11 TV Characters Who SHOULD Be President

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Which characters should move in to the Oval Office? TV Fanatic has some ideas.

See if you agree with them now.

1. Cyrus Beene

Cyrus Beene
Let's face it: With Fitz shtupping Olivia, he's practically running the country anyway.

2. Conrad Grayson

Conrad Grayson
Requires little to no on-the-job training. He's run a multi-billion dollar corporation. (Obama had never run anything!) Also, there's never been a man more cut out for Washington. A duplicitous, corrupt, shamelessly ambitious charmer, it's a small wonder he's not president right now in fact.

3. Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Has no tolerance for bureaucracy, double-speak or not getting the job done. Basically, the antidote for all that ails our political system. The only drawback would be his insistence on leading every national defense initiative on the ground and in person.

4. Elijah Mikaelson

Elijah Mikaelson
Does anyone look better in a suit?!? And we'd never have to worry about a campaign promise going unfulfilled.

5. Sue Sylvester

Sue Sylvester
She takes no gruff, she wouldn't let the nation be distracted by singing and track suits in the Oval Office? Yes please.

6. Walter White

Walter White
You may disagree with some of his methods, but he'll get things done. Also, as a former chemistry teacher, he'll offer insight into our failing education system.

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President Palmer!!! From 24.....


It would have been nice if the writer had included the shows these characters are on.... I might have watched....


Seriously, no Commissioner Francis Reagan?!

@ TimO515

Totally agree!

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