Grey's Anatomy Review: The Panty Police

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Can you imagine Grey's Anatomy without the romance? Well, I could never either.

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 14 explored just that... well, almost anyway.

After the anonymous complaint on Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 13, Owen enacted a non-fraternization policy that essentially banned romance between our favorite docs.

While all relationships between superiors and subordinates were strictly prohibited and also all relationships with coworkers discouraged, the board had the right idea in mind. They wanted a safe work environment with focus solely on the patients and believed that could only be achieved without all of the relationship drama.

So, how did the couples take it?

Jolex, my favorite couple lately, totally pulled off an over-the-top fight scene right in the middle of the hospital. I had a hunch it was a bit rehearsed, but Jo's tears nearly had me fooled. I seriously love these two together and thought their fake fight was kind of brilliant.

In the end, they were exposed and the board (also known as "the panty police") expressed that they wanted Jolex to keep their relationship strictly professional at the hospital.

I could definitely understand why Alex stormed off and was utterly pissed. I'm crossing my fingers, though, that this only makes Jolex even stronger. 

As for Japril, they tried their best to keep their marriage a secret. However, they eventually had to spill the beans when they were caught getting busy in the supply contest. Technically, they weren't breaking any rules since they are married now. 

Meanwhile, I didn't really care for the Owen and Emma (plus Cristina) storyline. So, Owen talked about moving in with Emma in the beginning of the installment... only to end up breaking up with her by the end of the hour all because of a night with Cristina. Call me crazy, but I like Crowen better apart than together. To me, their story was finished. 

As for Calzona, I still think that a new house and now a new ring are doing no good for their severely troublesome marriage. Something tells me that this pair's marriage woes are far from over.

Lastly, I really liked that Richard was basically in charge of the residents as they all worked together on a cancer case. He's always been an amazing mentor. I was shocked when the residents' ideas and realizations didn't come together quickly enough so that an attempt could be made to try to save the young patient's life.

It was heartbreaking.  

Other Thoughts:

  • Major props to those who totally called it last week and knew that it was Leah who filed the anonymous complaint.
  • I said it before and I'll say it again: I really like that Ben is back and am glad that he's getting in with the other residents. He's a great addition!
  • How many of you loved that Meredith and Cristina are back and better than ever? Finally!
  • I've always loved MerDer and thought it was entirely realistic how frustrated Meredith was in regards to Derek's involvement with the POTUS. It should be interesting to see how his position on the advisory board affects their marriage and family life.

Overall, "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" was a solid installment and has me excited to see what's in store for the remainder of this season. 

Here's a look at Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 15:

Should Crowen get back together?


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This episode was EPIC, AWESOME!!! LOVED everything. Except April at the end when she said sorry to Jo, that was such a low blow. But I did love Jo eye roll and Alex calling ALL of them hypocrites. I think that the new rule is a good idea but they should have thought it through some more like saying that if you were in a relationship before the new rule then you are exempt because then couples like Alex and Jo don't have to worry about and they are the only two that actually keep their personal and professional relationships to themselves. They don't go around telling/asking people to notice my ring or brag abt their relationship and other stuff like that. The medical cases were AWESOME!!! Callie and Arizona OMG what is that now that is one couple that just needs to end they are trying way to hard. And Owen and Emma WHAT WAS THAT, she wants to give him what he wants and he doesn't want it. Owen does not know what he wants. Even though I do want Owen and Christina to hook up again because then it they really are hypocrites with the new rule, and I hope that Alex catches them. He and Jo need leverage. I love that Meredith and Christina are friends again but I feel that when they are friends they forget about Alex. And Jackson telling the board about Alex and Jo that IS NOT COOL, I thought Alex and Jackson were friends. LOVE that Mer is getting a biomedical engineer to help with her research and I hope that he and Stephanie might like each other. The engineer is FAR BETTER than Jackson. The new real does not say that they can't date people at their own level. Anyway AWESOME EPISODE!!!!! =D

@ kiera14

It was Webber not Jackson who told the board about Jackson & April and Alex & Jo in the supply closet.

@ kiera14

Webber told the board about Alex and Jo. Did you even watch the show?

Sixxx 6

Totally called it, I knew it was Leah. Steph was too hurt, Leah was the one who was pissed and in that mode. I do like that Callie is trying, but I think she's trying too hard and next week doesn't look good. I love my Calzona but they do need to actually talk again. I love Jolex, the fight had me fooled, I thought it was real, they pulled it off well. Owen, say it every week, hate him, hated him since he's been here wish I could FF through all his scenes. And Japril was cute, for once I didn't find April totally annoying.


The show is so trivial!!!!! It is so sad!! Anyone of you that posted - go back and watch any episode from season 1 - 4 and you will see how pathetic this show has become.

@ Michael

And I don't blame the actors one bit!! It's the writing - and it's Shonda Rhimes who needs to go back to the roots and figure some stuff out. Even Private Practice started to get better towards the end. Grey's needs to be put out of it's misery. Give it a great season to send it off into the sunset.


Cristina and Owen were over the day he told her she killed their baby at MerDer's party. Why the show will not let them rest in peace and just be friends (especially when we KNOW Sandra is leaving), I cannot understand. Owen and Emma could have had such a happy life together! I feel like last night was just a major hit to stay at home moms in general.


The Japril scenes were cute as was the scene with Crowen. Leah is driving me up a wall. If they decide to fire at least one of the residents I really, really hope it's her.


Loved that Jackson and April went public with their marriage. Now they can be open with it. Alex was completely right about the board being hypocrites and I really wish Sondra would get rid if those residents (except for Jo). They are really annoying especially Leah. I hope Callie and Arizona break up soon. Those two are so done they're burnt. They're much better apart.


Loved that Jackson and April told that they're married now they can be open with their relationship. I really wish that Shondra would get rid of the residents (except for Jo).They are so annoying. Especially Leah. Alex was completely right about how hypothetical the board is being and I really hope Callie and Arizona break up soon. Those two are so done they're burnt. They're much better apart.


I loved that Mer and Cristina were good just need those two for some funny lines (see the wine thing ;D)...
I don't get Owen: he and Cristina break up because she doesn't want kids and then he breaks up with Emma (who I actually liked) who does want kids...I mean what's up with that???
Having seen the promo for next week, I totally agree with uklass: Callie shouldn't try so hard. She deserves much better and Leah is just getting on my nerves o.o I didn't fully like her from the beginning on, but then she was at least not such a whiner...
Jolex is just awesome, Alex really deserves happiness and Jo is really good for him (are they actually engaged now or not?!)...
Richard was awesome in his mentor role and MerDer were sweet (it was so previous-seasons-Meredith with her denying him sex and teasing him...loved that)
I just kind of wish that Bailey were involved a little more and not just as an accessory to Ben the new resident...


April and Jackson told the board they are married and the world didn't end. News flash, no one cares. Now can we move on. People have their own problems. Since when is surgical debriding, the highlight of April's trauma surgeon career. That has got to stop, everyone else gets major projects and yet again April's medical career is summed up as an ER physician. She is too brilliant for this. We may not see it now but it was noticeable years ago when she first started. She is entering the Grey zone where Meredith's storyline was all about Derek until she married him. What Owen said to Emma was unbelievable. It's not you, its me because of you. Emma should have known better, he is on the rebound and men rarely commit to the rebound girl. Owen however has a chronic habit of not knowing what he wants. When he was in the army, he dumped his fiancee via email and refused to see her. He was even surprised when she came to see him in Seattle to get questions answered face to face. He gave her the same speech. He and Christina broke up because they couldn't get on the same page about children and was appalled when Christina would not compromise. Christina was right there is NO compromise when it comes to kids. Now he and Christina have reconciled, I believe twice and each time his yearning for a family interfered. Owen's biological clock is ticking, everytime he sees a child and their father he wants one for himself. This of course tends to drive Christina crazy. Since he hasn't seen kids for awhile, his clock is not ticking but God help Christina if he sees another one. We start all over again. I wish the writers would give the audience a break with this couple and rest this relationship in peace, move on already. Meredith and Christina were always the best couple on the show except when it is Alex and Christina, they are hilarious. Speaking of Alex, boy did he call it by telling the board to go to hell. It's amazing what happens when your fiends turn into supervisors, they tend to forget themselves. They absolutely have no legs to stand on with this issue including Richard, he is not exempt. The residents, I am starting to like them more and more. Sure they are not the residents of the past with stardust in their eyes and sexy pet names. However, they are doctors and they are not going to let anyone make them feel less than. Never was that more true for Joe when she realized that she spent more time at work trying to figure out how to save her relationship than how to save that girl. Wake up call indeed. I know that Meredith doesn't want to be the mother that wasn't there for her kids but she has to face reality. She cannot do it all. Derek taking over "The" brain mapping project for the NIH will bring him to Washington half the time, so she will need some help. She will probably need a nannie, no need to be ashamed. It takes a village to raise children. Glad, she gave him some cookies that wasn't nice closing the cookie jar for three weeks.

@ Aykme

And you're forgetting when he wasn't sure what woman he wanted when Teddy came. Teddy or Cristina.


The Alex drama resulting in false tears were so unbelievable. What is Kepavery SL going to be now? Crowen got together again quicker than I had anticipated. Technically they can't fraternise at the hospital, can they? Callie really worries me, the gift giving and Arizona's reaction, Callie is trying too hard.
I do sympathise with Mer, she wants her husband to be happy in his work, but she's not going to be able to move her career on. Hope that Der's ego won't let him forget he has family and husband duties he has to do

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Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 14 Quotes

Meredith: I have wine.
Cristina: I'll be there.

So, you're the panty police now?


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