Hart of Dixie Review: Nothing Left to Say

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This installment of Hart of Dixie broke my heart. Big time.

On Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 12, Lavon destroyed not only Annabeth's heart but the whole fandom's as well. Indeed, wha seemed to be a endgame relationship, proved to only be a waste of AB's precious time.

Throughout this episode, Joel followed Wade around for inspiration, learning that he is actually quite the manly man. Especially when Wade takes his shirt off, right ladies? While Joel was shadowing Wade, he learned what we've all know: this guy is quite the sweet talker.

Is it just me or is Wade just consistently surrounded beautiful women? This is too funny. What a player!

Elsewhere, just as Zoe thinks she has a real shot at being partner again, Brick plays her. Raise your hand if you're surprised... I didn't think so. However, Brick and Zoe are one of my favorite pairings (as friends) on the show. The jokes and pranks are out of love.

Another episode passes, more reasons are revealed as to why I love Joel. He may not be macho but he has a way with words and has courage knowing that at any moment, he could die of allergic reaction. To top things off, he PUNCHED a guy! Swoon! Am I right or am I right?

In another turn of events, there wasn't a blow out between Lavon and George as I had expected there would be. Instead, there was a simple understanding that Lynly was indeed crazy. At least naive Lavon can see it now.

In the most dramatic moment in all of Hart of Dixie Season 3, Lavon broke Annabeth's heart when he confessed she wasn't the love of his life. This hurt deep. Annabeth always knew that Lavon was the one but Lavon does not feel that same. Does anyone else need a tissue or a hug?

Now that I think about it, Lavon has done nothing but made me mad all year long. He's incredibly ignorant, he gave up on his fight to stop the merger and now he's letting a great woman like AB go!

Lavon, where is your head?

Also, where the heck is Lemon! Every episode she is gone, the more the show needs her. I have been seeing on Twitter and Facebook how people are commenting on the gap that Lemon has left. I agree. Lemon is a key piece in Hart of Dixie and it's struggling with out her.

Overall, this episode was okay. I didn't find it as funny as I normally do, nor was the plot all that intriguing. The drama was solid, but it didn't outweigh what was missing.

Here's to hoping Lemon returns soon so Bluebell will be all good again. As Annabeth said, theres nothing left to say.

What was your least favorite moment from the episode?


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I'm really enjoying what the writers are doing with the characters right now. AB is amazing, but she is hanging on way too tightly to marriage as the ultimate prize instead of enjoying life as it comes. I think Lavon is ok to be honest with himself and her. I like Lemon too but she hasn't really made a dent in my enjoyment of the show. Zoe and Wade are far, far better as friends than lovers and Joel has totally grown on me, specially after today's episode. He's adorable, exactly the kind of guy Zoe needs. I don't really like Wade and Vivian together tho, so they can do whatever they like with less screen time plz.


I thought that in last night's episode, Lavon seemed lethargic. After his triumph over Fillmore, I expected him to be happy and full of energy. I am guessing that Joel still being a presence in his town is bringing him down. The snide comment about Joel and Dash's blog shows the writers know that Joel has outworn his welcome. When are they going to do something about it? My affection for the other characters outweighs my boredom with Joel so I will keep watching until Zoe and Wade reunite.


I'm just not having fun this season... Wade and Zoe aren't having fun(not even relationship-wise) with each other, Lemon is gone, and now Lavon has been wasting AB's heart and time. Joel bores me... what I would like, Zade-wise, is for Zoe and Joel to break up, and let Zoe pine for Wade for once, while he is with Vivian(i like that pairing... for now) and maybe inject some energy and fun back into this show... which it's severely lacking right now.

@ Meg

The only time I'm enjoying myself is when Wade or Joel are on screen - so the two of them together has been really fun! I really like Joel. I wish he was staying around.


Every episode lacks emotion, it is packed with events, and it feels rushed. It feels like every episode is a filler episode, there really is no drama and I am sick of seeing Joel and Zoe smooching like kids. This season lacks passion as well, I used to anxiously wait for Mondays to see what is going to happen, now I can care less.


I am seriously hoping that Lavon and AB are endgame and this is just a way to keep them apart for now, like Blair and Chuck or Ross and Rachel. An endgame couple need obstacles to keep them interesting and i think that somewhere along the line Lavon is gonna realise that AB is the one and have to work his a** off to win her back. If Lavon and Lemon end up together I am going to be so disapointed, it's such an easy way out and frankly lazy and I hope what they don't make Lemon out to be a bad friend by hooking up with Lavon. AB and Lemon deserve better.


It was definitely one of the best episodes this season. It felt nice and balanced. That moment with George and Tansy. I did not expect that and I really liked those two together so, yay! Poor AB... I love her character and the actress who plays her is talented and stunning. As for Joel. Stop trying to make Joel happen; he's not going to happen. With every backhanded comment thrown in there from those behind the show towards fans - I disliked the character even more. I know the writers love their show and work hard on it... I know there are handful of people who have warmed up to Joel but there's also many that find the character dull and lacks real chemistry with Zoe. You can't give us the chemistry with Wade and then think it can be mimicked because it all solely came down to the writing. Anyway, like others, I too missed Lemon - she's been gone for too long. Jamie King needs to return with her amazing acting.


I liked this episode, still funny, still made me smile ..Ive been waiting awhile for that breakup, it didnt surprise me as iI never thought Lavon and A.B were quite right together....they need to to introduce a new love interest for her...but not quite yet. Bring back Lemon anyhow!


Lemon will comeback in episode 14, that is at least what I read in a TVLine interview.


I am not a TV show crier, but Lavon and AB broke I heart tonight. I actually cried.


Jamie king had her baby and i hope she will return to the show soon. Love this show and I think Lavon is realy in love with Lemon. Poor AB! Great show and I hope it will run a long time.

@ jean

Im personally waiting for Lemon and Levon as well :)

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