Mad Men Season 7 Teaser: Whatever Will Be Will Be...

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Don Draper will touch down for the final season of Mad Men on April 13.

And he touches down below in the first promo for the upcoming premiere.

In anticipation for the beginning of the end for this iconic drama, AMC has released the following teaser for Mad Men Season 7 - and it features Don disembarking from a plane, set to a cover of cover of “Que Será Será."

Is he returning to Sterling Cooper & Partners? Landing somewhere far away from his old life?

Check out the promo now and watch Mad Men online if you need a refresher prior to this return.

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(I never indulge in the teen thing (I am not a teen, for one) but this man- a mixture of Jon Hamm and Don Draper and Matthew Weiner (real and unreal) is ridiculously, preposterously, maddeningly, stunningly attractive. swoon worthy. the voice, the chaos in his head, the mystery.. don't help, either. everything exacerbates his swoon worthiness. I hated to admit that ! but there it is.)

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