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17 VinCat Pics: A Beauty and the Beast Valentine

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We know how much you miss Vincent and Catherine showing their love on Beauty and the Beast, so we'v created this special Valentine just for you.

Enjoy 17 photos to remember VinCat as they were and hope for them to be again, Powers That Be be willing!

Remember, you can always relive every romantic moment of their love when you watch Beauty and the Beast online. We have all of the episodes available for you here on TV Fanatic.

Sit back, enjoy the memories and have a Happy Valentine's Day!

17 VinCat Pics That Make Us Yearn for Yesterday
Not every moment of a loving relationship is about being smooshed together and that's fine. Talking is just as special as a fiery kiss.
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Just Talking

1. Just Talking

Not every moment of a loving relationship is about being smooshed together and that's fine. Talking is just as special as a fiery kiss.

Gazing into Vincent's Eyes

2. Gazing into Vincent's Eyes

Remember how often Cat used to look into Vincent's eyes? Once she started, she just couldn't stop. We're ready for them to find their way back to each other now.

Before They Kissed

3. Before They Kissed

Remember the night they almost kissed and we were duped again? Before VinCat, they were Vin and Cat. We're waiting patiently for VinCat once again.

23 Dates and No Nookie?

4. 23 Dates and No Nookie?

They're just talking and Vincent wasn't gettin' any from Cat as J.T. pointed out with a laugh to Vincent in this episode. Who cares? They were already in love!

Let's Spend the Night Together

5. Let's Spend the Night Together

Their love was once so young and fresh. Even with a task force set up to frame him, nothing could drag these lovers apart. Come back to Vin, Cat!

He Brought Flowers

6. He Brought Flowers

It's Valentine's Day. He may be alone this year, but someday, we expect them to get it right.

Will Mornings be Like This?

7. Will Mornings be Like This?

This is how we want VinCat. Mornings with Vin in a beater T and Cat in a flannel, getting ready to eat cereal together.

Are We Really Going Swimming?

8. Are We Really Going Swimming?

Yes, VinCat, you're really going swimming. They can hardly believe it. Us? We're going to milk this date.

Take it Off Vincent!

9. Take it Off Vincent!

Cat looks kittenish as she coyly watches Vincent slip out of his robe. What a great date idea!

Savoring Every Moment

10. Savoring Every Moment

Savoring every moment of their one date after Vincent took Gabe's treatment was worth it for us then -- and still now. Ahhhhhh. Put me in, coach!

Vincent has More Flowers!

11. Vincent has More Flowers!

Vincent got the hang of the dating thing eventually. When he gets his mojo back and wins her back from Gabe, I'm betting on red roses.

All Dolled Up

12. All Dolled Up

As J.T. recently said, "They look just like Brangelina!" A striking couple made more lovely by their formal attire and romantic kiss.

Before the Capture

13. Before the Capture

Before Vincent was scooped up in a net, VinCat were the perfect couple. What a difference 3 months, genetic manipulation and a mind eraser makes.

Her Hero

14. Her Hero

Vincent is always there to save Cat, even when they aren't together. Cat's there for him as well, but usually doesn't carry him out of burning buildings.

Finding Vincent

15. Finding Vincent

Cat spent a long time searching for her lost love. He looked different. He was different. He is different. We still have hope.

Vincent Meets Dad

16. Vincent Meets Dad

We had no idea how badly Thanksgiving was going to go for VinCat, but the holiday started out hopeful with a snuggle before holiday hell broke loose.

Sexy Tension Builds

17. Sexy Tension Builds

Giving Mr. and Mrs. Smith a run for their money, VinCat may not have been dating when they met up at this party, but they couldn't deny their heat. Now that Vincent has realized he's still got it for Cat, how long until this daring stare becomes a passionate kiss again?

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    Thank you.
    Best on screen couple ever VinCat!!
    This amazing show #BATB deserves to get season 3 as their story just began.


    Thank you very much ! I hope thst #BatB will get a season 3. The show really deserves it !


    Pure delight in just looking at each other, thank you Carissa! #BATB


    Love these VinCat moments!! Hope we get our season 3 of BATB, it deserves to be renewed!!!


    Thank you. I love BATB. It's my favorite show. We really need a S3 to continue this great story.


    Thank you so much for this lovely write-up on Vincent and Catherine. Perfect for Valentine Day!


    Thanks for showcasing these VinCat moments on St. Valentine's Day.
    Sweet love and romance is in the air. #BATB


    I fell in love with the attraction and love between Cat and Vincent in the first episode. It was so clear and the chemistry went right through the screen. Ny love for this show is still the same. I want at least a season 3 because there is so much more to tell in the story. In this Oplympic time I want to give the gold medal to everyone involved in Beauty and the Beast.

    Avatar the VinCat moments!


    Merci beaucoup!! I don't mind waiting for VinCat to be together again, so as to get it right for real. In the meantime, this is the next best thing *thumbs up*

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