ABC Announces 2014-2015 Renewals: What's Coming Back?

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The final network to announce any 2014-2015 renewals, ABC made a handful of major announcements late Thursday night.

Along with ordering three new dramas (including one from Shonda Rhimes) and two new comedies (more to come tomorrow on these upcoming programs), ABC picked up 11 shows for the 2014-2015 season.

The complete schedule will be unveiled at the network's Upfront presentation in New York City next week, but the following series will also return with fresh episodes this fall...

The network has already canceled Lucky 7 and Mind Games; and pulled Killer Women from the lineup.

We'll refresh this story and this list as more ABC news breaks. (UPDATE: We can add Nashville to the renewal list!)

UPDATE: ABC has also canceled Mixology and Trophy Wife, while picking up the following shows:

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Drea xoxo



the Ioan Gruffud one sounds good !!!


Why take away revolution I love that show

@ Elizabeth

Please renew Revolution, its a great show. Give it another season!!

Ronald simkins

Mind numbing new shows.


I can't believe revolution got cancelled, but Grey's gets renewed for a 11th season and American idol a 14th why??? These new shows look terrible. Revenge needs to step it up, but I still watch. Vamps OMG do something please your putting me to sleep.


Why don't you put up a maze so it would be harder to get past the ads? He said fairly dripping with sarcasm. I am sick and tired of these ads, but I know you will still make it as difficult as possible to get past them to read an article. PFFFFFFt


Omg please tell me the Batchelor was written down by mistake. That show is the worst.


Where is Nashville? Get rid of Bachelor none of that is real anyway. Also Middle and Goldbergs

@ deerdoe69

Nashville has been renewed


None of the new shoes move me at all,,,,,,I'll be going to another channel for sure.


Wow, the NBC new shows look like a bunch of stankers. I can't see any of those lasting long, nothing interesting in the lot!

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