11 TV Characters That Are Simply Wasting Away Before Our Eyes

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Waste not, want not.

It's what we've been taught since we were children, isn't it?

Yet some TV shows clearly haven't gotten the message, as they're fortunate enough to have some top notch stars and fascinating characters on their roster... yet relegate many of these individuals to the sidelines.

Which characters need a call-up to the main storylines? Who do we wish to see more of on a weekly basis?

Flip through our selections below and let us know which characters you think could use some more love from writers...

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Nathan Fillion on Castle. Though it's been a great season on Castle & Stana Katic has been awesome it would be nice to see Fillion get something more to do than throwing in a quip here & there.


What is this slideshow about? "Wasting away" means something else entirely. Makes NO sense. P&R is the only show I've ever even heard of.


That is not what wasting away means. Characters who are being wasted maybe.


I agree with Carey Argos BUT the show is called THE GOOD WIFE so it makes since that Alicia is a main attraction..................BUT they could beef up his role.....................


Bonnie has never been written for beyond the needs of Elena and co. She's a beautiful plot device.


I agree with Thea and Cary Agos :)


Matt from The Vampire Diaries.


Blake on CM


THE MOTHER from How I Met Your Mother. Geez - way to underutilize a fantastic actress and potentially excellent character. Winston from New Girl. They just don't know what to do with him. Totally agree with Thea Queen and Alana Bloom. Though I think Alana's going to have a bigger role this season.

@ Robin Harry

disagree about the mother that what this whole season has been about


Lanie Parish!!! I have never seen a more under-utilised best friend!! Even Pi got more screen time than Lanie has ever got for six years. There is no girl talk, no girl anything!!!

@ Evelin

I agree!!!!

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