The 100 Review: Defeating Demons

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Nuts! This was a "Day Trip" for sure....

The 100 have fought the elements, each other, the Grounders and, on The 100 Season 1 Episode 8, they were forced to fight their inner demons.

Some of the teens had darkness inside them that needed to be worked through. The hallucinogenic nuts provided a means for a psychological cleansing. 

The group was lucky that the Grounders didn't attack while they were incapacitated. The hallucinations didn't appear to harm anyone and many came out the other side for the better. Even though, they went through Earth Skills education, the effect of these nuts was just another notch on the authenticity chart for the writers.

Octavia didn't eat the nuts and was of clear mind throughout the episode. Well ... as clear as a woman smitten by a mysterious Grounder can be.

Just as the Grounder was protective of her, she was of him. My favorite moment between them was when he smirked and almost snickered when Octavia called Bellamy "a dick." It was the first real sign that he understood English and had a personality.

The Grounder has a name! It's Lincoln. He didn't want to die without Octavia knowing his name. She continued to impress with her smarts, heart, and determination. For someone who lived their life under the floor and then behind bars, she's quick-witted and strong. She used the hallucinogenic nuts to clear the way for Lincoln's escape.

Lincoln kissed Octavia! Hearts around the world swooned, right? Sigh. It's too bad he had to leave.

Even though Bellamy promised not to kill him, Lincoln's life was in danger as long as he remained in the drop ship. With the guard high from the nuts and wearing a red hoodie, Lincoln made his way out of the drop ship. His getaway wasn't clean though. He walked right into Finn. 

Finn's slight nod to Lincoln embodies everything that makes Finn the admirable, honest and forgiving person that he is. He's the moral heart of the 100 and I hope nothing ever changes that about him. The group needs his sensibility. I wouldn't be surprised to see Clarke become the primary leader with Finn and Bellamy her two disparate confidants.

Bellamy and Clarke went on a search for supplies and found guns. It remains to be seen whether they will have a negative or positive impact on the group. When the 100 first arrived down on Earth, guns probably would have been a bigger danger than now. The group currently has a sense of order, a camp, food, and supplies. Plus, the in-fighting has been stopped for the most part. 

Guns weren't the only thing that Bellamy and Clarke brought back with them. They returned with a new refreshed sense of self, especially for Bellamy. While hallucinating he was forced to confront his decision to shoot the Chancellor and ditch the radio causing 320 deaths.

The hallucinations were cathartic. He forgave himself and realized running away was not the answer. Clarke didn't quite come to terms with forgiving her mother, but she's definitely closer. The heart-to-heart between Clarke and Bellamy bridged the gap between them and cemented their connection. She saw his pain and heart, which allowed her to begin to trust him.

Bob Morley did an amazing job of expressing Bellamy's struggle during the conversation under the tree. Given Bellamy's previous obstinance, the tears and heartache could have come across as false, but Bellamy's emotional breakdown was palpable. After that, even the biggest Bellamy hater had to feel for the guy.

With Clarke's help, Bellamy was able to rid the fear of retribution from the Council. Jaha made the smart decision to pardon Bellamy in exchange for the person who ordered the Chancellor's assassination. He also reached out to Octavia. With a blanket, their relationship was repaired (even though she lied to him about Lincoln's escape).

With the threat of the grounders out there, it's unlikely the after-nut experience peace will last long. As soon as the 100 start training with guns, they will become a greater enemy and one to be defeated. It's a risk that Bellamy and Clarke are willing to take.

Should Bellamy and Clarke have brought the guns back to camp?

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Clarke, Bellamy and Finn make a solid leadership triumvirate with nicely complementary skills. This is the most morally complex show on the CW, which may mean wading pool rather than bucket but is still a huge improvement. Bellamy and Clarke's interactions are my favorite aspect of the show as they force each other to grow and there is this fascinating complicity and an understanding of each other's motives that is well played. I hope they grow what will become a powerful attraction slowly, as watching them deal with the moral, emotional and societal problems thrown at them is really fun. Okay, a tad dark, but really fun.


Gosh this episode was awesome ! The Ground er has a name ! Hi Lincoln ! Loved it when he smirked. That's when I knew he understood. And the whole interaction between him and Octavia was very nice. Now that kiss was well played. Loved it. I want more !!! Them nuts had me laughing. Some were fun to watch, others were just sad. Very smart of Octavia to use that to free Lincoln. And Finn, letting him go was very noble. Bellamy's catharsis was very interesting. Clarke's brought her father so she can forgive her mom. She's not quite there but will be eventually. Now, I knew that woman ordered the commander to kill Jaha. Glad we didn't have too many Ark scenes.
Finn and Raven definitely need to talk. It was very awkward watching them. With Clarke as well but he was right, were the guns a good idea ?
Also it seems that Clarke and Bellamy are getting closer. Jaha was smart to pardon him. But he won't know exactly who gave the order to kill him.


Gotta agree with you, Marissa. This show has gotten great. Can't wait for the next episode. Also.. like Jedikiah on the ill-fated Tomorrow People, I find I cannot hate Bellamy. He is one of my favorites.


Love this show it really gets better every episode. When I saw the preview for this episode my first thought was the grounder attacked but then I watched something else and it said the groups had been gathering nuts and berries and my thought was that something they ate was causing them to hallucinate and that's what it turned out to be. I also liked the part where Octavia called her brother a dick and the grounder smirked. I'm glad we learned the name of the grounder and I was very happy when he kissed her and it wasn't one of those I'm so in love with you kisses that lots of shows do. When the grounder ran into Finn and he let him go was great and then when he was talking to Clarke he said that the grounder saved Octavia life and it wasn't right what they did to him and she said he almost died because of him but he didn't care about that. That's what I loved that Finn was the one stabbed and almost died but he saw that the grounder saved Octavia and they shouldn't have done what they done and her doesn't agree with the guns. I think the guns could be useful but I think they'll cause more problems. I can't wait to see what happens next this show is so good.

The 100 Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

You're the most beautiful broom in a broom closet of brooms.


My brother's been keeping me away. He's a total dick which you probably figured out.