Survivor: Watch Season 28 Episode 7 Online

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The castaways were forced to remain on their toes on Survivor Season 28 Episode 7.

We mean that almost literally, as the challenge asked contestants to stand on a small wooden perch, bracing a block on their head and keeping it in place using the wooden board above them.

The structure then forced each contestant to get up on his/her toes in order to keep the block in place.

The last person left with his/her wooden block intact won immunity. Got it?

No worries if not: you can watch Survivor online now to see how it all unfolded and, of course, to learn who was voted out:

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Kass is so dumb. She is being a typical girl on this show, going after other women that she is threatened by PERSONALLY instead of COMPETITIVELY. She seriously needs to get over her issues with "popular girls" and start going after serious threats to win. Regardless, she has no chance to win thanks to her penchant for jealousy and petty vendettas.