11 TV Characters Who Are Wasting Away Before Our Eyes

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Have you ever watched your favorite show and wondered why a character didn't play a bigger part? So have we.

This slideshow features some characters we think deserve juicier stories to show off their chops.


1. Thea Queen -- Arrow

Thea Queen -- Arrow
Thea's brother is a superhero. Her father is a super villian. Her boyfriend is a budding superhero and she just unknowingly hired the Black Canary as her bartender. Isn't it time she steps out of the shadows and shows her potential?

2. Cary Agos -- The Good Wife

Cary Agos -- The Good Wife
When Cary joined Alicia to form Florrick/Agos, it seemed as though he was finally ready for his close up. Not so fast! He's still playing second fiddle to the Governor's wife when he's clearly earned the right to man up and anchor an arc that doesn't support other characters.

3. Emmett Bledsoe -- Switched at Birth

Emmett Bledsoe -- Switched at Birth
Once Daphne's best friend and Bay's lover, now that those ties are broken he's been relagated to other supporting bits as Travis' best friend and Melody's son. It seems unbelievable that he's run out of story while it's thrust upon new characters.

4. Donna Meagle -- Parks and Recreation

Donna Meagle -- Parks and Recreation
There's no doubt that the cast of Parks and Rec is large, but Donna has proven her ability to bring laughs with stories like Twittergate. Why not focus the spotlight on her more often now that some regulars have skipped town?

5. Bonnie Bennett -- The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie Bennett -- The Vampire Diaries
Whether she's a best friend, a witch, a ghost or the living portal through which all supernatural beings must pass after death to get to the other side, somehow Bonnie's story never rises above her friends and enemies need to use her. She's proven her value beyond that time and again. Give her an independent arc!

6. Cast -- The Blacklist

Cast -- The Blacklist
Meera Malik, Donald Ressler and Harold Cooper are constantly pushed aside so Red and Liz can shine. There isn't even a photo of the three of them together. The more we know about the other characters the more interesting The Blacklist will be. Maybe they can figure out what Tom's up to since Liz is too blinded by love.

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Dude are you kidding #6 Bonnie from TVD has more of a place then Caroline. Bonnie has a relationship and a purpose on the show, what about Caroline there has even been quite a hand full of episodes she wasn't in. She can be such an amazing character but I think without Klaus and her side relationship like last season her character will never develops. I truly think they should send her to the originals show not even because duh I want her with Klaus, but her character can develops so much there be the strong and there f o r everyone character the the show I think needs. Also I think she being there can help develops Klaus also because come on yes up coming fatherhood had some to do with him but I think it was Caroline that helped major last season. So sad to say but you guys got it so wrong Caroline is disappearing more then Bonnie.


Kings have underused Cary's character for 3 years. But this year was the last straw. They'll never do more with him. They'll never give him his own storyline. And they don't have any excuses anymore. I don't know why and I don't care anymore. But it makes me angry that Matt Czuchry is wasting precious years of his career for a character who will never be given a chance to shine. He's completely and criminally wasted in that show.

@ Kit

It's true. And, a shame.

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