Michael Socha to Join Cast of Once Upon a Time

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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland's loss will be Once Upon a Time's upcoming gain.


Sources confirm to Entertainment Weekly that Michael Socha - beloved on the OUAT spinoff as Will Scarlet/The Knave of Hearts - will join the cast of Once Upon a Time on Season 4.

Assuming there is a Season 4, of course. ABC is yet to announce a single 2014-2015 renewal, but the odds are strongly in Once Upon a Time's favor.

Michael Socha in Wonderland

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, meanwhile, will air its series finale this Thursday.

At the moment, no other cast members are expected to jump over to the mother ship.

Once Upon a Time Season 3 is averaging under 8 million viewers per week, but ABC has struggled in the drama department and should announce its pick-up any day now.

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This is Excellent news. His acting and quick comments were so entertaining, but they ABSOLUTELY have to bring Anastasia as well...her acting was superb and also the main reason to watch that show. Besides I want to know more about her back story with Cinderella..that was a cool connection.


I hope Emma Rigby a.k.a Anastasia joins the cast to she just has too! Alice and Cyrus's story is over, they had a beautiful wedding and a beautiful daughter they got their HEA. Anastasia and Will just got back together and it wouldn't make sense to separate them. Whatever Emma Rigby is working on she has to make time to do Once.


You guys should do one round table for the final


I am wanting them to make Sean Maguire a regular cast member. I am ready for Robin Hood to become a permanent fixture in Regina's life.

@ Kat

Same here Regina needs him and they are falling in love


Great news but why just him? I like Alice, Cyrus, Anastasia and Jafar too

@ Haley

How about the jabberwocky? I didn't like Jafar I felt for him but I still didn't like him but I loved the jabberwocky


Great news ! He is a great actor. Hopefully Anastasia will be added to the Once Upon A Time cast !

@ sophia

Yes a woman after my own heart!


Horrible news. I stopped watching Wonderland because I didn't like any character on the show. Wonderland had low ratings because most people didn't care about the cast adding the failed wonderland into Once will only bring once down too. Hopefully its just a one time appearance and not a reoccurring role. There is no room to fit him in with any of the main cast and I don't want time taken away from the core characters I love.

@ guol

Will was the only redeemable character on the CGI hot mess and that's largely a credit to Michael Socha's ability and screen presence. There are a number of Once cast members who aren't under series regular contracts and who have pilots already. If anything, this is to the show's benefit.


That's great news the only way it could be better if the rest of the cast came over like Alice and Cyrus and others. So excited about this news.

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