The Real Housewives of New York City Review: Not Ready To Make Nice

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Be careful of "The Ramona Trap" on The Real Housewives of New York City Season 6 Episode 11as the exits were blocked so Ramona couldn't make her escape.

We recap it all in our +/- review...

After a night of partying and Ramona bashing, the ladies woke up for some hung over yoga. Minus 23. From the look of them, perhaps they all should have slept in. Downward facing dog indeed.

Back in the city, Carole calls LuAnn for some advice. She's writing an article on manners for Town & Country magazine. Now doesn't that sound scintillating. Minus 10. Worse yet, she's got about two sentences written so she needs help from the Countess of Etiquette. 

Then LuAnn gets the brilliant idea to set up Carole and go out on a double date. It actually sounds harmless enough until you put Carole in front of a guy. 

As Luann said, "For someone who wrote the book, The Widow's Guide to Sex and Dating, you'd think she'd be better than this." I couldn't agree more. Does her book suggest discussing faking orgasms on a first date or the second? Minus 27.

LuAnn had her hands full elsewhere as well as the ladies decided to stage a Ramona intervention. 

Plus 40 to LuAnn who decided to strategically block Ramona's only escape route. "I'm like a linebacker from the 49ers. There was no way she was getting up." Very funny.

Even good friend Sonja wasn't buying Ramona's excuses.  "She gets over that post-traumatic stress rather quickly." Quick enough to catch a flight and be at the next party with perfect hair.

Of course Sonja has her own problems. Apparently her business associates and party guests frequently steal the stemware. Minus 12. 

Kristen bailed on the intervention with Ramona to deal with issues at home.

Am I the only one that thinks that Josh is a jerk? Minus 33. The guy can't get through 30 minutes of therapy for his daughter without his phone in his hand. Apparently those emails are much more urgent than his daughter being able to walk.

Josh insisted that Kristen needed to be more supportive by having meals on the table when he gets home. I hope Josh's business thrives because he's going to need it to pay off his future alimony and child support bills. 

Later, Ramona asked Kristen to meet her at a tea house but Kristen was a little apprehensive. I couldn't really blame her. "I'm a little nervous because the tea's hot and that burns."

I have to say that Ramona's apology sounded completely sincere and the yellow roses were a nice touch. Plus 45. 

Unfortunately, Kristen wasn't quite so gracious. She needs to know when it's time to let it go and that time is now.

Episode total = +13! Season total = -208!

What do you think, TV Fanatics, should Kristen have forgiven Ramona?


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I love ramona cut her some slack, shes one of the original housewives, Kristen is a mean spirited bitch, accept the apology and keep it moving,.


Ramona has always been quite odd and seems to feel that no ones' feelings or thoughts mean anything. She's one of those people that, at her core, she's very narcissistic. She's always defensive,passing blame and, according to her,her poop don't stink. Its lovely that she adores her daughter, but she takes it way too far. I've had to let two go, and its not easy. But it doesn't call for hurting other, either. What a ditz,


Ramona needs to go into therapy - she is clearly a barely functioning Alcoholic . She wants to run so far from her humble start in life. she is the typical Adult Child of an Alcoholic always trying so sadly to control her and everyone else's life. Because she had no control as a child , proud self made need no one attitude .
Take some advise you need help accept it you are in a downward spiral. you will lose your Husband first ( which you have already emasculated ) then your business then finally tarnish your daughters life forever - You are a strong woman break the cycle before it breaks you. Godspeed


She is nuts. Ra mona needs lots of help.


Ramona is the most juvenile of people and highly manipulative, and she's also dangerous. Really, if the woman had a gun on her during some of these crazy episodes of hers, people would be wounded or dead. I'm so tired of her. As nice as her apology sounded, the very second it was not wholeheartedly accepted she turned mean again--if she had any real depth and insight as to what she'd done wrong, she'd have at least granted that Kristen had good reason to discuss what had happened and to still feel upset. Ramona's apology was one of her non-stop litanies that are so over-the-top. Everything with her is extreme. She makes no room for listening. She throws out reasons for her behavior and does so in a way that is meant to elicit sympathy yet close off any real discussion of her issues--she throws out her general reasons/issues and disallows any detailed talk about them. That apology may have sounded good at first listen, but it really meant little. She has no intention of changing. And, as usual, she made herself out to be the victim. And her husband's smirky reaction when she did her poor-me thing later said everything--she's just a game player.


In most places, if you throw a glass at someone and particularly if it breaks and cuts you, the thrower will be charged with assault. These women hit, scream, throw and shove each other regularly. They need to start living in the real world and take a bit of responsibility.

@ Fudgefase

Not to mention - Bravo - aka Mrs. Andy - just gave a speech - only a few weeks ago during Real Housewives ATL reunion show - after hair pulling match between Porsha and Kenya - which lead to Porsha being arrested and removed from the Housewives show - he stated how Bravo had a "no tolerance" rule against violence! Then, Bravo aires this? Even if this this scene had been taped before Andy set new rules - whatever - then Bravo still remains responsible for allowing violence - especially after publicly stating no violence would be condoned by Bravo! But - if you are a viewer from the beginning of these shows - watching each franchise every season - then you already know this is BS - Bravo hasn't just allowed this type of behavior - they have aired it on several occasions - and Bravo sets up situations hoping and at times instigating this behavior - wanting drama to boost ratings!!! That's part of successful reality tv! As for Ramona - Kristen didn't forgive Ramona because she knew Ramona wasn't being sincere - Ramona was trying her best to repair her damaged image because of her behavior - and she couldn't repair it without Kristen - she was using Kristen for her own needs - and - Kristen wasn't having it - don't blame her at all!! After Ramona's treatment towards Kristen from getgo - Ramona didn't deserve this chance!!!!

@ skwilliams

I cannot believe Bravo would tolerate such behavior. Obviously Ramona is a special case and can do whatever the heck she wants. I find her very manipulative, condescending and an out and out liar. Housewives of New York is my least favorite show now because of Ramona and after the last episode I've decided to stop watching it altogether.

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