Days of Our Lives Round Table: Returns and Revenge

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Sami planned revenge, Eve Donovan returned, and Hope and Aidan had some fun on this week's Days of Our Lives. 

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Dukeblue from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to discuss how they hope Sami's scheme plays out, who they think is Paige's daddy, and what was their favorite scene of the week.


Did you suspect that Sami knew the truth before you saw that photo?

Nick: I had an inkling that Sami knew something after being so nice to Abigail and putting her in even more awkward situations. There was a sense that Sami knew exactly how uncomfortable Abigail was and decided to continually up the ante whenever she could. Seeing that she knows about the affair and has the photos is just the confirmation I needed that she indeed knew about it.

Dukeblue:  Absolutely not!! Admittedly, Sami's overly-friendly interactions with Abigail have reached absurd heights lately. However, as a character with such a dismal track record for cultivating true friendship, I found it both understandable and believable that Sami would want to reach out to Abigail. Sami has also never shown a great deal of self-control, particularly when she feels that she has been wronged, so to find out that she has chosen to remain quiet about the affair thus far was definitely shocking.

Christine:  I began to think she had to know because she really seemed to revel in Abigail's discomfort but then I dismissed the thought because Sami's never shown this type of self control before. I kind of love that she's taking a page from Stefano's book and learning what it means to plan out her revenge.

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How do you hope Sami's revenge plays out?

Nick: I'm hoping she'll stay the course for now. I love how much awkwardness and tension she's bringing up by continually putting Abigail in the middle of everything that involves her and EJ, and I think she's waiting for one of them to crack before laying into them and being typical Sami. I can't wait.

Dukeblue:  I would love to see Sami expose EJ & Abigail's affair in the most public way possible. Where Abigail is concerned, I'm sure being humiliated in front of her family and friends would be most horrifying and therefore, the most spectacular punishment. As for EJ, I'd like to see Sami take it a step further and have him suffer professionally. It is my hope that she will forgo a wedding reveal. I think Sami would get more bang for her buck if she waits to expose the affair at the upcoming Gala.

Christine: Part of me hopes Sami leaves EJ at the altar but another part hopes she marries him anyway because I know how much their kids are looking forward to it and they've been through quite enough. Either way, I'm enjoying Sami having the upper hand in their relationship. As for Abigail, I can't wait for her friends and family to find out that she had an affair with the dreaded EJ Dimera.   

Daniel and Jennifer. Do you want them to get back together or do you prefer them apart. 

Nick: I wish they would send Dr. Dan away again for hand tremors, but anything that removes him from the worst possible coupling ever is at least an improvement. Keep them apart.

Dukeblue:  I would definitely prefer to see Daniel and Jennifer's recent break become permanent. I feel that both characters are at their best apart and would welcome a change in direction for them. I have not enjoyed the weepy and judgmental version of Jennifer that surfaces in Daniel's presence, nor the heroic version of Daniel that Jennifer continuously wants to promote. Instead, I'd like to see a strong-willed and accepting Jennifer revisited, as well as a flawed and selfish Daniel for a while. I don't believe these changes can happen if they remain together.

Christine:  I'm glad I'm not the only one that hopes this break becomes a permanent break-up. These two waffle between sickeningly sweet and downright boring when they are together. I hope that this is the end of Dannifer. 

Paige is Eve Donovan's daughter. Who do you think is her daddy?

Nick: I can envision Days doing some creative writing to make Paige Jack's daughter, or Eve at least claiming Paige is. There's a lot of mention of Jack's book and the money it made recently, so Eve coming back to town to collect a payout and wreak some havoc sounds right in line with her character.

Dukeblue:  I believe that Frankie is Paige's father, although I have a hard time accepting that he would willingly abandon his daughter.

Christine:  Frankie would make more sense in the timeline but I agree with Dukeblue, he'd never abandon his child. Having Jack be the daddy makes for a better story for all the reasons Nick mentions above. It doesn't work within the timeline at all but that's never stopped Days before. 

Will Nicole help Eric become a priest again?

Nick: I think she needs to to stand any chance of being with him again. It's ultimately up to Eric, but Nicole already denied Eric his dream once before so she needs to at least try to make it right.

Dukeblue:  I would like to say yes, but sadly I don't think she will. Nicole's motive for withholding the evidence this entire time was to prevent Eric's return to the priesthood. I think Nicole realizes that by co-operating with the Bishop's investigation, she will surely destroy any chance of a happily ever after with Eric. I don't think she is ready to give up on him just yet and for that reason alone, I don't believe that she will be helpful.

Christine:  I thought she was going to do the right thing, until Marlena got to her. Now I wonder if she feels as though she has no chance with Eric so why bother. In Nicole's mind, he accused her of rape and she forgave him. She did all of this because she loved him and she can't understand why he doesn't see that. With Nicole's twisted logic, it's anyone's guess what her next move will be. 

What was your favorite scene or story of the week?

Nick: Loving my Hope and Aiden scenes! The two are so much fun together to watch, and the slow burn between them continues to be one of the stronger potential couplings Days has done in a while. It's always a bonus to watch Hope get to do things other than be a cop and pine after Bo too.

Dukeblue:  Without a doubt, my favorite story included the revelation that Sami is in possession of the scandalous photo and is conspiring with Kate. What a great twist!! I am looking forward to watching these two ladies work together and to see how their plan unfolds. I'm sure it will be pure gold!

Christine:  I squealed with glee when I found out that Sami knew about the affair and was setting up EJ and Abigail. Knowing that Kate is a part of the plan just ensures that it will be all the more epic. But honorable mention goes out to Hope and Aidan. Aidan was charming and downright adorable and it was the most fun we've seen Hope have in quite some time. 

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.


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1. I totally thought she knew. First because I never believed Sami really loved EJ. And when it doesn't go deep for Sami, she tends to get over heartache quickly and go for revenge. There is precedent for this. When she thought Franco was cheating on him. She hired a woman to seduce him. Not to mention the scaffold scene. 2: I hope whatever she does at the end she walks away the bada$$ Sami Gene Brady she once was. The one that stood her own, had plans and wanted more than abuse in the name of "love." 3. Daniel off of the show please. Okay that's not fair. But I want him as far away from Jennifer Rose as he could be. And I want them to bring the awesome Jennifer Rose back. This woman is not her. 4: Anybody but Jack. 5. I hope Nicole does it. Not only because I'm tired of this storyline. But because I hope Eric does go back to the Church. If not a priest (because I do like him and Nicole) I would like for him to be a pastor of another denomination. I think the religious aspects of small town growing up is missing in modern day soaps. I loved it when GL had it. Plus, it goes well with all the evil now on Days. 6. As much as I liked Sami and Kate's scene, I'd have to go with Hope and Aiden. Its great seening K.A. getting a chance to act again. With Sami and Kate's scheme, I want more people involved. Lucas, Will, Sonny... even John and Marlena. Especially if its about bringing down the Dimeras.

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