Beauty and the Beast Review: Once A Beast

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There were some really good things about Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 19 - and some really bad things.

The good involves Cat and Vincent still fighting the good fight, Heather returning and learning the truth and Gabe being arrested for a murder he tried to frame Vincent for committing.

The bad involves the writing team taking our intelligence for granted and suspecting that as long as Cat and Vincent are together all is right with the world. We're better than that, right Beasties?

In my work as a manager, I was taught to lead with a good, toss in a bad and finish up with a good. Let's see how that works out here.

It was really good to have Heather back and finally in the loop. Of course, seeing is believing and Heather needed to see Vincent beast out to understand what her sister had been going through for the past decade. Truly, Cat was on her own with her beast story for a very long time, just needing someone to believe her.

Luckily for Cat, the beast who saved her on the night of her mother's death was handsome and loving and she quickly got over her fear of him. However, introducing him and all that he is to the family was never going to be easy. When Cat finally told Heather the truth she craved, she thought Cat was treating her like an idiot with a fairytale-like story to shut her up.

Vincent saved her when bad guy Sheckman locked them up to explode (who would have imagined he wouldn't keep his word to Gabe not to hurt her?) and she learned he also saved her when she was with Joe's brother so long ago. She finally gets it. The truth ain't easy to tell all the time, but when it comes out, good results occur.

Now for the bad. The story has issues. Didn't everybody know Gabe had the hots for Cat? Did they keep it a secret? Why was Captain Ward just learning (or asking, anyway) if it was personal between Gabe and Cat? Maybe Cat and Tess are superstars in the precinct because everyone else is incapable of doing any detective work whatsoever.

Their surveillance in the hopes of finding Vincent is horrible. Gabe knows Vincent -- personally. He knows that even if JT is in Boston the odds are good Vincent will use his place to crash or do some sleuthing. Did he not share this important intel while trying to "protect the city" because it might show his personal connection to Cat? Because pulling teams from someplace a violent criminal will likely go doesn't happen on, say, Chicago P.D. Honestly, Gabe probably knows all of Vincent's hot spots, so not finding him seems highly unlikely.

Vincent has always been a good tracker, but when did he get supernatural powers? Why does he "see" the crimes as they happen now? We can't just say they're showing us scenes so we're familiar with what happened, because Vincent "saw" Gabe claw off the witness' shoe -- a shoe that was still conveniently in the same spot a year later. That really IS a museum!

Those types of questions really detract from the storytelling. A beast may be implausible, but we're suspending our disbelief because we know what the show is about. Poorly configured plot devices that make you laugh and scratch your head muddle with that suspension and that's not good. It will turn off new viewers, and that is not the desire here.

Back for some more good. The witness did come through and Gabe was arrested. He wasn't allowed to get out of the lineup due to his status or some other silly thing. He made bail, however, and killed the witness. It turns out that it can be true that once a beast, always a beast.

Gabe was ugly on the inside and when he looks in the mirror, he still confuses his image with that of his beast, but this murder was man on man. He made a conscious decision to take the life of another man and he can't blame it on the beast. It will be his fingerprints on the man's skin and his hand marks that fit the strangle pattern. He will either go down for the murder or disappear to come back and annoy us at a later time.

I'm really happy they're trying to move away from Gabe, but I also understand that until they find another challenge to put in the path of Vincent and Catherine and their lives together, it will be difficult to do. This will  never be a show about them being happy and living a normal life. When it is, the show will end.

We'll take our stolen VinCat moments, our passionate -- yet secret -- rendezvous; but we've had enough of Gabe. With him being a murderer and seeing the beast inside himself, he's gone as far as he can go. Keeping him around and making him into a physical beast again holds zero appeal.

So have at it Beasties. What are your thoughts on how things are playing out? What do you think will bring Heather back to the city full time? Her job and fiance are in Florida. Thoughts please! If you need a refresher, you can always watch Beauty and the Beast online to get you through.

Do you think we'll be rid of Gabe by the end of Beauty and the Beast Season 2?


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Thanks for the review, I like Vincat working as a team and Im with you about following and find Vincent, If Heather could find them I think NYPD can too hahaha but I thinks is part of the story..xoxoxo

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The super tracker thing (not supernatural) was explained at the beginning of the season. When Vincent was captured by Muirfield, they experimented on him further, enhancing his senses enabling him to feel/sense historical events. We have seen evidence of this throughout Season 2. The flashes are to help us as viewers have an idea of what it is he might be sensing.
To your review, I disagree with you on a number of points raised e.g. Heather. Personally I loved her and found her really grown up this time around. Still a little flaky but I think Miami matured her just a little. Vincent and Catherine could do with a lot more people in their corner as their life is challenging enough as it is.
I also disagree that Gabe knows all of Vincent’s hotspots otherwise he would have figured out that he was meeting JT at the diner last week or possibly where his escape cache was. I think it’s a matter of paying attention to detail and remembering events sometimes for everything to flow and make some sense. This is after all an on-going story.
That said, I loved this episode which I found really balanced and lighthearted despite its dark tone. It gave me a bit of everything and I was quite happy with the result.
I also want Gabe gone! Time for a new villain.

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@ Mandy

You're not disagreeing with MY point about Heather, as I said it was great to have her back. If Gabe didn't pick up, at the very least, that Vincent would go to JT's under any circumstances, they he shouldn't be a DA. I still don't buy the feel/sense historical events thing. Tracking a recent event because of scents and fear in the air is one thing, but what we saw was very specific, a year old and he knew to look for something by the window. I'd rather he and Cat worked together to solve the cases like they did before.

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I just want to say that he doesn't see things, he just senses them. That has been stablished since the beginning and he confirmed that to Cat when they are at the museum, "I sense struggle, the kill". He is not now having supervision, only super senses.

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Beauty and the Beast has turned into a romantic drama with a touch of humor and I love it. As far as Vincent's ability to see what happened that was explained in episode 2 by JT & I guess the writers figured since it was the basement of the museum it would be possible that no major cleaning had been done. It's a fantasy so it's easier to let things slide & honestly the actors and acting are so great I just can't help but totally enjoy this show.

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Something was definitely off about this episode. I'm really happy about Vincent and Cat, they're at a really good place right now - minus all the hiding, of course, but the story has to be about more than that. We need a new villain, we have had enough of Gabe! I'm not that happy about Heather's come back either, but the worse was dealing with all the rather absurd things happening like: Tess and her "say hello to Vincent", Vincent being a fugitive, still he is out on the street and no one sees him, and so much more. We deserve better, the show deserves better.

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@ Ladyhawk

I believe good writers CAN give us all we want. They can make the stories plausible with the "beast" elements still in tact. The fact Vincent is constantly on Cat's roof and can't be caught is ridiculous. I love them as a couple, but things around them have to change for it to be really good.

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I always found Cat's little sis very, for me, she should stay in Florida forever...maybe Gabe could join her... I like Cat&Vince as a team, not only as a couple, but this story/episode was lame... I hope the writers will find an amazing bad guy/s, soon!!!

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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Cat: I'm already in trouble. I'm in trouble with a fugitive.
Vincent: I didn't do it.
Cat: That's what they always say.

Vincent: You know, everyone thinks the guy is some paragon of good, but in truth, if they only knew who he used to be...
Cat: Well, maybe it's time they found out. Maybe it's time we dig up something from Gabe's past and put him on the defensive for once.
Vincent: Something like what?
Cat: I don't know. But he's done plenty of awful things as a beast, things he's conveniently forgotten. Maybe it's time to remind him.