11 TV Characters Who SHOULD Be President of the United States

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Happy Presidents Day, TV Fanatics!

On this joyous of holidays, we don't just think back to our 9 Favorite Television Presidents in small screen history. We also look ahead.

Which TV characters could easily occupy the Oval Office someday? Who has experience in politics? Who is the best leader? The most inspiring?

Who has perfected the all-important art of wearing a suit at all times?

Click around now, consider the following men and women for Commander-in-Chief and decide: Who would have your vote?

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NCIS doesn't only have Mark Harmon as a definite Presidential hopeful. I'm suggesting another NCIS character for office. Tony can fill out a suit like no one can, knows quite a lot about law enforcement and would bring a little sense of humor to the country. He would tackle the job with old-fashioned type administrative work and civic loyalty.


Don't you dare talk about President Obama! Being this president is a highly stressful job do not blame him if he can't change the world


I think Mark Harmon would make a great President, and Pam Dawber (his wife) would make an awesome First Lady.


Gibbs (Mark Harmon) is my hero. I'd campaign and vote for him in a heartbeat, with McGee (Sean Murray) as VP, and Dinozzo (Michael Weatherly) as Speaker of the House. LOL What a great Administration that would be.


I would campaign for Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Mark Harmon is a distinguished humanitarian. I'll follow his lead anytime.


I'll go for Conrad Grayson! A charmer with cunning heart! Haha
And that would mean Victoria will be the first lady!!! Classic!

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