The 100 Review: On the Brink

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Danger, death, bravery, and well, sex. 

After blowing up the bridge, the teens guarded their camp and waited for the Grounders to attack. Instead of a battle, the food smokehouse burned down, leaving them without a food supply and forced them to leave camp into the Grounders hands.

I feel like a broken record week after week commending The 100 on its intense and nerve-wracking hour of television. The 100 Season 1 Episode 11 was no different. I watched in constant fear that characters I've grown to like would be hurt or killed.

By the end of the hour, several on the ground were in jeopardy and everyone on the Ark was near death.

Under normal circumstances, that wouldn't have been considered "The Calm," but given the big picture it was a relatively tranquil episode. There weren't any fire fights, bombings, explosions, or even big arguments. Instead, the hour provided a lot of information to help set up the two-part finale, "We are the Grounders."

When Anya and the Grounders trapped Clarke and Finn, they shot Myles, but didn't harm the other two at all. While the 100 don't know much about the Grounders, Anya appeared to be familiar with both Clarke and Finn. She knew Clarke saved Finn's life and took her to help save Tris, while using Finn as leverage. Lincoln passed on what he knows to Anya.

The Grounders didn't turn into warriors when the 100 landed on Earth, instead they've been fighting someone for awhile. Based on the guard's "kill marks," he's taken many lives and he's not the only one. Out of necessity, Tris, a young girl, was Anya's "second" and groomed to be leader. 

Anya must have been desperate to put Tris into Clarke's hands. The Grounders have some sort of society, but they didn't have anyone with medical skills to help. That's saying a lot given Clarke's inexperience, but she gave it her all to try and save Tris. Ultimately, it wasn't enough and Tris died.

The Grounders appear to have strong traditions including, kill marks, battle outfits and masks. After Tris' death, Anya cut off her braid and took the hair. With only two episodes left, I'm not sure how much about the Grounders we'll learn before the season ends, but it's definitely something I'm looking forward to in season 2. They are fascinating.

Anya ordered Finn killed. Clarke was told she would be staying with them as a healer and that her camp would be wiped out the next day.. Clarke's a fighter and took out  the guard who was much larger than her. In that moment, I was both proud and sad for her. The look in her eyes after she killed him was devastating to see. She did it out of necessity, but it was no less soul crushing.

She ran and ran and got caught in snare trap. Will it all be for naught?

There's more going on with the Grounders than we know at this point. Even though Anya ordered Finn killed, it's unlikely he's dead. If Anya wanted to punish Clarke for letting Tris die, she would have killed Finn right away and in front of Clarke. Instead, he was taken away.

Anya showed that she's not a bloodthirsty warrior without a heart. She cares about her people and had a connection with Clarke. I'm intrigued to see if perhaps there's something more there. If Anya's faction is fighting other Grounders, wouldn't it advantageous to align her group with the 100? Anya and Clarke working together would be a force!

I'm not sure Bellamy, Raven or any of the other 100 would be quick to agree though. Finn would be the only one who could broker that kind of alliance. It would set up an interesting season 2, right? 

Despite the Grounder threat, Bellamy and Raven found time to "enjoy" themselves a little bit. When it was all over, there didn't appear to be much pleasure derived from their encounter though. Rebound sex won't heal a broken heart. It was awkward to see the aftermath especially when Bellamy asked her, "Did that help?" and she answered "No." Ouch.

Their sexual encounter may have been ill advised, but Bellamy understands Raven. When she was ready to leave camp, he knew how to encourage her and brought her back around. He recognizes the value to brings to the group. Bullets, a tin can bomb, radios are just the beginning of her talent.

The radios didn't really offer much help when the group went out looking for Clarke, Finn and Myles, but they did let them know about the problem with Monty. What happened to him? The look of utter shock and dismay on his face was frightening. What did he find? A Grounder? Could he have run into a survivor from the exploded drop ship? Diana perhaps?

On the ground, it's a big ole mess. Up on the Ark, it's not much better, but at least they are only battling technology for their survival. 1500 people were killed and the remaining residents are on their last breaths due to Diana's selfishness. 

Jaha was again willing to sacrifice his life to save others, but Kane refused to follow his orders. After seeing all the horrors on the ground, it was refreshing to see Wick and the other men help Kane try to save Jaha and the others. The result was lives were at least temporarily extended. 

Kane risked his life again and found Abby alive. If anyone can save the rest of the people on the Ark, she's the one who can do it. Wick's proven to be resourceful as well. With 1500 dead, that could eliminate the Project Exodus problem, if they build another drop ship for the remaining survivors.

What will the adults find when they land on Earth? At this point, I wouldn't count out anything from happening. It could be anywhere from a peaceful environment to a full-fledged war zone.

Will adults from the Ark land on Earth by the end of the season?


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This was an intense episode ! Everything about it felt like something huge was about to happen.
Kane got my respect now. Outstanding. And that new guy was hilarious. The actor looks familiar but I can't remember.
Please don't kill Finn ! Please !!! Clarke tried to save that girl but at the end of the day they are the ones who put her in that position. I wonder if she was the Grounder Princess' sister...
Man when Clarke killed that Grounder, the look in her eyes gave me the chills. When push comes to shove (or kill) she WILL do it.
Raven sleeping with Bellamy was a bad move. Also, about them sleeping around unprotected, valid point but hey, if they get preggers, the Earth will be populated LOL.
I missed Lincoln though...
I am so glad Abby survived ! I don't know how she did it since they knocked her out... But oh well, I'm still happy.
The finale is gonna kill me... Some serious stuff is gonna go down...

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I've read a couple of reviews for this episode and all the reviewers are saying that the people on the Ark don't have another drop ship. Unless I missed something or misheard comments on other episodes, I thought there was more than one dropship. Didn't Shumway make a deal with Dax to put his mom on the first (not only) dropship if he killed Bellamy? I was thinking the problem now would be having enough power to launch the remaining ships. I'll have to go back and watch the previous episodes.

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@ Lindsey

From previous episodes they have more dropships. I don't know what condition they are in after the ark went black. I definitely think the adults will land on earth its just a matter of how long the writers want to keep them separate. Once they merger the adults and teens the whole dynamic of the show will change.

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@ Lindsey

I agree - they def said there were not enough dropships for everyone - clear implication there is more than one. Of course, the others might have been cannibalised through the years for spare parts etc hence the 'project whatever' they were talking about the other week.
My gripe is all this sex - did they get a whole bag of condoms along for the ride or are they all gonna start falling pregnant? That could be fun.
My main problem though is how dark some of the action is. I find the young guys kind of look alike when they're dirty and then when you black out half the picture I lose track of who's doing what, to whom and why and even who just got killed.

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@ fudgefase

I was thinking the same thing about the whole pregnancy issue - my bet is in the season finale we'll discover that Octavia is pregnant with Lincoln's baby!

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The 100 Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Wick: When you die, can I have your shoes?
Kane: They're much too stylish for you.

Bellamy: Did that help?
Raven: No.