Continuum Review: The End of Liber8

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Well, I had it wrong.

I can admit that my hopes Brad was sent back to protect Kiera were a big miss. However, what came after was so much better. 

On Continuum Season 3 Episode 11 everything was flipped on its head. Brad was sent back from only 30 years in the future by Kellog, of all people, to kill Kiera because Liber8 was (essentially) successful. But their success meant the destruction of pretty much everything.

When Brad said he remembered the city in ruins with everyone he loved dead, he was not exaggerating. Brad was sent back by Kellog to change history because this point in this timeline was earmarked as the moment it became corrupt. 

What becomes clear (and let's be clear -- nothing is crystal, more a dark opaque) is that by playing with time and trying to mold it to your advantage, you do the opposite. No matter how good your intentions, you cannot account for the variables that come flying by and completely change the future you are attempting to create.

Alec is a mess. He's playing with technology far before its time and his HALO causes 6% of those who wear it to become psychotic. I'm guessing the population using now isn't that large, so they're room for that percentage to increase. That he's willing to back such a horrendous product shows how desperate he has become. We don't want this Alec around.

Alec was successful in bringing in Julian to work with him at Piron, but Julian learns rather quickly that he's being blocked from some very vital information. That makes him suspicious. He's not the same kid we met in Continuum Season 1 any more than Kiera is the same Protector. Their experiences, especially in this new timeline, have given them greater clarity about who they are and where they want to go.

Kiera wants a different future than the one she came from (even if she would still love to see her family again); one where the people have more weight and corporations don't call the shots, looking out for themselves first above all others. Brad coming back and meeting his mark also changed how he feels about his own mission. 

This timeline my have been created and altered significantly because of what our original Alec did to get here, but it seems to have a positive effect on people the longer they are here. Well, with the exception of CAlec (a name I have to use when discussing both versions actively). He is so far gone that Kiera must know now that she made the wrong choice locking up her Alec, but for reasons other than she originally thought.

If she lets our Alec out and imprisons CAlec, the future and all of the beauty that could come from the technological advances he made can still happen. He can embrace his brother, Julian, in a way he was never able to in his original timeline, but always wanted to -- as an equal and as someone who had as much to offer to their future as he does.

Both Alec and Julian have had a shift in their moral compasses. So, too, have Kiera, Brad and the members of Liber8. The jury is still out on Curtis, Kellog and the Freelancers. Maybe elder Alec will have tamed in this timeline, too. If he does, it will have to be done with our Alec. With so many people from what were formerly different sides of the fight working together, is it possible to create a future in their current timeline with all of the promise and less strife?

There will always be strife. But if people with knowledge of how badly things can go can be the voices of the people and the corporations and government, then perhaps the future stands a chance.

It's like a game of 52 pick up right now. The entire house of cards was just thrust into the air and they've landed all over the floor. How they choose to rebuild is what will matter. It cannot be said that Continuum is unwilling to frak with our minds.

Do you think there is any chance for this timeline to correct itself to something better than all expect?

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The sequence with Curtis and Brad leaving the lab after Past Kiera's murder suggests, as Kate says, that Brad was not sent back to kill Kiera. Curtis admits Kiera was not supposed to be there and they "didn't have enough time." Curtis then spots Future Alec going into the lab, something Curtis says must be a "glitch." It seems they went to look for something in the lab, perhaps the travel device. If anyone, it seems Brad was sent back to kill Alec. But they didn't seem to have any idea there were two Alecs (and two Kieras). When Brad tells Kiera he killed her, he doesn't say that was his original mission. It's starting to seem the Freelancers are the real bad guys. They didn't see Future Alec coming back and they don't have the faintest idea who Brad is. Two more episodes full of promise.

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Just based on the thirty second scene between Brad and Curtis before Brad was hit by the van, I don't think he was actually sent to kill Kiera per se, but likely Alec and Kiera was just in the way (though since Kellogg knows exactly what happened presumably he knew the particular event that caused their future). I do have a thought that since Brad has reconsidered that they could likely get Travis or even Lucas on their side to rescue our Alec which might reset the future sufficiently enough to prevent Brad's world, but it would likely create something different than Kiera and Liber8's as well. I am a little confused which flashforwards we have actually been seeing with Kiera this season. I also sort of think Curtis' issue with Kiera is actually more with, well, Kiera not any grand design issue. I am also a little confused, how did Kiera know about Garza working for future Alec? Did I miss something?

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@ Kate

In one of the flash forwards (I think in Season 1) Kiera was escorting (hooker) Garza to an meeting with Alec-2077.

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Rodney p

The writers have made the Kiera Cameron character hard to watch anytime she is on screen. What in the world are the writers doing? She is the ultimate cop, she is the ultimate fighter, she is the smartest person in the world even though there are others from the future who are much smarter than her. Give me a freaking break with that Kiera Cameron character. This season is just AWFUL.

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The magic number is 100. TV shows that produce at or near or more than 100 episodes get TV immortality and live on as syndicated money makers selling to small backwater tv stations forever. Shows that fail too soon go away , maybe to Netflix, maybe not even there. Simon Barry says that he wants to do seven or eight seasons worth of CONTINUUM story, and it's now only one third of the way to 100 episodes. It's far too early for any resolutions of most central questions, most of those come in the last half of season eight. Until then there will be lots of reversals and double-crosses, and mystery characters slipping in and out. The story is passably decent. but time travel stories are hard to make good, and easy to spoil with bad choices. The last couple of episodes were pretty slow for Action-Adventure series. That's why Marvel's Agents of Shield gets 22 episodes per season, and Continuum gets 10 or 13, you got to have action in your action TV. In the states Continuum is getting borderline ratings, especially with SyFy leading with wrestling. Those wrestle maniacs don't want no complicated plots, just lots of 'splosions and fist fights and guns battles with bullet hoses that shoot hundreds of bullets without reloading. Brad Tomkins creates some new possibilities, and a reasonable sidekick for Kiera, one better than Carlos Fonnegra. The showdown with Catherine's cell of Guardians of History is overdue. They were a big part of events leading up to Season Two finale cliffhanger and ought to be prominent in the last two episodes of Season Three. Season One ended with Alec-2077 visiting Kagame in prison and saying things that generated a belief that he remembered the whole history of KIera and Liber8 coming to visit in 2012, including remembered reading the note that his older self sent back to 2012 to his younger self. There has never been a bit of followup on that. There has never been any demonstrated time travel forward into the future, except, maybe, can't be trusted Chen going forward to recruit Brad Tomkins, and for all we know now that was maybe a far future Chen who traveled back in time making stops in Brad's time and 2012-2014 time. None of the 30+ episodes actually shows any past person showing up in a future time, except the Catherine's Agent Miller who appeared in Jason's power station beneath the execution chamber. Since there's two or more of everybody, nothing is nailed down with certainty. Speaking of that, Brad Tomkins was trained for a mission and traveled back 11 weeks ago to the beginning of the season. He was prepared to kill Green Kiera before the Red Alec jumped into this timeline, and he did kill the Green Kiera before the Red Kiera got here. Red Kiera finds Green Kiera's body in Green Alec's SadTech lab at the start of the season. The Green timeline was already a disaster before any of the future people got here. (See what I mean about how easily a time travel story can turn into mush?) Alec, the Destroyer of World's, was completely on track to become the Alec-2077 when Chen supposedly went future foraging for patsies to sucker. The future 2077, with Kagame-2012 remembered by Alec-2077 and coached to blow up the tower-2012 and start Liber8 was completely on track. Time travel stories can rapidly get away from the writers, because one thing a time travel story needs is "CONTINUITY" episode to episode. Writers more interested in grabbing the brass ring of 100th episode can forget that what they wrote in the past is recorded on video records. If what they write in the future tells some OTHER STORY, then the audience may just wander away feeling ripped off. I don't appreciate how they ended this episode with every Liber8 character acting uncharacteristic and off their established personalities. I want the writers to respect characters with three years of video history behind them.

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Continuum Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Travis: Time for some answers, future man. What are you doing here?
Brad: I'm here to clean up your mess.

Just because Alec believes HALO is harmless doesn't mean it is.