Grey's Anatomy: Watch Season 10 Episode 13 Online

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And... we're back! Finally!

After what felt like an eternity without a new installment, ABC aired Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 13 this week. And it wasted no time at all in shocking the audience:

Jackson and April are married! EEK! They eloped!

Elswhere, the doctors in general dealt with the fallout from April's wedding, while Meredith and Derek dealt with the latter's commitment to a certain President of the United States.

As for Arizona and Callie? It's a bit confounding.

Watch Grey's Anatomy online now and relive the 2014 premiere:


What has happened This show was'nt on for 3 months and we didn't even get to see a rerun of the last episode and then they just fast foward to this.I am disappointed Favorite show ever. Is anybody disappointed that there was no hype that we didn't get to see the last episode in rerun from Dec

@ kellie

Most people have a DVR, if its that important to rewatch an episode from December, save your episode or watch on Hulu. I dont feel that we need to be babied and have the last episode replayed for us. However, I find it irritating that it just came back for one week, then the following week, (tonight) no grey's again. Come on people, decide if your going to air the show or not.


Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 14 Quotes

Meredith: I have wine.
Cristina: I'll be there.

So, you're the panty police now?


Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 14 Music

  Song Artist
Song Don't You Forget About Me The Wind + The Wave
Sleeping at last all through the night All Through The Night Sleeping At Last iTunes
Song Man In The Mirror J2