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Grey's Anatomy Cast Scrubs in for New Promotional Photos

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Everything may have looked perfect as April's wedding began, but they certainly didn't end that way. 

With Jackson's big revelation, Alex's father in the hospital, Callie and Arizona on the outs and McDreamy getting phone calls from POTUS, there's plenty of anticipation for Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 13, "Take It Back."

The 2014 premiere is scheduled to air Thursday, February 27 on ABC and now the network has given viewers a few things to ogle over as they await this return.

Yes, it's time to check out a handful of cast promotional photos, as our favorite pretend doctors are decked out in their scrubs. Click away now:

Grey's Anatomy Cast Promotional Photos
Shane hasn't handled Heather's death well but now he's got to deal with the consequences of his actions on Grey's Anatomy.
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Dealing With the Consequecnes

1. Dealing With the Consequecnes

Shane hasn't handled Heather's death well but now he's got to deal with the consequences of his actions on Grey's Anatomy.

Are They Meant to Be

2. Are They Meant to Be

Has Josephine finally found someone to make her happy in Alex? We'll see what the second half of the season holds for these two starting Feb. 27th.

Leaving Stephanie

3. Leaving Stephanie

After Jackson's big revelations at April's wedding, where will that leave Stephanie on Grey's Anatomy?

Dr Leah Murphy

4. Dr Leah Murphy

How much of Dr. Murphy will we be seeing when Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 13 returns Thursday, Feb. 27th on ABC?

Jackson Had A Lot to Say

5. Jackson Had A Lot to Say

Jackson had a lot to say, on April's wedding day! Now that she's knows how he feels, what will April do next?

You Can't Please Everyone

6. You Can't Please Everyone

Unfortunately for McDreamy, Meredith may be the one person who isn't awed by his big news in "Take It Back"

McDreamy and POTUS

7. McDreamy and POTUS

Everyone wants Derek, even the President of the United States is giving him a call on Grey's Anatomy.

April's Smiling

8. April's Smiling

April's smiling here but what will she decide to do when "Take It Back" airs on Thursday, Feb. 27th on ABC?

Going it Alone

9. Going it Alone

Will Callie have to move in without Arizona or will these two be able to put the pieces back together when Grey's Anatomy returns Thursday, Feb. 27th on ABC.

One Day Your Herel

10. One Day Your Herel

We know Dr. Cristina Yang will be headed out by the end of the season. We just hope the show gives her the remarkable send off she deserves.

Alex's Future

11. Alex's Future

Alex is looking a lot happier here than he does in the pictures for the upcoming Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 13 "Take It Back" but with his father in the hospital, happy might be a lot to ask.

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    Jackson & April should definitely get married. It would make a great setup for other episodes. Also, Stephanie should realize she & Jackson have no future & transfer somewhere else.


    I feel jackson n april should get married they make a lovely couple n it would be fun to see them together as they r completely opposite.greys anatomy would be incomplete without the real cast.this serial should never stop


    Hey All Grey's Anatomy Fans,

    I have watched all seasons up to the last season 10 where Jackson was interrupting April's wedding. Derek was getting a phone call from the President of the United States of America. Anyway I am sure you all are aware of that part but I really believe that they should bring those two back and continue from there. What do all of you think? I do not think they should start a new season brand new unless something happened that they did not want to be in this season.

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