9 Shocking Killings on The Walking Dead: Splat! Bang! Whoa!

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The Walking Dead did what it does best last Sunday night:

It shocked its audience via an unexpected character death.

Many viewers are still picking their jaws up off the floor following Carol's shooting of Lizze on The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14.

But was this even the most shocking death in Walking Dead history? Where does it rank among other shootings and devourings?

With apologies to those poor little piggies who just missed the cut, here's our countdown of the 9 Most Shocking Deaths of all-time on The Walking Dead:

Do you agree with our rankings?

What would you say was the most startling death ever on The Walking Dead?

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Is anyone else looking at the "Beth" picture and noticing that's not beth?? Looks like Jessie to me....


axel, herschel, lori, shane, lizzie(ben in the comics), and axel all die in the comics. not shocking when it is inevitable. t dog wasn't going to last forever. merle had to die for daryl to bloom. sophia was fairly shocking since she is still alive in the comics. i agree with many of you though. andrea was the most shocking since she is alive in the comics as a very important member of the group. they really could have used her sharp shooting at terminus...


Andrea for sure...she is still alive in the comic...


I'm sorry but ur list is wrong. U missed out tone of the most important deaths on walking dead. It was Andrea


I'm sorry. But I think u missed the most important death on walking dead. It was Andrea. She should've have been number 1 on that list


For me Hershel’s death was a shock because I didn’t think they would have killed him off like that. I mean he lost his farm, leg, some of his family and survived the flu outbreak. I just knew the Governor would have killed Michonne before him. Axel’s death just took me by surprise but I knew he had to go by the way he was looking at Beth. T-Dog didn’t really have a part until the end. Now, Shane, Lori both had to go. I was so happy when they killed them off I was ashamed of myself…LOL! Too bad Carl had to shoot his mom. I knew Sofia was gone after they found her hiding spot and she wasn’t there and too many days had passed by. Now, the way Merle went out was in my opinion EPIC!!!…he went out with a bang!


Lizzie's death was not shocking. After what she did to her sister I knew she had to die. If I were living in that mess I would have shot her too. Mika's death was very shocking. I really am suprised that her death is not listed.


I am surprised that Mika wasn't on the list.
So I just randomly picked a name, because Mika wasn't on the list.
But Mika was DEFINITELY the ONE character death that TOTALLY SURPRISED me because I did not see that coming at ALL!!!!


I love the walking dead. I think the most startling death was Hershel. Sophia was a zombie when they killed her. As for the rest, I personally don't think their death were as bad as Hershel's.

Lost twd pp got

I saw a lot of these deaths coming. No way was Axel making it. I knew from posted spoilers, that Shane died early on in the comics. I saw Lizzie having to go months ago. As soon as Sophia started out of the barn, i realized it was her, even though they hadn't shown her face yet. And no way Merle was going to make it. That doesn't mean i wasn't still shocked. The most shocking deaths in TWD to me: 1. Mika
2. Dale
3. Sophia
4. Lizzie
5. T-Dog
6. Ottis
7. Amy
8. Shane

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