Switched at Birth Review: Who Am I?

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Everybody ties their identity to something, and on Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 2 some characters were finding changes in their lives stripping them of their ties so their sense of self was in question.

Kathryn, Bay, Daphne and Regina were all suffering a bit this week - and all for different reasons.

Even the students at Carlton are suffering as a whole with their lives turned upside down at all of the changes that have been thrown their way.

It's a bit disappointing that with everything Daphne has been through, she's once again attempting to tie sense of self to a male. I had hoped that after the fiasco she lost herself in during Switched at Birth Season 2, she would pick herself up and dust herself off, finding a new strength and purpose.

After all, Daphne has some pretty big fish to fry. She's dealing with the changes at Carlton and doing community service having narrowly escaped her brush with the law. Instead, she has attached herself to the only male at the clinic who has shown her compassion and read it as romantic intentions. They do have a lot in common and share similar experiences in life, but she needs to learn the difference between romance and friendship. She seemed crushed when she met Campbell's girlfriend.

Bay has always counted on her talent for art to let her skate by some of the other more tricky parts of life, but when she encounters an art professor whose expectations are extremely high on her, she is suddenly unsure of herself. It does appear as if she is finding a true friend in her art partner, Tank, however, and when the two of them set out to kick the ass of that art class, magic happened.

The students at Carlton aren't faring very well. They're so lost that just to try to show how bad things have become with the new influx of less-than-desirable students, Natalie has taken to slashing the tires of fellow deaf students.

It was nice to see Emmett have a scene. He's been missing in action more often than not. He'll have the honor of sharing the information about who's slashing the tires with... someone. No doubt it will all come out in a lovely learning moment, but it's a shame that they didn't have preemptive measures in place to address the change before things got so out of hand.

Last week, I used the quiz to ask whether you thought Kathryn or Regina would have a more difficult time after John learned about Kathryn's secrets and Regina learned about Angelo's. The answer became more clear this week, as John didn't react well to learning about Kathryn's tap lessons, and even less about the other lies she's been telling.

Kathryn is already sad, but it didn't help that John didn't even notice that she was sad in the first place. He was angry about her new friend, and that she lied to get out of a stodgy dinner she didn't want to attend. As she flippantly mentioned going to see her psychiatrist before walking out the door, I realized that's going to be the next argument we witness.

On the other hand, Regina, who feels beaten and overwhelmed with the amount of work it will take to run her own business before she even owns it, gets some great advice from Daphne about the person she used to be. She used to have a knack for taking things that had previous lives and making them into something new and beautiful. 

That set her mind into gear and her body into dumpster diving. Not only did she find some great parts from a building that's being demolished, she met someone who may be a new suitor. Kenneth Mitchell guest starred as Wes, who was in charge of the loft renovations. He's not a nobody, so that might indicate a recurring role. 

It's hard to see everybody suffering, and I worry about people living under the evil clutches of John Kennish. My hopes for his character have been dashed and I'm looking forward to another redemption storyline for his character. It was a better show when he was on the upswing. There are enough outside dramatic influences that we don't need them from inside the house, as well.

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Tank is adorable. Most adorable frat boy ever.


Regina is awesome, I`m glad her mother and daughter were there to remind her of that. I do hope that it works out with her and Angelo but after all the secrets he`s kept from her over the years, it`s hard to see that happening.


Poor Kathryn, she finally finds some happiness outside of her kids and her husband and John has to rain on that parade. No wonder she needs a therapist, throughout this whole switch Kathryn has been a rock for everyone else and now that there`s no immediate crisis, she feels lost. John had better get a grip.


I was so glad that Campbell has a girlfriend! I was bracing myself for another Daphne and some guy storyline. Now that I know that isn`t the case, I``m actually interested in Campbell as a character.


Are we sure it was Natalie who slashed the tires It seems like something she would do but the jacket she wore belonged to that other guy. Regardless, it was a deaf kid and it isn`t all that surprising considering how aggressive they`ve been about defending their school and their identity as a community along with it. Now Emmett has to deal with the fact that he knows this information. Its nice to see him with a non-Bay related storyline, he`s a great character.

@ LelaRose

It was Matthew that slashed the tires since it was his hoodie that he gave her after telling her to gain some weight since she was cold. He is also known as a troublemaker since during the protest he ended up getting kicked out.
And Daphne doesn't have to buy the mean girl breakfast, but drive her to school. I think it was good to see that even though she was the winner, she is still joining the team and trying to make friends with Daphne and other deaf kids. I like a lot more than Simone, who just always came off as a spoiled rich kid who would do whatever she wanted.

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