NCIS: Los Angeles: Deeks and Kensi's Romantic Journey

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Oh, Kensi and Deeks!

After being partners for years and suppressing their feelings for each other, Kensi and Deeks slowly opened up their hearts and then finally let the truth out. They care about each other ... a lot! 

They haven't said the big "L" word yet, so I won't put words in their mouth, but they were certainly headed in that direction until the job interfered and Kensi was shipped off to Afghanistan without a word to Deeks.

They went from the high of trusting the other to give a relationship a try to the low of being separated.

When did the first shift in their relationship happen? Check out the best Kensi and Deeks moments from the first crack in Deeks' armor to their last romantic interaction.

What is your favorite Kensi and Deeks moment?

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All of the above. I am so hooked on these two and they better end up happy. I am done with TV shows BSing their fans and torturing us with these stupid reasons to make them un-happy. Oh and I need a love scene and a real kiss. Tellt hese two to forget they are in laws in real life because the pay off hasn't happened yet not to the extent us fans want


I think it was way back in "Nieghborhood Watch". Kensi was checking out Deeks' body while sitting on the couch. Although nothing was happening between them, they shared a bed. Kensi told Deeks how it was nice to have someone to say goodnight to. They were sincere when asked if they remembered what each were wearing when they met (Kensi was disappointed when Deeks tried to say he didn't remember, but was really happy when he fessed up). And the best part of all, the "cover kiss" when kensi grabbed Deeks' face and kissed him, seeing Deeks surprised, completely flustered.

@ Angela

Loved that scene too


I love these two


Didn't they just stand there and watch a woman get rape while they talk about a box

@ Michael

no you must be confused.

@ Michael

I don't believe they would stand there and let that happen to someone.