The 100 Review: Acts of Aggression

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I have mixed feelings about The 100 Season 1 Episode 9.

It's not that it wasn't an engaging, well written or acted episode. It was all of those. I was engrossed in the hour and nervous for the characters both on the Ark and on Earth. I also got angry at some of the characters.

The 100 has been a dark show since the beginning, which felt authentic and realistic given the future circumstances. At the same time, there was hope for a bright future and society seen through Clarke, Finn and Octavia's eyes.

We've seen a quick shift in Clarke's attitude, which feels false and unearned. When she gave her approval for Bellamy and the others to torture Lincoln to save Finn's life that made sense. She cared for Finn and crossed her own moral line in order to try and save him. Her decision to bring the guns back to camp wasn't a terrible one, but her utter disregard of Finn's concerns was a horrible one.

Is she just pissed off at him over Raven? Is that what's driving her dismissive attitude? If it is, then she's not as mature as I previously gave her credit for being. When Finn was injured, she made the choice to step back and leave him with Raven.

As a leader, Clarke's headed in the wrong direction. It's all about balance and trust. Bellamy was on one extreme, Finn was on the other, and she was in the middle. After the incident with Charlotte, Clarke learned to trust both Bellamy and Finn to some extent. She betrayed Finn's trust by having an armed Bellamy, Raven and Jasper follow them.

Whether or not the Grounders would have fired on Clarke, Octavia and Finn doesn't matter. A drunk and unstable Jasper shot first. That act of aggression added to the 100's other activities which were viewed as hostile. They heightened a war which could have been stopped.

It's unlikely the Grounders will be willing to talk peace again, which is unfortunate. I was hoping we'd see at least a period of calm, but I'm not sure there's any overture the 100 can make to fix this. It looks like it's going to get worse before there's any chance of it getting better.

At least, Clarke has a better understanding of why the Grounders attacked. It will be interesting to see Bellamy and Finn's reactions to the Grounders view that they were attacked first, especially given that one the of flares killed a group of Grounders. It definitely provides justification for some of the actions.

As bad as the situation on Earth was, it was worse on the Ark. Mayhem! Diana didn't waste any time in taking action against Jaha and helping her people. She's selfish, arrogant, and power hungry. She was responsible for six deaths from the explosion and then perhaps thousands more from damage done to the Ark.

If the Exodus ship was what exploded, she got the fate that she deserves. In her haste to leave the Ark, she took risks that weren't necessary for the drop ship and the Ark. What wasn't clear to me was what happened to Abby after she refused to help.

Was she on the Exodus ship? Did they kill her? Leave her behind? We'll have to wait until next week to find out. It's also possible that the explosion wasn't the Exodus ship. Or that some people escaped before the explosion.

The hour wasn't entirely negative and dark. Octavia and Lincoln grew closer. I loved when she was following flowers to find his place. It was sweet and so human. That contrasted with her sneak attack on him. At least, he's helping her learn to protect herself. He cares about her.

I really like their dynamic together. It's touching and natural. It was sad to see Lincoln get hit in the chest with an arrow and take off. Poor Octavia! He has to be okay, because I need more of Lincoln and Octavia. Plus, their relationship could be the key to bringing the 100 and the Grounders back together.

Unlike previous episodes when I felt emotionally spent, this one left me frustrated about the happenings. Since I was drawn into the story on an emotional level, it was successful. The problem was that I lost the connection I previously had with most of the characters. We'll see if it returns with next week's crisis.

What should Clarke have done?


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Well..the problem is the 100 are on their land. This is a future about survival and tribes. Protecting what is yours from strangers. A way of life brutal where to live to see tommorow you take out invaders. Technically that is what the 100 are invaders. It's not their fault they are there, but its the Grounders problem to deal with. If they take out the 100 now then they take out a possible threat to the future. Which is way the 100 has to come across as not a threat. Warning their leader be nice or we wipe you out later, is not helping. Bringing a traumatized former spear catcher with an automatic rifle...really doesn't help either.


Defending Jasper: if he was sober enough to spot the grounders high up in the trees and shoot them down, then how could you question that he saw 2 of them giving signals and then one load up an arrow and aim at Clarke? The grounders showed the first act of aggression and mistrust by openly bringing weapons after telling Lincoln they wouldn't. When Finn saw Lincolns face and realized Lincoln had been lied to himself, they should've ran. Why go forward from there? Then Jasper did yell run, and no one did, so he fired! I think he saved the day. But I think it's brilliant that he was intoxicated because now no one could possibly claim for sure who's right or wrong, just that it's definitely now war for no reason. So human


Real quick, I'm surprised no one mentioned that Clarke had a few drinks herself. I think the writers did this on purpose because like the above posts and articles all mention "Clarke was out of character / inconsistent in a way"... Because her decision making was inhibited by alcohol, not so much that she's "changing." The pattern follows with Jaspers decision making, which was at least way more clear that he was intoxicated with the blurry visions, which they did not show Clarke having. But I assumed that Clarke was going to make a dumb decision as soon as she decided to drink. Then she did... I was surprised no one mentioned this.

@ Brad

I'm just rewatching the episode and was going to add that. Clarke had a few drinks herself. So yes. her judgement must have been impaired... Hence the bad decisions. But that's a good point. no one mentioned it, not even me lol.


Loved the episode but it left me angry at every character except for two and that was Finn and Octavia. I loved Octavia and Lincoln together and her sneaking up on him and him teach her how to defend herself is nice. Finn was stabbed and almost died because of the grounder but he is willing to try and make peace with them because he see what will happen if they don't and he also doesn't think they're all that bad because like he pointed out in recent episodes the grounder did save Octavia's life. I understood why Clarke had Bellamy, Raven, and Jasper follow them with weapons but it still made me angry. The grounder princess had a point sure they threw a spear at Jasper but he lived. I agree that when Clarke said when the rest of their people get down there they wouln't stand a chance that it sounded a lot like a threat. I'm curious about when the grounder said how they wouldn't be the first to try and take them out that means there have been others and I want to find out more about that. I don't think it matters what kind of weapons the people on the Ark have because weapons aren't the only thing that matters in war the grounders have weapons and they know the area plus use the trees a lot and I think they could totally take them if anyone doesn't stand a chance it's the people on the Ark. When Jasper yelled that there was grounders in the trees and he started shooting it made me so mad because just because they were in the trees doesn't mean they were going to hurt them they use the trees a lot so it's not surprising and any way he made the first move so now peace is out of the question and they just started a war that didn't need to be started. Clarke should have just trusted Finn and now that she hasn't he seems bad at her and Octavia is mad at all of them to but it seems likely mostly Jasper because he screwed everything up. I loved the part where Lincoln got hit to save Octavia it was so sweet. I have a feeling he's going to live. I love him and Octavia together and I think they might bring both of their people together in the end. Can't wait to see what happens next.


My only gripe with this show is a nitpick, if all of the planet was stuck in space for 100's of years they wouldn't be speaking English, I know it's in English for is to understand but the rest of the world wouldn't just confirm & learn English, it would be like a mixture of all languages so I think they should of called the language they speak something else lol. & I have no problem with Octavia hooking up with the grounder but they shouldn't of had her hook up with that one guy in earlier episodes, it kinds of ruins her character & make her seem like a flimsy. & she's having sex with this grounder with out protection & knowing what type of disease's he may carry in his body which she is not immune too. Those are my only complaints besides that I love everything else


I think it'd be pretty hard to even give one ounce of trust considering 2 of her friends almost died due to the Grounders and she had to fight tooth and nail to save their lives. I think we are seeing a different side of Clarke because she is slowly pulling away from the safety net of the Ark. She realizes that her friends lives are in their hands. That is a big responsibility and rather than step out on faith and be wrong she had to make a decision to err on the side of being wrong for fear of losing another friend. She's gone through a lot of traumatizing events for someone her age. She's starting to realize that Bellamy isn't crazy for being aggressive. It's the shows way of her showing more trust in Bellamy and hopefully end up with him. Finn is just a crybaby IMO.


Wow Carla, you and I are on the same page ! As I was watching the episode, I thought that Bellamy was one extreme ( violence first, not talking), Finn was on the other (let's talk, no need for violence) and Clarke was in between (we can talk, but if it comes to it we will use violence). And it makes sense, She can be quite balanced. Though at that particular moment, I think they needed Finn's touch more than anything. Likewise, I am not sure if Clarke's judgement is clouded by anger towards Finn, but she doesn't trust him anymore. They need to talk, because what happened out there was her fault. Fair enough they needed to be prepared for any eventuality. The Grounders were ! But it was poorly planned.
And yes, bringing Jasper was a very bad move. He is traumatized, he was drunk and not reliable. He could have been seeing things that were not real.
Would the Grounders have attacked first ? Maybe, but at the end of the day, they are the ones who did. The Grounders were doing the same thing, came prepared. However, I believe that they were also waiting for a signal, which their leader never gave. Jasper on the other hand was unstable and not prone to taking orders.
Like Finn said, if they weren't at war before, they sure as hell are now !
This was a one time deal, they blew it . Peace talks are over. The Grounder leader was right, to some extent. But they attacked first as well. Did they present themselves as the survivors, nope. They attacked Jasper. For the flares killing a group of Grounders, well it sure made things uneven. However, with Bellamy's hate/angry speeches, the 100's minds were already poisoned.
Now on the Ark, before that bomb exploded I was not smiling, I could tell something was gonna go wrong. You could see Jaha smiling and stuff. Diana... that woman needs to pay. Why could she not wait ? What was the point of taking the lifeboat and not put as many people as she could, if, like she said, she cared so much about "her" people ! She was well aware that her doing that would kill those left behind. So in the end, it seems like she was just a selfish b**ch.
Kane's mom dying was sad. Especially when 1 minute before he acted like he didn't care, he didn't remember anything. Well, he remembered in the end.
Btw, regarding Abby, did they hit her or stabbed her when she tried to open the doors ? I am also impressed that, even though Diana's words were true, Abby still told her that she wouldn't go with her. I also don't know what to think of Jaha. He did lie to everyone in regards to the Exodus Project. When Diana confronted him in front of his men, he still denied. Did he do that so they would keep fighting or what ? It probably would be a contrast with Diana. Jaha told them that they would find a way to survive. She didn't care at all. But it was too late as he caved so many times when his words was put in question. The scene where we could see the shuttle leaving and the lights going off was chilling... It also looks like there will be lots of damage to the Ark. What are they going to do ?
And then it crashed in a big Boom while Clarke and Bellamy were watching. Is Abby dead ? I think She was on it because they took her at the back at some point.
Octavia and Lincoln !!!! I was so thrilled. Their scenes are really great. Lots of chemistry. That sneak attack was cool. She needs more practice though LOL. When Finn found them, now that was funny. Lincoln talking some more was so cool. And I could tell that he and Finn were kind of the same. Trying to be pacifists in a community of violence. When his people shot him I knew it was coming and was bracing myself for his death but he survived. Now, as he stayed behind, will they let him live ?
The episode was good. But too many inconsistencies... I cannot wait to see the aftermath of it all.


So then Spearing somone and making a bate of him is a clearly a frendly getting to know you act..? or what?.. grounders putted themselves in enemy position in first place. In our world history indegions even throwed a warning spear before killed somone, clearly declaring that that is their teritory. And that if grounders wouldn't acted this way, any of that (burning willage and so on) wouldn't happen, because there would be knowildge share of population, not a bunch on mountain, how it seemed to be. So leader had to defend the100 position, but Clarke went whining childish.
But they ARE just kinds so.. ehh..
But here they went out of gray area, I think, and it's a shame.

@ xun

I agree that Clarke didn't do enough to defend the 100 to the Grounders. It was nice to hear things from the Grounders' point of view, but spearing Jasper the first day the 100 arrived definitely implied that whoever was on earth was hostile. I felt like Clarke should have explained their side of things more instead of saying that the new arrivals from the Ark could wipe out the Grounders. It sounded more threatening than an attempt at making peace between the groups. The 100 definitely have to find some way to make peace with the Grounders if they want to survive especially since it lools like they're never going to get supplies or help from the Ark.

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