11 TV Characters That Are Simply Wasting Away Before Our Eyes

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Waste not, want not.

It's what we've been taught since we were children, isn't it?

Yet some TV shows clearly haven't gotten the message, as they're fortunate enough to have some top notch stars and fascinating characters on their roster... yet relegate many of these individuals to the sidelines.

Which characters need a call-up to the main storylines? Who do we wish to see more of on a weekly basis?

Flip through our selections below and let us know which characters you think could use some more love from writers...

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i agree about alison, thea and emmett

Spindae 2o

I agree with Thea, Jake and Bonnie. I'm still hoping for Thea to get a chance to shine and if not I hope she gets channeled to The Flash to work on her Daddy issues. Jake hopefully will growth out of T's shadow now that Ling left. And Bonnie is a wrecking ship now being the Anchor isn't really helping I hope that something good will come out of The love triangle mess with Liv. Alison should start be a real real time regular as I already read the final script and Alison will be back.


I agree with Thea, Emmett and Cary.


Lanie Parish in Castle is another good example. Very underestimated character!

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