NBC Yanks Crisis and Believe from Schedule

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A crisis at NBC can fully be believed now:

The network has yanked two new dramas off its schedule.

With both shows struggling in the ratings, NBC has pulled Crisis and Believe from its lineup, effective May 18, the final Sunday of May Sweeps.

A Woman of Saturday Night Live special will air in their place.

Crisis Poster
Believe on NBC

Both programs have approximately four episodes remaining in their first season order, but it's highly unlikely they will be seen at this point.

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Please do not cancelled Believe. I love that show. Give it time. Soon enough, more people will realize what a great show it is.


I am really unhappy about Believe being pulled. I got more and more intrigued as the season went on and the preview for the next episode (Bo / explosion) had me looking all over for last night's airing.. Also got my grown kids watching it. NBC gave two shows (Crisis and Believe) bad time slots (Sunday) and now isn't even giving them a chance. Typical. No wonder NBC struggles with anything outside comedy.

Carla day

Believe and Crisis haven't been cancelled for this season. Just the episodes on 5/18 were pulled. The shows are back on Sunday 5/25. (They may not be back for season 2.)


I won't watch anything on NBC anymore for this reason. I watched half of an episode of Believe but decided to wait and see if it was picked up. NBC is so damn fickle that no one wants to invest their hearts in their shows! Awake was the last straw for us after Flash Forward.


This is why I no longer watch ANY show until it has been picked up for season 2. I know this does hurt its chances of being renewed somewhat but I am tired of investing my time (that I dont have enough of anyway) in shows that are just going to be axed. I do get that it has be about the numbers but at the same time maybe they could lower the bar a little! I could go on and on but it wouldn't make a difference. Have a great day everybody!


NBC ... nothing but cancellations!!! nbc is a joke.... crisis and believe are amazing shows, but the majority of america are retarded stupid people, hence shows such as voice, dancing with the stars, glee, the goldbergs.. ext ext.. i could go on forever... im soo dissapointed in nbc.. and they just lost me as a viewer.... this bs has to stop!!!


That stinks! They keep pulling good shows and keeping the crap on.


you have to be kidding me I know a lot of people that watch believe I just love this show I don't watch anything on Sundays except Revengei thought the ratings were good because everyone I know watches it what is wrong with nbc!!!they should definitely air all the episodes and I wont be watching women of SNL!!!


Get a grip please!!! Two of the best new shoes out there! What will I watch now...a woman of Saturday night will not be it.. Watch your rat rings plummet now....


I enjoy the show crisis. If not on tv they need to air the remaining episodes online. Ratings may be poor and so many viewership, for those of us who do watch I am mad! Let us have closure please. We tuned in each week staying up late for a work night. Now you leave us hanging? the put more brain dead shows on like American dream builders or the voice please. start appreciating real talent and acting with such creativity. I wish I had a billion dollars to start a network id hire the creators of crisis in a new York minut

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