12 Twisted Television Love Triangles: Who Will Get Untangled?

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It's Valentine's Day. It's the perfect time to sit back with a bottle of champagne, a box of chocolates and a romantic comedy with the person you love.

But many characters across our television dial have a slight problem:

They aren't sure with whom they want to cuddle!

Indeed, not much drives a series - be it a comedy or a drama - more than a solid love triangle.

From a lawyer who doesn't know whether to follow her head or her heart... to a vampire stuck between two brothers... to a serious scandal in the White House... here are 12 twisted TV love triangles that aren't likely to get untangled any time soon:

Alicia, Will and Peter (The Good Wife)
Alicia has a difficult decision to make in her personal life: Peter or Will? Will or Peter? Who will it be?!?

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Joel and Zoe are too boring to consider interesting so I'll have to go with Alicia, Will and Peter. The Good Wife writers have been brilliant with these love affairs. But I must add that Zoe and Wade are a far more superior couple than both Alicia and Will or Peter. They just have something we all dream of; it's raw and it's real and no matter how the writers try it can not be stopped. Now a couple that would definitely steam up the tv screen would be Kalinda and Wade!!!!!

@ ctaturner

"But I must add that Zoe and Wade are a far more superior couple than both Alicia and Will or Peter. They just have something we all dream of; it's raw and it's real and no matter how the writers try it can not be stopped." If only the writers would figure this out... Zoe and Wade are the biggest selling point of their show. Season 3 has only proved that.


Revenge : Iwill say none.Because at this point,i hate Aiden,Daniel(although he is not an option)is just wrong for Emily and i love Jack with Margaux!So...none! The Vampire Diaries : I like Elena but i would prefer for the brothers to chose each other(not romantically obviously) over Elena! The Originals : I don't think there's a triangle here! Arrow : I'm in the minority as i am on Team Laurel.I love Felitity though.I just happen to think that there's pure love between Laurel and Oliver. Once Upon A Time : Hook hands down.I hate Neal!

@ Anna

I couldn't say it in a better way!!! I'm a huuuge fan of TVD, TGW and TO, but I also like all the other shows above, especially Revenge an OUAT. I do prefer the Salvatore brother to stop repeating the same mistake over and over again and fall in love w/ 2 different girls, for a change. And Alicia and Will in a private war is sooo great. I just hope this time the tiny line between love and hate gets thicker and thicker!



@ marsha



Alicia belongs with Will. Things are complicated right now, but they are end-game. Peter doesn't stand a chance. Olivia is is one lucky girl...lol...She will end up with the president but not in the near future.

@ Liz

No way on the WIll, he is gone and will be by the end of season 5.


Is there still a love triangle on Arrow? If there is, I think it might be between Sara, Oliver, and Felicity. And I hope it is untangled soon, because Oliver's dumbest when he's around the Lance sisters. It's time to move on and make a smart relationship choice, Oliver. Olicity, ftw.


Emily and Aiden all the way! Also much prefer Olivia with Jake. I always think Fitz is a creep, just another weak man who needs people to manage him. Jake is hot!


Hayley, Klaus and Elijah are NOT a triangle. Even Klaus roots for Haylijah.

@ Jovana

Hayley and Elijah best looking couple on TV Julie knows what


Alicia can let it go, she finally has seen the light for what he really is a backstabbing jerk.


Ichabob, Abby and Katarine aren't a love triangle.


Wow, tough choices. I confess to being something of an Olicity shipper, and Will and Alicia just can't seem to let go of each other. Jack and Emily always struck me as more meant for each other, and Ichabod and Abby seem like a good couple, as do Francis and Mary (in history they DO marry!). The others, I'm not that familiar with, or don't have a horse in the race.

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