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Vikings: Watch Season 2 Episode 5 Online

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Lagertha and Bjorn reunite with old friends on this Vikings episode, but Ragnar abruptly ends the pleasantries. There's an attack to plan.

Vikings Season 2 Episode 5 brings our cast of characters together again, if only briefly, to reclaim their lands from Jarl Borg.

Borg ultimately rides off with his tail between his legs, but at least he lives to fight another day.

In Wessex, Athelstan has become an advisor of sorts to King Ecbert, much as he was for Ragnar. However, the former monk appears to be slowly slipping into madness.

Watch Vikings online to see it all unfold:

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Vikings Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Rollo: You fought well today Bjorn.
Bjorn: Thank you uncle.
Ragnar: You have a lot to learn.

Lagertha: Bjorn is very happy here.
Ragnar: Then he should stay. You both should stay.
Lagertha: Your wife will not be happy.
Ragnar: I imagine not.

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