The Tomorrow People Review: Daddy's Home

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Everything changed on The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 19.

I don’t know that I ever thought that Roger would come back. I know he’s been cryogenically frozen and the whole idea behind that was for him to come back to life, but somehow I just assumed that it would never come to that.

I figured he would be lost or sacrificed and that very nearly did happen in this episode.

Before that happened, the Founder made good on his promise for peace. Having Russell go in to meet with him was pretty hilarious.

When you think about it, he really was the perfect choice for that meeting. Who else would enjoy the moment so fully and yet get the job done?

Until I figure out how to stop time, I’m sure as hell not going to waste it.


Not only did Russell’s meeting cement peace between Ultra and the Tomorrow People, he also managed to make a good point to Cara about why it was a good idea. It’s easy to forget that these guys are living underground and might want to go home, see their families again and live normal lives.

Cara and Astrid were a lot of fun to watch in this episode and once they were paired up, I found myself liking Cara more than I have in a long time. Astrid suggesting they bring Hillary underground so that Cara could read her mind was pretty brilliant.

Cara: You didn’t by chance drop Hillary on the train tracks, did you?
Russell: Jealousy is an ugly thing.

It’s just too bad that Cara couldn’t get past the x-rated movie in Hillary’s head before giving up. Otherwise she might have seen that Hillary is a dirty spy. Though I did notice that Hillar might have looked a little guilty in that final scene. Could it mean that she has actually developed real feelings for Stephen?

Now that Roger is back, it feels like the show will be moving into an entirely new direction. We started the season with Jedikiah as the bad guy running Ultra and Stephen as a spy working both sides, while John was a man wracked with guilt over killing a friend. Now Roger is alive and Jedikiah will undoubtedly be accepted back into the family.

I predict they will all gather as a united front to defeat the Founder.

You’re absolved, kid. How does that make you feel?


For me, it’s all like a dream come true, since I’ve been dying to see Jedikiah on the good side for a long while. How long will it last? I have no clue, but I’m going to enjoy it while I can.

My favorite bits:

  • Jedikiah pulling off a pretty good janitor… well, until he pulled out the gun. I’m liking me some badass Jedikiah.
  • Hillary suggesting she and Stephen approach training from a different angle.
  • Jedikiah refusing to leave his brother’s side and begging John to help him guard Roger.
  • Stephen covering up his romantic dinner by claiming he was about to burn his house down.
  • Tim using the phrase “suck it.”
  • Stephen trying to balance a pissed-off girlfriend a perturbed best friend.
  • Astrid discovering that Stephen was sleeping with the Ultra agent who tried to kill her.
  • Hillary knowing exactly why Cara wanted her there. Well, at least she’s not dumb.
  • Russell coming back drunk as a skunk and claiming the Founder was “totally cool.”
  • Stephen dancing. That is all.
  • Ultra agents and Tomorrow People dancing together. The end of the world is nigh, people.
  • John and Jedikiah working together to take on all the Ultra agents.
  • The look on John’s face as he was riding the subway with Stephen’s mother. I couldn’t decide if it was devastation, hope or a little bit of both.
  • Marla taking over Roger’s care and Jedikiah letting her.
  • Roger’s heartbeat appearing on that monitor.
  • Jedikiah telling John he was absolved and asking John if would be forgiven.

Did you think they would actually bring Roger back to life?


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First off this show has gotten a lot better and hopefully the CW gives it another season. This episode was interesting. I still don't think the founder is the bad guy yet. We don't know why he wants his father alive yet. Because he actually helped Stephen gets his father back. He new Stephen has only stopped time during time of distress so what better then creating distress and extra motivation by creating a scenario were ultra is looking for Jedikiah who happens to be with his father.. So he pretty much is the reason why Roger is back. Plus how did the founder know Jedikiah would be with his father? Because at the end the founder told Hillary Stephan has done everything leading up to this point that we wanted him to. So it was like he new his father was alive. I had a feeling Hillary was working with the founder. But she definitely felt guilty about spying on Stephan. But Stephens no better he's been posing as double agent and spying and lying from the beginning. Granted mostly because it was the benefit to the people he cares about. But we still don't know why the founder wants Roger alive. Great episode! Hopefully more people start to watch.


Hillary isn't entirely happy about working against Stephen. When she turned away from the Founder, she had a look on her face that showed us that she wasn't happy--she has developed feelings for him. I think she either dies to save him or trades sides, in the end. On another note, I'm disappointed that this isn't getting better ratings. It's not making a good case for another season :(


I was kinda liking Hillary and Stephen together.... Their scenes were pretty hot! So it sucks that she was working against him the whole time. In the beginning you knew that wa going to be revealed, but by the end of the episode I was actually thinking maybe she wasn't. I think Cara's jealousy is super lame. She doesn't have the right to be jealous when she chose John. Especially right in front of John, like in the last episode. That was ridiculous! I don't think Cara and Stephen are all that great together though, so I really hope it doesn't lead to that. I really hope the show gets picked up for a second season because it's been getting really good. I like seeing Jedekiah working with all the Tomorrow People and getting Stephen's mother involved. I can't wait until we get to see Roger return!


Hillary is a bitch! I really thought she had changed and become one of the good guys. I guess it's true what they say, a leopard doesn't change it's spots.


Another favorite bit: Russell's "Helloooo Nurse" - an animaniacs reference is always appreciated.

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The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

I was thinking I could come over and we could approach training from a different angle.


Stephen: If I get there, is it possible to get back?
The Founder: Why would anyone want to come back from paradise?