CW Boss Explains The Tomorrow People Cancelation, Wants More Supernatural

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Supernatural: Bloodlines may be dead.

But the idea of a Supernatural spinoff is not.

Following the reveal of The CW fall schedule, President Mark Pedowitz jumped on a conference call with reporters and took a few minutes to explain why two shows are NOT included on his network's 2014-2015 lineup.

"We believe there is a really good brand in Supernatural. We felt the Supernatural [spin-off pilot Bloodlines] didn’t quite get there," he said of the series whose backdoor pilot was not well received by fans a couple weeks ago.

But Pedowitz did make it clear: "We know we want to develop... Supernatural spinoff for next season."

  • Ennis and Dean
  • Very Angry Stephen

The executive also addressed his decision to renew Beauty and the Beast for a third season, while canceling The Tomorrow People.

"We’ve always said we’re a very different style of broadcast network,” he said, explaining BATB has more social engagement and international appeal than The Tomorrow People.

“We have situations where shows like Beauty have created upside potential … it’s a fan favorite it has a great international [interest]. Primarily, The Tomorrow People was a great show... [it] just didn’t have the same level of social engagement or digital side that Beauty and the Beast gets."

Here's a look at the new programs on The CW 2014-2015 schedule:

The Flash
The Flash stars Grant Gustin and centers on the speediest man in the world, scientist Barry Allen after he undergoes some major changes.

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This really sucks I've been waiting months for a new season of "The Tomorrow People" and you mean to tell me it's canceled. It was one of the many reasons I watched CW network. So sad to see a great show not returning for a new season. Maybe another network will pick up the show.


It lest give it more time, then if it still seems to be a problem OK then cancel it but what about all the hard work the actors them self put into this show and getting all of use the viewers to get into it. For us the viewers and for them the actors give this show another season.


Please bring back the tommarow people! Omg, that show was amazing. Especially the cast, they did an amazing job of making this show likeable. The last episode made it seem as if there was going to be another one. Please please please please! BRING BACK THE TOMMAROW PEOPLE🎬☺☺☺☺☺☺


They need to bring back the tomorrow people ASAP. Season 1 is on Netflix which means it will gain popularity and people will want a new season especially after they ended it. Bring back the tomorrow people!!


Boycott CW until they bring TTP back!!


My son
and I just discovered the Tomorrow People and the show was fantastic with
enough action and plot for a young teenager and an adult to be entertained
also. It is a crime to shut the show down after one season and I absolutely
agree it should have been advertised better or more. Bring it back I mean you
set up the next series beautifully to keep the cast and the roles had developed
enough for them to grow with the show also. Bring it back it’s not too late I
and my four children would watch it. I agree with another post it's not fair to
bag another show that wasn't axed but surely there is room for this show in
future programming


Bring back the Tomorrow People. Favorite if you agree


The Tomorrow People was one of the best shows out there, Viewers were instantly hooked and now you're telling me that we all have to get over the fact that after one season its cancelled? You're going to leave us knowing that JOHN IS WITH ULTRA and were never going to see what happens? Well I have one thing I have to say to ye. FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOUR BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. BASTARDS.


I never heard about The Tomorrow People until a week ago, and i finished it within 2 days. Now all i'm saying is if the CW network did more advertising when it was on tv i know i would have watched it. So i can understand the reason for renewing BATB and cancelling The Tomorrow People. However all the show needed was more advertising and that could have easily been done, or at least they could have taking a poll or something. All i know is all my friends now love the show because i told them about it as well as everyone i've talked to online said the show was one of their favorites.
Please consider renewing the The Tomorrow People at least for one more season, Thanks for reading.


I'm catching up on TTP even though I know it won't have another season. I love it. John Young and Jedikiah are exceptional. Great storyline in general. So let me be honest - I watched Beauty and the Beast and was happy it got renewed...but now? I'm disappointed in myself for not having watched TTP when it aired. The biggest thing about BATB I liked was the chemistry between Vincent & Catherine, but the newness of it has worn off in S2, and the storyline feels cornered. I think the next season is 10-12 episodes, so it's probably the last one. Which begs the question...why not renew TTP for at least one more season? The main thing is multi-dimensional story- which you had with this. I'm finding it hard to understand. This is coming from a BATB fan who is now regretting not giving The Tomorrow People more online support. My last two cents - Romantic appeal fizzles. The CW needs to stop focusing so much on the fanbases of romantic pairings. Same thing is happening with Arrow and Olicity, which just ruins the show for me. Yes, I'm a female who likes romance..but not at the expense of good storytelling.

@ Anna

Don't get me wrong. I'm not bashing BATB. I will be watching S3 when it airs in the winter. I just think there's something to be said about long-run potential, and sticking to your vision.