The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Review: Former Friends & Frenemies

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Carlton Gebbia "Turning Down the Crown" that Kyle Richards offered was least of the problems on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 16, as all eyes turned on Lisa Vanderpump.

We recap the tears and fears in our TV Fanatic +/- review...

What is it about Lisa that has everyone turning on her? Yes, she's pushy and meddles in every else's business but that's nothing new. But suddenly Lisa's edginess and attitude are rubbing people the wrong way.

Are they overreacting or is it just a long time coming?

But tonight's drama started with the feud between Carlton and Kyle. 

I'll admit that the odd words going across Kyle's computer screen were weird but it's either one of two things. It's a hoax made up to get attention or someone with a grudge hacked into her system.

Either way, I don't thing there's anything mystical about it. More like a techie with an ax to grind. Minus 22.

Despite the drama, most everyone heads to Yolanda's going away party for daughter Gigi. 

Plus 27 to David for loving Yolanda even in her funky sneakers. They may have looked silly but these two are just too darn cute. 

Plus 50 because I don't think the Housewives have ever gotten me teary eyed the way that Gigi and Yolanda's speeches did. Kudos to Yolanda, Mohammed and David because Gigi seems to be the most level headed of any of the Housewives kids I've seen. 

But the party turns silly when Carlton sits on her husband's lap rather than take the seat next to Kyle. Minus 18. It's time to grown up ladies. 

Kyle offering the ring to Carlton seemed kind of ridiculous and completely awkward. Either hand it to her as a peace offering or don't bother. Anything else is just weird. Minus 15.

Lisa's comment about there being "so many heads to chop off," was kind of telling. Unfortunately, little does she realize that everyone seems to be out for her head.

Lisa couldn't seem to help herself when she dove into the middle of the ring fiasco. First by pointing out it's a different color from the necklace, then by trying to force Carlton to confront Kyle about it. Minus 23.

Plus 42 to Yolanda for putting an end to that right away. This party was for Gigi, not another Housewives battle. Settle your scores on your own time ladies. 

Carlton not accepting the ring was kind of childish but also predictable. How do you accept a gift via second party from someone you don't like?

Suddenly Brandi seems to see everything that Lisa says or does in a negative light. Lisa likes to cause her bit of trouble but it wasn't all that long ago that Lisa was Brandi's only friend. Minus 25. How soon they forget.

Now everyone's preparing for Puerto Rico where we're sure there will be plenty of tears, angry words, and drama while soaking up the sun. 

Episode total = +17!  Season total = -265!

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics. Why do you think everyone is turning on Lisa?


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Get rid of Kyle so I don't have to fast forward through her stupidity and trouble making.


Brand is biggest problem is she's taken the train wreck route in order to cope with the dissolution of her family. Totally understandable but so destructive and wasting her time and losing out on a future for herself. The pain will dull when she can be stable and kind of girl who would attract a nice man. I think only way to get better is to make people who hurt her irrelevant because her life is full with her own good stuff. That's really the only way to forgive is that you're to happy to give the b etrayers much of a thought. I'd unload any friends who weren't sensitive and caring about this whole situation. This kind of pain can kill you and some people don't have a clue because they've never had it happen to them and lack compassion and maybe sorta enjoy seeing the misery. Cut those people off!


I don't think its fair to expect brandi to be comfortable with Sheena. I think a caring friend would not choose to do so much and include so much that person that is hurtful to your friend. But having said that the best revenge is living well and brandi should try to do that and find a good man who's maybe not the hottest in the room but the most loyal. And only keep company with the friends who show they really have your back.


Et tu brandi-e (et tu brute)... I think Brandi is turning on Lisa because she is looking for someone to blame for her situation (since it seems Brandi doesn't want to take accountability for Brandi). Both Kim and Brandi are either drinking or non-drinking alcoholics. Having lived with one, the one thing I learned is that it's all about them.
With Lisa opening a restaurant and having two others, gee ladies maybe she really is just busy and can't sit around stirring up crap all day.


I think Brandi is trying to find someone to blame for all her drunken fights with everyone. Now that she has Yolanda, she's turned on Lisa. She's a mixed up woman and when she talks about Lisa being Bobby Fisher, well, who's the one putting ideas in someone's head now? You don't find Llisa running around talking behind people's back. The comment she made about the jewelry was that it was not blue, that's all, but Brandi twisted the words around when she gave it back to Kyle. Brandi is clearly setting things up to bring Lisa down. She's the Bobby Fisher!
But it is true, Lisa is the most intelligent of them all. She can quickly access a situation and handle it most diplomatically. And she's really very funny with her entertaining remarks! I barely listen when Kyle, Kim (I'll even leave the room when she's on) or stupid Brandi is on. The show would be so boring without Lisa. I'm also digging Yolanda now, too, and her charismatic husband. They add the same class that Lisa does.

@ Wendy

"What's she going to do next, give her a whole bloody jewelry box?" Hilarious. It was the only light point in an otherwise bizarre and petty episode. Thank you, Lisa. I agree that Brandi is obviously setting Lisa up and Lisa doesn't even realize yet at this point in the show. If Lisa is such a brilliant strategist she would know what is going on and wouldn't go willingly to PRnext week in the finale where she will be ambushed.


I suspect most of the Lisa hoopla is just the other wives growing bitterness that Lisa has her own show. She is hardly the most manipulative or contentious amongst them. Carlton and Brandi have been far nastier this season. I also think Brandi has been smarting over people criticizing her mothering skills in public (mostly Adrian and LeAnn) and didn't like Lisa calling attention to her drinking.

@ Kris

Brandi's problem is and always was Scheana, in my opinion, and she said as much last night. All the other stuff has been BS to hoodwink viewers into turning on Lisa. I think the reason Brandi has been plotting all season long against Lisa is that Brandi thinks Lisa betrayed her by making Scheana a star on a hit show.

@ dsitresseed

I would hardly call Scheana a star but I agree with you about Scheana being the problem. I understand how awkward it apears when Lisa tries to make amends between Brandi and Scheana but I think she is trying to guide Brandi down the mature path. Brandi's divorce was 4 years ago and Scheana wasn't the only mistress...probably one of hundreds of times he cheated. Brandi needs to get over it and quit blaming Scheana so she can move on and grow up. The he-cheated-on-me victim card has gotten very old!


Lisa was trying to cause trouble. Who does that at a kids party?
What a rude comment to make about the ring. Silly for Kyle to give it to Carlton, who should have returned necklace to Kyle. Lisa is shown lying again. Calling Kyle Missy was condescending. She cannot take it when someone calls her on her bs.
Next wk Ken gets involved in ladies business-wasn't he the one that said Joyce's husband should stay out of it? Double standard. Glad Kim calls him out.

@ Lynn

Who does that? Kyle and Brandi for starters. If Kyle had wanted to send a gift she could have done so away from Yolanda's event and didn't need Brandi to act as a go between when she was present at the party. If you don't like Lisa then rejoice, I think she's definitely gone from the show after this season.

@ dsitresseed

If they keep the likes of Brandi and Carlton and let Lisa go, I'm through watching.

@ dsitresseed

No, she's loving the attention.
What's w Yo and daughter not wanting to take one bite of cake. Really? Guess it's not part of liquid diet. Few wks ago she would not eat fruit at ex house.

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