Hart of Dixie Review: Heartbreak Ridge

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On this installment of Hart of Dixie, we saw major heartbreak, along with a new and shocking hook up.

While Lavon tried to host French foreign exchange students to win over the schools beautiful president, Joel was working on becoming an up and coming screenwriter in Hollywood, barely holding onto his relationship with Zoe.

To say the least, Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 16 was incredibly sad, thanks to Joel's departure.

At Least She's Smiling

We all knew it was coming and now, finally, after 16 episodes Joel has left Bluebell for greater and bigger things. However, I didn't know that it would hurt as much as it has. I feel the sadness that Zoe felt and, for the first time in a long time, I feel terrible for Dr. Hart.

I came to love Joel as a character mainly because of how he treated Zoe and how he loved her deeply. Zoe said it right when she told Joel that he changed her life. I agree with that statement and I will miss his character very much. I hope that Zoe's next venture is as wonderful as he was.

To say my peace, I've decided to write a letter of appreciation to Joel:

Dear Joel, all-mighty Joel. You with your dorky but sexy glasses and your smooth way with words. No one has ever been more suited for Zoe Hart and no one has ever treated her better. You've made us laugh and not only did you win over the great town of Bluebell but you won our hearts too.

We will miss your allergies and your unique personality. Goodbye, great Joel. May you win over Hollywood with your delightful smile and poetic verse. You will be missed by all of Bluebell. To you, man of the year!

Now I can move on.

Elsewhere, Lavon was off doing something I could really care less about... until Annabeth had a potential and he became jealous and upset. Excuse me, Mr. Mayor, you have absolutely NO RIGHT to be jealous or angry.

You could have had Annabeth for rich or for poorer but you ended it with her. No, I do not care about your heartbreak, I only care about AB. How dare you think you're entitled to jealously?!?

Side Note: Olympic gymnast and gold-medalist McKayla Maroney guest starred again as Tonya, Rose's BFF. Welcome back to Bluebell McKayla!

Moving on, the biggest surprise of the night was George and Lemon partnering to run Fancy's together. To continue proving how incompatible they are, Lemon and George did nothing but fight. The second biggest surprise was how much I enjoyed these two back together on screen.

When they were taking shots I said, "they're going to sleep together" and I am so happy I was right. I can promise you, I would have never guessed the writers would have put these two back together. How interesting.

That said, Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 15 teased the idea of Lavon and Lemon becoming a romantic pairing again. However, it looks like that was quickly shattered now that we'll bring back the couple that almost got married until Zoe Hart broke them up.

Well, this should be interesting to say the least.

Overall, this was a darker episode and it did make me really sad. When Zoe was crying in the car, I got a little choked up too. It just sucks that Joel has to leave after making such a great impression on everyone.

Hopefully, Vivian and Wade will be next up on the breakup list but until then, I will mourn for Joel.

Will you miss Joel now that he's gone?


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We'll miss Joel. He and AB are the only non cockamamie characters on the show, and thus really the only thing that was grounding it at all. He was the only relationship with Zoe that made any sense in the entire history of the show, and it's a bummer to see him go so the writers can go to the fore-ordained Wade or George/Zoe relationship. The departure of the Joel is probably the last straw for my wife and I - between its utter predictability and increasing flights away from anything resembling reality, I think the show has finally Jumped the Shark. Assuming it gets renewed, I doubt we'll be watching it next year.

@ Scott

Joel and Zoe are boring. Her and Wade are a better couple. They both add things to each others lives to better the both of them.


no can by george and lemon NO NO NO NO this is not fear
george have his chance with lemon leave her on the alter .?????
is lavon turn with lemon this two have a great connection this two belong together forever this two still love each-other you can see that in there eyes this two much have a real Relationship with each-other to see how this go this two have something special in season one .ROOTING FOR TEAM/LAVEMON MAKE THAT HAPPEN WRITTER..


What a stupid review!!


SO glad Joel is gone. Most boring couple ever on this show in my opinion.


Desolee joel mais zoe et wade etaient trop charismatiques et mettaient du piment a la serie, interet qu elle a perdu cette saison
Merci aux scenaristes de lui redonner son ame et son interet premier une serie fraiche et sympa


Unlike other commentors on here I actually really liked Joel. Zoe has become such an annoying and intolerable character. Joel wasn't just another love interest that came on for 4 or 5 episodes. He was a fully flushed out character that became interesting in his own right. I like Wade/Zoe but to be honest I don't really need them to be together for the show to work for me. Their kind of obnoxious together , they make a much better friends with benefits than they do life partners. I love Lemon and George back together. I think the writers have struggled with George as a character for such a long time. Brining him back into the fold by having him sleep with another central character was a smart idea. Not to mention if George and Zoe were both single at the same time the writers might feel forced to explore this coupling. Although I will say it would be fun to see George and Zoe finally get a chance.


Tom's antique toilet seat did more to deserve the MOTY than Joel did. The writer of this episode was determined to show her love for this character no matter what the fans thought of him. Joel must remind her of a beloved father, uncle, brother, boyfriend, or husband.
I'm looking forward to HOD getting back on track with more storylines like the G/W/L caper. It reminded me of blue Jimmy Pribeaux in Season 1.


I've been thinking as it seems like the Zoe/Wade getting back together situ will always be a bit soured by the fact that he cheated. What if, suddenly out of the blue the girl he was meant to have slept with mentions that it didn't in fact happen, he said he was really drunk so he might have just passed out. Not that much has been mentioned about what happened really? That way it would make things a little less icky? It doesn't change his intentions of going back 'home' with her of course but this would create a great twist of emotions for Zoe, which I think Zade fans would enjoy! He has also now turned over a new leaf which of course was necessary from the start.

@ anon

This is what I've been talking about with others who like the show. We really hope (in order to turn this show around) that those behind the mess can admit it's the best option. The cheating storyline just wasn't a good idea. It didn't seem well planned and the follow up from the storyline was all over the place. Because of that we're struggling to hold on to the two characters that truly made us fans of Hart of Dixie but we also don't think the writers will choose that path. They'll believe in what happened with the cheating storyline and has happened since is working for the show. o_0


I won't miss Joel one bit. I hated the OTT crap fest we got in this episode. I can almost not rejoice in the fact that he is gone (for now). How is Zoe gonna go from her one true love (barf) to Wade this season because I know that will happen. Joel winning the MOTY is so eye-rolling bad writing that I'm lost for words. They only did it so Zoe had a chance to tell the rest of the town he was gone but why is everyone so sad he left? He was there for 5 months and did nothing but hang out with Zoe. If Wade left would people notice other than the RJ would be closed or had a new bartender? This review was almost as bad as the episode.

@ Fogh

The reviews for Hart of Dixie on here are always *this show is amazing!* That letter. Just another reason to stick to solely reading the comments. Also, to quote 16 others who liked a comment over on YouTube "Wait is Joel gone? Can I start watching again?"


I'm torn with rating this episode. 5 stars because HE'S FINALLY GONE! 1 star for those Joel/Zoe Kisses. Yuck. Not sexy. I'm sorry. And then those last scenes with Zoe accepting his award followed by the entire town all at once ridiculously in her bedroom. ...But THEN, 5 stars for the scene with Bilson crying in the car. Made my heart break with her. But back to 1 star for the fact that our next obstacle is Vivian... her own cousin now being with Wade! And let's not even talk about the cheating storyline to break them up back in season two. Argh this show! I truly wish season three never happened. If season 4 is any better I'm going to choose to pretend season 3 never occurred.


Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Make Joel stay please! Not just for my happiness but for yours.


You, Zoe Hart are unforgettable.