Intelligence Review: Love is Just Geography

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Intelligence didn't waste any time in answers questions about Amelia.

In Intelligence Season 1 Episode 2, we saw the happy couple before her deployment deep undercover and again in the present day. Five years may have passed, but their love for each other was just geography. Even though Amelia had explosive material in her stomach, Gabriel continued to believe in his wife.

"It's just geography," indeed!

Handling Gabriel

I was shocked  to see the Amelia storyline take such an abrupt and drastic turn in the second episode. Intelligence showed it's willing to take huge, unexpected steps. And, just when it was starting to make sense,... boom! It's not at all what it appeared. Love it!

The idea of undetectable explosive material that can be consumed is frightening. In this case, the technology was designed for the good of society and then twisted to do evil. If (or when!) such a bombing material is developed, the world will be a much more dangerous place. 

In this case, an American military contractor was responsible for the deaths of the perpetrators' family. To get revenge, they targeted the US military and the contractor with the undetectable bomb. The situation became even more complicated when Gabriel traced one of the men to the Mumbai attack that Amelia participated in.

The bombing was almost secondary to the emotional turmoil Amelia's involvement created for the team. Gabriel has effectively used the chip to help the nation, but Amelia's his weakness. He put protecting his wife above everything else, including saving his own life.

He couldn't accept the possibility that Amelia had been turned or that Riley and Lillian put his safety above his wife's. Ultimately, Gabriel put the lives of innocents ahead of his anger and continued to help the team.

When Gabriel came face to face with Amelia, it was utterly heartbreaking. They wanted to protect and save each other at the potential expense of their own lives. If nothing else, Gabriel was able to say goodbye in a way to Amelia. Will he be able to forgive Riley?

In another unexpected twist, it was Amelia that provided the boy at the Mosque with the clue about the targeted hospital. She wanted him to show up there. Did she believe that he could stop the bombing? Whatever her specific motivation, she hadn't been turned. 

Lillian's continually flip-flopped on her stance over Amelia. While she tells Gabriel that he needs to let Amelia go and that his wife's been turned, her actions tell a much different story. She traded for information on Amelia, she revealed to Riley she didn't believe Amelia turned, and lastly she followed up on the clue to get verification of Amelia's allegiance.

What does Lillian know that she's keeping secret? Gabriel will likely be furious when he finds out!

What now? Amelia is presumably dead. Or, is she? I hope she's still alive and that that explosion was a way to fake her death and get her out of the horrible situation she found herself in. I didn't see her blow up, did you? No body ... no death, right?

Is Amelia dead?


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Amelia Brit being dead doesn't have to be insane. Unless I missed something, there was nothing to show that for sure she was the bomb. She could have been the person pressing the detonator. While there was a very short time between Gabriel's fall and the explosion, she could have jumped as well or ran somewhere. It's tough, they maybe should've made the time between jump and explosion longer, but she still could've gotten away.

Sarah silva

Amelia is dead, she blew up in the building, how could she have escaped? The bomb was inside her!
I have to take a moment to talk about the hotness of Mr. Holloway, thank you for the shirtless scenes!
I am enjoying this show way more than I was expecting too.
There are funny moment and the action scenes are intense.


Good episode. Gabriel finally found Amelia then she blew up. well maybe we actually didn't see her blow up or anything to indicate that she is dead so she might still be alive some how and since this is TV she probably is because it makes the story better. The scene where Riley tackled Gabriel and they went out the window and into the water was my favorite scene I loved it so much. Can't wait till the next episode.


The Amelia storyline really dragged down the pilot. I hope they never mention her again. Now if we could only get MUCH LESS of the Lillian character. And would it be too much to ask that the stories treat the audience as if they have some intelligence. I've giving it one more episode but my mind is pretty well made up that this show is not for me.


What kind of review is this? Because it reads more like a rambling about Amelia's potential death than a recount of the episode.
Less diary entries, more (semi-)objective articles please.


Those dimples need a show of their own! Lordy, he's one good looking man! I love the show too BTW! LOL


So pissed this is against BlackList


I don' think Amelia is dead, and I agree that if she is dead, they did that story too quickly.


The article says "What now? Amelia is presumably dead. Or, is she? I hope she's still alive and that that explosion was a way to fake her death and get her out of the horrible situation she found herself in. I didn't see her blow up, did you? No body ... no death, right? " If she could fake her death (and thus still be alive) is based on where the explosives were. If, as with the prior two cases, she swallowed them then there is no way that she could have faked her death. If she was just wearing (or carrying) them then in theory she could have gotten away. Based in the timing between Riley and Gabriel going out the window and the actual explosion, there was only seconds for her to get away from the bomb (assuming that she had not swallowed them and has some way to ditch them). IOW: I think she is dead.


Yes, just use the technology, don't try to explain it with half-baked techno-babble. This show actually works when the writers don't insult the viewers intelligence (as much). Hey, I'm trying here :) Definitely much better than the pilot.

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Intelligence Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

It is not the chip that is crashing.

Dr. Cassidy

Gabriel: This chess set isn't hiding a bomb.
Lillian: It is the bomb.