Jennifer Rose, perhaps she needs to drop that self righteous streak. Her son's a former drug dealer and shop lifter and her daughter has slept with two Dimeras. 

Perhaps Abby could bed Stefano next and make it a trifecta.

Of course, EJ is no saint in this mess. He could have said no when Abby launched herself at him. He could have walked back to his speed boat and left her panting after him back at the cabin.

But what fun would that have been?  

As much as I cringe over EJabby, they also make me smile. 

Because this is soap gold. Eventually the truth will come out. Jennifer will know her beloved daughter slept with yet another Dimera and Sami will find out EJ cheated on her. Let's face it. It's only a matter of time before all hell breaks loose in Salem…and I can't wait.

As for the mystery man behind the door at the end of today's episode. My guess is it's Stefano who will gleefully hold EJ's latest dalliance over his head.

So what's your take Days fans? Are you an #EJabby fan or are you hating Salem's newest secret couple? Can Sami and EJ survive this debacle?

Tell us. What's your take on EJ and Abby?

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Abigail Johanna Deveraux (born onscreen October 19, 1992 EJ Born on-screen on February 21, 1997. Was "aged" and said to be in his mid-to-late-20s in 2006 EJ should technically only be about 17 years old... The writers really skewed with his age.


That was HOT!!, I'm loving this Ej/Abby relationship, hope it goes farther, they will be my next fave couple!!...


So nasty. EJ is too awesome of a character to waste on someone so boring. I liked him with Sami so much more.




I love it keep it up can't wait until Sami find out its going to blow up.


If DAYS wanted me to change the channel, they succeeded. Abby has now tried to wreck TWO homes, she was aghast at Chad for manipulating CAMERON, she's totally brushed off what she suspects has happened to her cousin Nick. She has no cares about Sami or the kids. All because she has a pulse and wants a piece of EJ? Seriously?


Who the heck paid off for this craptastic article. This is the first days article I've ever seen on this site. First of all EJ and and Sami hasn't even been around for a decade! Secondly anyone who knows anything about Days knows Sami's best pairing will always be with Lucas. Thirdly I find it disgusting that this article insults and degrades Abby who is still quite innocent, young and naive enough to make mistakes yet give EJ, the older wiser and attached part of this coupling, a pass. Blame all on the young girl. I guess this writer still hates on Monica Lewinsky while falling over himself/herself over Bill Clinton. Abby has been crushing on EJ for two years now. How can you see bro/sis in EJ/Abby but see a love match in a rapemance is beyond me. EJ/Sami are much like Daniel/Jennifer. Forced, rewritten and overly pimped couplings that destroyed the veteran women involved and does nothing but perpetrate stereotypes that degrade and weaken their characters. At least right now EJ and Abby has some potential. Something definitely lacking in EJ and Sami.

@ CJ

Very well said

Jodi beam

Just an FYI!! They are only 8 years apart in age on screen. Do your research before posting. Ej dimera born in 1984 and Abigail born in 1992. Off screen they are 9 years difference in age!!


At first I thought it was Sammi behind the door, but It is Chad. I know that Stefano makes more sense


I hope EJ gets rid of the icky Sami! I hate Sami! And Abby was right when she blurted out "any woman with a pulse would want to sleep you (EJ)"...Soooo very true in my opinion!! EJ is lick-a-licious!

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