The 100 Review: Finding Home

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Will The 100 ever ease up on its intensity? I hope not.

The 100 Season 1 Episode 6 changed things up a bit by showing us a flashback on the Ark rather than delving immediately into the aftermath of the culling. The look back at Bellamy and Octavia's childhood provided immense insight into their characters.

Bellamy was happy once upon a time, but he took on enormous responsibly when his sister was born and hasn't been able to let her go. He's been her protector since her first breath and he let her down. He's carried that burden over to his leadership on Earth.

I have mixed feelings about Bellamy. From the beginning, he's been about protecting himself and his sister. In many circumstances that would be a noble cause, but his actions did cause harm. He didn't want the adults from the Ark to come down because he shot the Chancellor and his fears about what they would do to the children prisoners wasn't entirely unfounded.

The problem was that his actions had far-reaching consequences. Wells and Charlotte are dead and Murphy was banished. By taking the radio, he cost another 200-plus people their lives. He earned the guilt that he bears. How does he redeem himself in the eyes of the others and for himself?

His decision to go after Octavia was the right thing to do, but he again put other peoples' lives in danger. In this case, he shouldn't be held responsible. It was the grounders who killed them, not Bellamy. At least, Octavia was saved, though now Finn's life is in danger.

The fight between Bellamy and Octavia felt so real. The words that sprung from their mouths were truths, but they were ones that should never have been spoken. They both immediately regretted their honesty, but neither could take back what they said. The anger and resentment had built up and finally exploded.

Octavia blamed Bellamy for Finn's condition, her mother's death, and her situation. And, he threw it all back at her with the most hateful thing he could say, "My life ended the day that you were born." Ouch! The truth hurts. He was no longer the happy brother who named his sister, Octavia.

Where do they go now? They will continue to be at odds, but the love they have for each other is undeniable. I hope they take a step back and remember they are the only two with family on Earth and embrace that. 

The next closest relationship is between Finn and Raven, but she's not too happy after finding out her boyfriend moved on after only 10 days. Oops! They grew up together. That's a bond that won't break. Given Finn's reaction and outreach to Clarke, I have to wonder if he's feels something much different with her.

Finn and Raven have familiarity, but is their relationship destined to be more of a familial one rather than romantic? In contrast,  Finn and Clarke's relationship has been built on a unique trust and bonding. It's still a new situation, but I appreciate that it hasn't taken a normal catty, teenage love triangle path. Instead of being annoyed by it, I'm intrigued to see how it will play out.

Clarke's "I hardly know him." was the perfect response. She may not know if she loves Finn, but I loved her answer.

Outside of the human drama that occurred, we finally learned more about the grounders. While it made sense for Octavia to want her freedom from cave, especially given her years of captivity, the grounder watching over her wasn't all that bad.

His actions could be interpreted as helping her. He took her into his "home" when she was injured, fixed her leg, and took care of her. Sure, he locked her up after she tried to escape, but even that could have been a noble move. The other grounders were out there killing her friends. Maybe he was protecting her from them.

Octavia's grounder did blow the horn to save her friends from certain death. Two of Bellamy's search party had already been killed, how many more would have been goners if the other grounders didn't seek cover from the "coming storm"? It definitely appears that the grounding holding Octavia was not part of the larger grounder attack group.

Odds and Ends

  • The bodies falling from the Ark was a tragically beautiful sight. It reminded me of imagery from Hannibal. It's horrific, but has a certain elegant artistry to it. It's an image that will be long remembered. I only wish it was shown for a few more seconds.
  • Raven cutting Finn's hair was awkward -- Almost like a mother trimming her son's hair.
  • Bellamy and Octavia's mother remains an enigma. Why did she keep Octavia? She seemed to make plenty of questionable life choices. 
  • Bellamy made a deal with Commander Shumway to kill Chancellor Jaha in exchange for passage on the drop ship with his sister. Why did Shumway want Jaha dead? Was he acting alone or was he acting on someone else's behest? 
  • Jasper saved the day. He's proving himself loyal to Octavia. Will she see that in him?
  • Could Finn really die?
  • "How do I get home?" - Utterly heartbreaking moment. 
Were the grounder's intentions towards Octavia good or bad?


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While I do enjoy the flashbacks and getting to find out the backstory of the characters I wish that it wouldn't replace the present day storyline on the ark. Twice now they've done that. First with Clarke's flashbacks and now with Bellamy and Octavia's.

@ ryan jones

Similar to Carrie's flashbacks; sometimes on the island, sometimes before the island. I enjoy both!

@ dee

But the CW shows are getting too similar and redundant imo.


As usual the episode was amazing. That grounder might be different than the others he saved Octavia's life once when she hit her head and another when she escaped and his people were killing the people looking for her. I don't know if that grounder is good or not but he did save Octavia's life twice now but who knows why. The parts with Raven and Clarke felt so awkward. I don't think Finn will die he's to important to the show and has a good storyline right now. Bellamy and Octavia's fight was real and great and they've both been holding that in for so long. I think they'll be at odds for at least one or two episodes but they'll make up again something will bring them back together they're they only family each other has and they love each other and will do anything to protect each other. I can't wait till the next episode it looks so good. This show just gets better and better with each episode. I love it.


I loved this episode. Absolutely loved it. When the episode ended my first reaction was: But it's just beginning, nooooo.
There were so many good things in this episode. Clarke saying 'I hardly know him' ((that, for once on a show with teens is the right response after knowing someone 10 days!), the flashbacks to Bellamy and Octavia (especially the look on his face when he walked into his empty apartment/room, that was heartbreaking), the fight between Bellamy and Octavia.
I'm not sure if I'm happy with the group hitting the grounder, but on the other hand, he did stab Finn. I don't think Finn will die, that would be a waste of storyline right there. But, and that is what makes this show so interesting, he could.
So much fun, so much fun.


I know on tumblr at least, there is a large Bellarke following. I personally didn't like Bellamy much from the get go, although i realise he is a layered character and more of his past revealed will explain the choices he makes in the now. Having said that, i adore the Finnlarke dynamic. I think their relationship and its evolution has been so organic and i'm surprised that more people (speaking about tumblr at least) do not like the couple. I'm really into this show. I hope it sticks around for a long while.

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