The 100 Review: Slayed Demons

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Earth is a dangerous place.

The 100 Season 1 Episode 3 was titled "Earth Kills," but it could just have easily have been called "People Kill." At this point, I'm not sure which is more dangerous on Earth: the environment, the Grounders or the 100. 

Regardless, the kids dropped on Earth have a better chance at long term survival right now than they had on the Ark. Up there, they were just counting down the days until they were floated. 

On Earth, two factions were forming with Bellamy and Clarke as the disparate leaders. Bellamy accused Clarke of being weak and not being able to make the difficult decisions when she wanted to help save Jasper instead of ending his misery.

Bellamy started out being about freedom, but quickly became about control and power, while she's motivated by community. Bellamy has good reasons for hating those in power on the Ark, but so does she. They both lost family members due to the strict rules and punishments.

When Bellamy was faced with ending Atom's pain, he couldn't do it. Clarke though didn't hesitate. She calmed Atom by humming and peacefully stuck a knife in his neck. If she didn't believe she could save Jasper, she would have done the same to him.

The look that Bellamy gave Clarke in that moment was one of respect and honor. It's unclear whether the rift between the two leaders will close now, but Bellamy did tell his people to give Clarke whatever she needed when they returned to base camp.

It's not going to be all sunshine now, but if Bellamy and Clarke can cooperate more than they fight it will be better for the group as a whole. Though, Bellamy's control over his people seems to be breaking a little. Even Bellamy's sister, Octavia, is spending most of her time with Clarke and her friends.

The poison cloud claimed one person's life, but more would have died if the Grounders hadn't sent a warning. Was it meant for other Grounders? Or, were they warning the newly arrived humans? Either way, that warning was life saving. Perhaps the Grounders aren't all bad. They did save Jasper after spearing him. 

"I guess we're going to have to get used to people dying down here," said Octavia. While that's certainly true, it was something they should have been used to from the Ark. Her mother, Clarke's father, and Charlotte's parents were just a few of the people floated on the Ark.

It was uncomfortable to see Clarke treat Wells with such disdain, especially after he purposefully got himself arrested to get on the drop ship. He loves her and wanted to help protect her. He was the best friend he could be for her by taking the blame for Clarke's mother. He didn't want her to lose both her mother and father.

At least, they made up before Wells was killed, even if his death will be even more difficult for her. It wasn't much of a surprise that Wells died given all he's been through since they landed. What was a big shocker was that Charlotte killed him.

The young girl took Bellamy's words to heart and slayed her demons. The Chancellor killed her parents and Wells paid with his life for his father's actions and the rules of the Ark.

It would have been horrible if Wells was killed by Bellamy and his posse for being the Chancellor's son, but it was heart crushing to see Charlotte kill him. It's sure to cause conflict within the group and a further divide between Bellamy and Clarke.

Jasper may have been saved, but both Atom and Wells were killed. Plus, Trina and Pascal are still missing. The group continues to shrink. Instead of rehashing the same leadership battles, the story progressed in an authentic manner. The two groups headed out to hunt for food and medicine.

In three episodes, the characters have shown that they are multi-layered and not just stereotypes.Throughout the episode, I was pleasantly surprised by the developing depth of character. Bellamy originally was shown as an unlikable dictator wannabe, but he's evolved into a m​ore sympathetic guy.

The 100 has far exceeded my expectations over these first three episodes. At the end of each hour, I'm not ready to let them go for another week. The life threatening situations create suspense and anyone can die at any time. That's something special and unique for a television show.

What is the greatest threat on Earth?


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I'm happy that this show is about to be cancelled! I was intrigued by it, when it first premiered and felt that it had potential. However, after Wells was killed off, I was done with this show!


That's it for me with show,,wells death was what broke the camel’s back.
I understand why there had to be a death because of its resulting consequences and meaning of law and order in the group but I have never seen a show where they actively made the effort to erase a character in one episode. Teens left and right were filling in Wells place as moral center of the show.
Fin was making wells sacrifices as he grew with clarke mean nothing though "unintentional"-the crayons Racial undertones-black people in the midst of amoral situations( lynch mob and the ark's black market) when they had just killed wells the previous episode. The whole thing stung of subliminal brainwashing. Charlotte's unconvincing u-turn; she wasn't convincing enough there was no guilt or empathy for wells just that Murphy was going to killed for her psychotic deed. At the end of the episode wells was made meaningless-nothing he did stood for anything. He was hurriedly being tucked under a carpet the whole episode.

@ Klondikewatch

I was so looking forward to this show and binge watched the series last night because I could never get to it in time. I loved the Wells character and thought him so noble and interesting that when he was unnecessarily killed, the show immediately lost something crucial for me. I do not believe I can be a long term fan.


Wells' character was one of the most interesting and I was VERY disappointed to see that he was killed. There was so much potential for further development, and I was really looking forward to see how a character focused on morals and smarts (but not 'nerdy') would pan out. Really surprising to see the kid with a spear slammed into his chest survives, and they take Wells out with this little girl that seemed to join the episode just for this act. Not too excited about the series anymore, and probably won't be keeping up with it going forward.

Carla day
@ Guest

At least give tomorrow night's episode a watch. I've already seen it since I review the show. I was just as shocked by how it all plays out as I was by Wells' death.


This show is a classic soap opera it's very clear something will happen between Bellamy and Clarke making way for the typical teenage triangle between Finn Clarke and Bellamy that will drive the show forward Wells had to die so the triangle can be formed


I hope this show get cancelled for killing off wells and making this a typical blonde girl and brown hair guy falling in love.. Wells had so much going for himself you didn't know if he really betrayed Clarke or not.. You saw Potenial in his character and he wasn't like the typical geek like the other black guy on star crossed .. No strong black character.. I don't usually say this but that kinda had me like whatt.. A guy hits with a spare and doesn't die but the black guy wells gets delt by a little girl

@ Mike

i do agree, how could Jasper have survived the spear in the chest... but i had the feeling that Wells will die from the beginning.


That lil' bundle of creepy, creepy psycho CHarlotte is the worst thing of the series. IN my mind, neither her character or the monstrous murder of Wells offer any true potential for story & Char. Dev.. CUz the only thing to do is to knife & bury her in the ground, end of that moronic story. Other than CHarlotte being a worthless psycho, Wells was by far the most interesting character with so much potential. I've taken the show off my list. Can't be bothered anymore. So then, until they gut Charlotte, c ya!


I'm very disappointed that they killed off Wells. His character had so much potential in conveying what humanity should aspire to during the groups' dark times.


The smoke monster makes a special appearance, with the same weird sound effects and flashes too. lol I was creeped out by Charlotte's humming at the end.


I'm pretty sure Trina & Pascal were killed by that acid cloud also. At least that's what I got out of their scene at the beginning.

@ S.

...Or they became Grounders. My bet's on that.


great episode. really surprised by this series, i am loving it. Love the interactions between Clarke and Bellamy. Hope to see more !

@ sophia

I really like this TV show and i really think that Bellamy and Clarke will develop some sort of relationship perhaps friendship or even something more, i am surprised that not a lot of people mention that Bellamy saved Clarke's life. A lot of the things i have read on this tv show do not mention that either.

@ sophia


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Wells: Alcohol's toxic.
Finn: This is Earth. Everything's toxic.

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