Hart of Dixie Review: The Cabaret

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In this installment of Hart of Dixie, we are taken through the so-called world of Cabaret as Shelby continues to "ruin" Brick's life.

And, in an attempt to get her out of his, Brick recruits Zoe to be Shelby's new director.

Finally, in Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 10, Brick gives into his feelings for Shelby while Wade tries to figure out why Vivian isn't having such a great time with him.

Let me tell you, the one thing that I love the most about Dixie is at the end of each episode you're left with a stupid smile on your face. I feel little stressed out watching all others show.

Hart of Dixie is all about its lightness and comedy. You also get those awww-inspiring moments when one of our favorite characters finally finds love or love is rekindled.

In this case, it was George and Tansy.

We all can rejoice now that Lynly will soon be gone. Finally, someone in Bluebell said aloud what we've all been saying since day one: Lynly has crazy eyes. Truer words have never been spoken. Thank you, Tansy!

Elsewhere, Joel was his adorable self, trying to help Zoe from ruining the cabaret, even though she thought he was jealous. I really love Joel.

You know who else I love? Vivian. I even love Vivian with Wade. I know this probably revoked my shipper card but you know what? I'm all about a character's journey.

Vivian is a part of Wade's and a part of Zoe's and she'll eventually play a huge role in Zade. At least, that is my speculation for the remaining episodes of Hart of Dixie Season 3.

I also believe that Annabeth doesn't gets enough credit. Every single episode she brings the comedy and is the backbone for Lavon. There is nothing about her that I don't adore. She's funny, loyal, but most importantly she is her own person. Annabeth doesn't need Lavon nor Lemon to define her character or to make her stand out. 

Overall, I liked episode because Shelby and Brick are finally back together and because there is a light at the end of the tunnel with Lynly.

Each week with Dixie is another hour of TV that is worth watching because it's fun and when the hour is over you're happy and ready for next week with a sense of anticipation.

Who was your favorite pairing from the episode?


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was nice to see lemon miss her and lavon listen to her that AB was.
hope that the endgames off season 3 is lemon and lavon ,george with tansy zoe and wade and joel with AB will be great for a season 4 the last one .


WAS a great show, I did enjoy most of the characters but who in the name of the man or woman above are the writers? It has become the biggest load of rubbish and stupidity of a show ever on any network. I so enjoy Rachel Bilson but honey, get done with that show as doing absolutely nothing for your career. The only thing I enjoyed about the the latest episode was Vivian's little boy, who by the way is looks like a smaller version of Joel and could pass as Zoe and Joel's son, god forbid. Then CW uploaded next weeks episode on their website. I watched that to see if any spark between Zoe and Wade and seriously people, nothing! Actually both of them help each other out to help each other's relationships get even better. That show has to be dead in the water and lost at sea. Honestly they just need to end it. Hope I am not the bearer of bad news but it is just ridiculous and have absolutely no idea why the network are leaving that load of rubbish air.

Drea xoxo
@ BoBo

I was afraid this was going to happen when I found out who the writers were! they always ruin shows aka GG!!!! Zoe and Wade were the whole point of the show just like Jess and Nick, Mindy and Danny and the ultimate originals, Ross and rachel and Chandler and Monica!!!! when they ruined that union the show sadly sunk with it


I LOVED this episode!!! I didn't think I could be happy until Zoe and Wade were back together, but I was so wrong. What a wonderful ride! Music numbers (love that!) Lemon's schemes, Brick & Shelby (Shelby is fantastic!) and George stuck between Linley and Tansy!!! Brilliant. Zoey seems happy with Joel right now and Wade is maturing and they are happy. Bluebell has help to save the two...things are hopeful. Great episode!


I continue to watch in the hope that the latest episode is better. Season three hasn't had a single one so I'm thinking maybe this show is simply no longer my cup of tea. It's sad how its changed. I have to respectfully completely disagree with the reviewer... "at the end of each episode you're left with a stupid smile on your face". I definitely used to have that smile on my face but not so much this season. "Hart of Dixie is all about its lightness and comedy. You also get those awww-inspiring moments when one of our favorite characters finally finds love or love is rekindled." As the seasons have gone on... the show has definitely moved heavily in the direction of "lightness and comedy". However, to simplify the tv show to "lightness and comedy" when it includes marriage engagements that fall apart, cheating, a father who needs help due to heavy drinking, relationships in general... it's a show that's about Southern life and life has hiccups that aren't always lightness and comedy; I feel that they've let go of an important element that made the show a success in the beginning. A great show has content you get invested in - something that moves you on the couch whilst watching but in the same episode has you laughing. And I believe the show has lost that this season.


this isn't the episode that was shown on hulu. they showed next week's episode. shelby leaves, lynly leaves and zoe and joel decide to buy a house together and bluebell is given historical status, so the merger is off.


I want Zoe and wade back!!!!

Drea xoxo
@ Meres

Same until they are back I refuse to watch!!


If Joel and Lynly will not be out of cast for good next episode I'll stop watching.

@ Jessi

Okay, obviously Joel will be back. And Lynly will probably be back for one more episode... But if you want to stop watching b/c things aren't going JUST how you want them the MOMENT you want them, see ya later.

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Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

[About Lynly] Little miss crazy eyes!


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