Arrow: Why Oliver and Sara are Perfect for Each Other

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Should Oliver Queen and Sara Lance have a shipper name?

Maybe not, since there doesn't seem to be much support for their re-ignited romantic relationship. Olicity fans went crazy when Oliver and Sara hooked up, but should they really be concerned? I don't think so.

It may be a controversial point of view, but the writers made the right decision to have Oliver and Sara get back together. They share a history and a current state of mind that only the two of them understand. After years of emotional isolation, both Oliver and Sara have found their match. 

Oliver was a playboy before he went missing. He was a commitment-phobe who cheated on Laurel when she was ready to take the next step in their relationship. While she was looking at apartments, he was sleeping with her sister. Ouch! He wasn't a good guy. The island changed him in many ways.

When Oliver 2.0 arrived back from the dead, he was different. In Arrow season 1, there wasn't any indication that he found romance while on the island. He returned with complicated feelings for Laurel. He will always love her, but was he still "in love" with her? Probably not. Instead, his feelings came from a place of immense guilt over what happened, while trying to re-assimilate back into his life.

Oliver's playboy ways didn't entirely go away. He had a revolving door of women, which included Laurel for a short time. As Oliver's dedication to being Arrow progressed, his willingness to have a real relationship waned. In Arrow season 2 episode 6, this new Oliver was out in the open.

Oliver had a fun, one-night stand with Isabel Rochev. He satisfied his needs with no strings attached. Oliver wasn't in position to be in a relationship. As Arrow, he put his life in danger on a regular basis, but anyone he was involved with was also put at risk. He wasn't willing to do that.

In a touching moment, Oliver told Felicity that, "Because of the life I lead, I just think it's better to not be with someone that I could really care about." He couldn't let emotions get in the way of his work. He needed Felicity by his side, just not in a romantic way. It would muddy the waters too much.

Why is Sara different? As much as Felicity is a key member of Team Arrow, she's not Sara. She's not Black Canary. Sara's able to physically protect herself and is an equal to Oliver in that respect. On the street, he doesn't have to worry about saving her, but instead helping her get the job done.

And, perhaps even more important at this time in Oliver's life, Sara understands what he has been through in a way that no one else can. They were on the Queen's Gambit together. They suffered on the island together. And, they have a history and connection that isn't even close to one he has with anyone else.

Oliver and Sara of today are not the Oliver and Sara that hooked up on the Queen's Gambit behind Laurel's back. Their emotional, physical, and historical connection is unrivaled. After years of emotional isolation, they can lean on each other. Viewers should be happy to see that Oliver finally has someone by his side like Sara.

Now that Slade has returned to Starling City, Oliver is going to need Sara even more than ever. I, for one, am glad that she's by his side. Oliver and Slade will fight a battle full of emotion, betrayal, and will.

Oliver and Sara are perfect for each other in the right now. Down the line, perhaps Oliver can open his heart and allow his emotions to guide him. When that happens, will Felicity still be waiting?

Who should Oliver be with?

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I like Sara but am now starting to be concerned that they are still setting Laurel up to take Sara's place at some point in the future. Does a blonde wig sound familiar from the comics?

@ Mark

I sure hope Laurel, or anyone else, doesn't take Sara's spot as the Black Canary. How awful. Sara has the background and mentality. Her and Oliver obtained their skill through life on the island. For Laurel to swoop in and assume the role by some cutesy writing attempt would bother me immensely.


Let me first say i Don't like Oliver and Laurel together, for me it doesn't work, they have very little chemistry.
Saying that i like Sara and Oliver together as the article says they work well together right now. They have both been through some very harsh and emotionally messed up years off and on the island and its taken alot for them to come back to where they are. I don't think that them being together is rehashing the past i just think there able to understand each other in a way that no one else can. Its not just about the time on the island but about the things they have done to survive, the lives lost and the decisions made.
Saying that don't get me wrong i like the Oliver and Felicity relationship and yes if things were less complicated with Oliver i would say she and him together would be great they have good chemistry, however things are not. So at the moment having Sara there as both her and the black canary makes things easier for him and remember for her too, she still have alot of enemies.


I am sick of the damsel in distress story arcs. Sara FTW for being a bad ass. People who are shipping Olicity are doing merely on the fact they think they are cute together, which I won't argue with. But lets be honest, Oliver would never be able to truly open up to Felicity, because Felicity would not be able to understand why Oliver feels the way he does; while Sara does. Not only does Oliver and Sara share a lot of guilt, and very alike (to all the people bitching about her "stiff" acting, Stephen does the same thing, because the character is like that. That is what happens when you are really distant from people, and if you paid attention, they are both loose around each other). And frankly, I love Felicity, but GOD am I sick of seeing Olicity posts. Where is WAY more interesting stuff going on in that show, and you are all focusing your energy on a hopeless cause.

@ Thomas

I agree, you're right!

@ Thomas

There* not where.


Fair points but I think both Sara and Oliver individually deserve more than being with someone because they share dark/painful experiences together. They enable each other to hide, and that's not living. They both need a fresh start and besides that, no matter how much time has gone by, they were still a product of betrayal and deceit. And unlike them, the person they betrayed it reliving it all over again. Also both Oliver and Sara are so alike it begs the question what's interesting about watching them together? they are literally the same person. I don't see how either Oliver or Sara can inspire each other to be more than what they currently are (messed up people). They help each other relive and stay connected to the part of themselves that's the cause of their dysfunction in the first place. How is that good? They both deserve a light in their tunnel of darkness, and they're both such dark/dead inside emotionally kind of people it's hard for me to see them connecting on anything but that. Having a connection is good, but what they connect over is so emotionally damaging they need to let go. It's great that they have each other to fight with, but so? Oliver also has Diggle and Roy, they both know how to fight. If their relationship is a sort of distraction then that's okay for the time being but there is nothing to root for in this pairing imo.


Imagining their shipper name... SaLiver, or SaLiva or OliSa... I can't come up with a decent one so not to be in my book, I don't care what the comic version says!

@ Alihan


Payton mcmullen jr

I prefer Ollie with Sara. Felicity is great, but Green Arrow belongs with Black Canary, like Superman and Lois Lane.


Unlike you, I do mind Oliver & Sara as a couple. Because it makes Oliver cringe-worthy for me. Because they’re hitting me over the head with all of these Sara attributes that don’t make sense. Because I use to like Sara, and now I don’t feel she’s paid her due to be granted so much. And finally, because their being together now, implies a few things that isn’t sitting well with me: 1) That Oliver & Sara possibly hooked up on the island (I loved Shado) after Shado’s death (someone he supposedly loved on some level) dies, he moves on to the next woman also on the island? I’m wondering how long after she was dead that he did this if in fact he did. And I was so pissed that Oliver admitted to actively choosing to save Sara over her. I thought/hoped it was a simple misunderstanding. 2) If he and Sara were more eventually on the island…what was his Laurel love in season one about? Because if he was emotionally invested in Sara AND Shado on the island, I call bullshit on the story of Laurel’s picture being what kept him going and willing him home. LOL. Was it because he thought Sara was dead so it was OK to go back to wanting her sister again? It just makes Oliver’s “love” fickle. And I cringe at this guy. 3) If you have to make, marooned on an island for 5 years, Sara the equivalent of a vigilant-ing kickass ninja, blood analysis tech, computer tech, custodian to orphans, bartender, self-defense trainer, Team Arrow Member, medical lair person, and comparable to a genius level MIT graduate, rolled up into one complete package, over the course of one episode………you’re trying too hard. She was fine just as she was before on her first visit. Now, they’re laying it on too thick.

@ Trish

I agree as well. I have often wondered about the pic of Laurel as something that kept him going when I saw he was with Shado. How was he so focus on Laurel then? Apparently my definition of love is totally wrong from the writers'. If Oliver's love for Laurel was an epic love then he never would have ran off with her sister. If that is love I want no part of that. If we all really think about it and are honest, we would all want someone else for Felicity. She deserves better. If you ask me a Laurel is better off as well without Oliver. He still needs to grow up.

@ letswatch

Exactly! And to think Oliver tells Laurel that he has loved her for half of his life? Wow that's some "love".

@ Trish

Agreed on all accounts

@ Trish

Very well said. I agree. If Shado was who they brought back and paired him with it would make so much more sense than Sara. We have seen nothing in story lines to show this relationship. Voids so many other plots we have been lead to believe. Love of Laure is huge one.


Wait, I don't see how Oliver and Sara were together on the island the entire time. The first season (year one on the island), Sara wasn't there. She showed up in the second season (year two), and sometime in the near future, she would have to leave the island to train with Nyssa, right? I came on the fan boards to see if I was in the minority with how I feel about Oliver and Sara, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I wasn't: that is, I cannot stand this subplot. I think Arrow should completely stop trying to write romance because they suck at it. There is no way I can get on board with Oliver moving from one sister to another...especially when they tried so hard in the first season to convince viewers Laurel was his epic love, and then now, apparently, it's Sara who he's into. I used to want him with Felicity, but he's become so unlikable with this whole sister drama that I want Felicity as far away from him as possible, romantically AND platonically (except I would stop watching Arrow altogether without her and Diggle...come to think of it, after the last episode, I'm done with the show anyway--definitely for the near future and possibly forever unless this sister thing goes away FOR GOOD).

@ guest

Oh thank goodness. Someone that understands. Well said!


Ms. Day has made some valid points, all of which I understand. However, if Sara were not the sister of his former girl friend then I would be for it. I cannot overlook that Laural and Sara are sisters, and he has been with them both. That's just not right. I agree so much with Claire2014 and other viewers when they say Oliver has gone back to being "Ollie". The action is great, but Oliver and Sara being together is wrong.


What wrubs me completely the wrong way with Oliver and Sara is the lack of set up. They took a great platonic pairing, rare on TV, and destroyed what could have been a kickass platonic pairing who understood each other, but nooo, they just had to have Sara worship Oliver's magic D too. SIGH. Arrow really disappointed me with this one. And the second half of the season has been disappointing.

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