Days of Our Lives Recap: Be Very, Very Afraid

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Nick Fallon is here to help…and we should all be very, very afraid.

In yet another of a string of scenes that have convinced me that Gabi Hernandez is the stupidest woman in Salem, Nick has her wrapped around his little finger once again. 

Abigail Wants EJ

Gabi wants to believe she's innocent. That Nick having his head bashed in and being shoved into an icy river was everyone else's fault but hers. And Nick is giving her that alternate reality.

In return, she's more than willing to believe the guy who attempted to manipulate, blackmail, and rape her has changed. She's also ready to throw Kate and Sami, the two people who put their futures on the line for her, to the wolves. 

Sonny's tirade was spot on. Gabi is blind, weak and easy to manipulate. She wants to be a victim and not a villain and she'll fall right back into Nick's arms because he's giving her everything she wants. 

What is your land speed record for wanting to sleep with him again or did you already break that record?


Harsh words but certainly not far off the mark. Sadly, Gabi loves Nick. They're actually kind of perfect for one another. The manipulator and the girl willing to be lead around by the nose. 

And I wouldn't even care if it weren't for Arianna. I hope Will gets a good attorney and files for joint custody before Gabi plans to run off with Nick and the baby once again. 

Elsewhere in Salem, EJ and Sami looked blissfully happy as they planned their wedding. Although my favorite moment was EJ hearing about Will and Sonny's engagement. He was so damn happy for them it was positively infectious. I can't wait to see the ridiculously extravagant wedding gift he gives them.

It was wonderful to see EJ and Sami looking very much in love once again but we all know it won't last, which is a shame. Something about them sharing kids and being a family makes me root for them all the more.

But Abigail has regressed back to the girl who would do anything to get Austin. What is it with this girl and married men or at least almost married in EJ's case?

Although I agree with Nick's general sentiment here…

Why would you risk living the rest of your life regretting what you didn't try?


He certainly told it to the one person who needs to learn how to let go. But I'll admit, watching EJ squirm as he tries to handle Abigail without actually laying hands on her is going to be quite entertaining.

So... what do you want to see, TV Fanatics. Should Abigail walk away or continue her pursuit of EJ?

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Who is bev?

@ bclassi

Bev is JJ's friend from school who helped him set up Teresa.
She's growing on me.


Even this poll sucks!


You're rooting for Ej/Sami because they have kids? I guess you are also rooting for Lucas/Sami? And for Roman/Marlena? For Gabi/Will? How about Kate/Bill? Sometime tells me that you are spinning b.s. And Kate and Sami did not risk their futures for Gabi. They did it to save their own skins. They tried to murder Nick. Its because of them that Nick has all of the power right now! Also, you really think Gabi is in love with Nick? This is a classic case of a victim not wanting to accept she's a victim. Just wanting it all to go away. Much like domestic violence victims. You don't seriously think this is love? Well, maybe you do. Because you also see Sami and EJ as love. Maybe obsession and abuse equal love to you?

@ CJ

Wow cj u sound very angry....and STUPID!!!! of course sami an kate stuck their necks on the line for gabi regardless of their intention they still put their futures at risk for the unthankfull bi#ch..... And if u think abby and ej have true feelings ur a silly goose... abbigale is crazy and obsessed NOT IN LOVE!!! GIVE BEV A BIGGER ROLE SHES GOT MORE TALENT IN 1FINGER THEN ABBY AN GABBY COMBINED

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