NCIS Spinoff, Kevin Williamson Drama Among CBS Pick-Ups

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CBS is officially heading to The Big Easy.

The network announced today that NCIS: New Orleans is among seven news shows order to series for the 2014-2015 season.

The spinoff, headed by Scott Bakula and produced by Mark Harmon and Gary Glasberg, aired a backdoor pilot this spring as part of an NCIS Season 11 episode.

Scott Bakula on NCIS

Among other dramas and comedies given a green light by CBS:

  • MADAM SECRETARY focuses on Tea Leoni as a maverick Secretary of State. Also stars Tim Dlay and Babe Neuwirth.
  • BATTLE CREEK is from Vince Gilligan and chronicles two detectives with opposing world views. Based in Battle Creek, Michigan and stars Dean Winters, Josh Duhamel and Kal Penn, among others.
  • THE MCCARTHYS is a sitcom about a large Irish Catholic family from Boston. Features a gay son and stars Jack McGee, Joey McIntyre, Laurie Metcalf, Jimmy Funn and Kelen Coleman.
  • THE ODD COUPLE is a remake of the classic comedy with Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon as the lead roommates.
  • SCORIPON tells the tale of an eccentric genius and his international network of super-geniuses as they form the final line of defense against the complex threats of the modern age. Stars Katherine McPhee and Robert Patrick.
  • STALKER is produced by Kevin Williamson and stars Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott. It’s a A psychological thriller that focuses two detectives who handle stalking incidents for the Threat Management Unit of the LAPD.
  • CSI: CYBER is a CSI spinoff that is led by Patricia Arquette.

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So tired of the spin offs. Another CSI spin off? Really? There have been two that have been cancelled while the original is still on. Is there any reason why we have to be subjected to another one?

@ RM

Please read NCIS not CSI. Thank you.

@ Kathleen

Please read: CSI Cyber spinoff.


I'm am really glad this got picked up. I really liked the pilot, and I can see so much potential in New Orleans, with the alligators, voodoo, swamps, the French Market, spooky plantations (some with ghosts), Bourbon Street, river boats, Irish bars, and the underwater museum (if it's still there). This is such an exciting town. So many story ideas. I am so looking forwards to this. Well done, CBS, and NCIS. Kudos Mark and Gary.

Terrie lynn mcdonald coleman

So excited for NCIS NOLA!!!!! Been waiting on news of this.!!!!!!


The best series is the original NCIS.


I have to say out of all new TV shows, these from CBS seem to have the biggest potential...although I can't quite picture Katherine McPhee in a non singing/musical show ( it called "Scoripon" or "Scorpion" ?)


Wow did not see this coming! especially since the pilot had such mixed reviews. They have a great cast and I will definitely watch. As a bonus, maybe Gary Glasberg will stop writing episodes for NCIS.

@ SandraM

I don't think so since Mark will be writing the NCIS Spinoff

@ Michael

Mark doestn' write. He's not a writer.

@ Michael

No, he's exec. producer...


Wow, this actually is a surprise! I liked the cast a lot, so I hope it will be great. Love Lucas Black.


I'm thrilled to hear about NCIS: NOLA's pickup - though I hope that Scott Bakula will drop that terrible-sounding accent!


NCIS-NOLA.... :) Can't wait for more Zoe McLellan. :)

@ KeithH

I wouldn't have minded seeing Zoe with the original NCIS team.


Cool. I'm glad this got picked up I really liked the backdoor pilot and can't wait to see more of the show.

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