CW Boss Explains The Tomorrow People Cancelation, Wants More Supernatural

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Supernatural: Bloodlines may be dead.

But the idea of a Supernatural spinoff is not.

Following the reveal of The CW fall schedule, President Mark Pedowitz jumped on a conference call with reporters and took a few minutes to explain why two shows are NOT included on his network's 2014-2015 lineup.

"We believe there is a really good brand in Supernatural. We felt the Supernatural [spin-off pilot Bloodlines] didn’t quite get there," he said of the series whose backdoor pilot was not well received by fans a couple weeks ago.

But Pedowitz did make it clear: "We know we want to develop... Supernatural spinoff for next season."

  • Ennis and Dean
  • Very Angry Stephen

The executive also addressed his decision to renew Beauty and the Beast for a third season, while canceling The Tomorrow People.

"We’ve always said we’re a very different style of broadcast network,” he said, explaining BATB has more social engagement and international appeal than The Tomorrow People.

“We have situations where shows like Beauty have created upside potential … it’s a fan favorite it has a great international [interest]. Primarily, The Tomorrow People was a great show... [it] just didn’t have the same level of social engagement or digital side that Beauty and the Beast gets."

Here's a look at the new programs on The CW 2014-2015 schedule:

The Flash
The Flash stars Grant Gustin and centers on the speediest man in the world, scientist Barry Allen after he undergoes some major changes.

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So lamentable to be cancelled The Tomorrow People. Hope will be next season.


This is stupid its built up a fan base in UK. Why send shows to UK if don't Want to renew them c.w sort heads out as you guys need start to think out of the box


Don't forget they will have a show about a pregnant virgin - which I am sure will appeal to the CW South American viewership.


The tomorrow people was a fantastic show, and so is beauty and the beast. Hopefully tomorrow people will be revived sometime later. Maybe next season.


you cant cancel the tomorrow people its the best tv show canceling it is a very bad idea!!!!!!!!! u should make a vote


I haven't watched the Tomorrow People for a while due to school but have been DVR-ing it till the final episode. It was by a mile the best show on TV apart from other great ones that got canned like Legend of the Seeker and No Ordinary Family. Social engagement and digital side, my ass... who cares? Do a Fan poll first.

@ miiworld

Also Tomorrow People was the reason why I started watching CW again. With it gone now... (shrugs) what's the point?


What's the point of bringing new shows to The CW? It seems like everything we get attached to gets cancelled. I'm never going to forget The Tomorrow People, and I am still fighting to bring back this show.


LOVE tomorrow people! So sad to see it go. Dont have many shows i like that one was me and hubs fav.!! This sucks...


To the fans whose favourite show/s have been cancelled, I empathise with them. What I don't support and neither agree with is the attitude taken by some fans who attack another show, in this case BATB for being renewed. Obviously, TV networks do not take decisions randomly but a lot of study is taken into consideration and bottom line is what is good for the business. I am a BatB fan myself, presently happy that the show got renewed but also aware that at sometime or another this show will have its own ending (hopefully NOT in the near future). I will certainly not take this kind of attitude and attack another show but be grateful for the time and seasons given making us happy and enthusiastic with everything that the show brings with it.


The Tomorrow People is an amazing show you will eventually realise how well it would of been :( Viewers should be counted and this show had plenty