Falling Skies Review: Fortune Cookie

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So ... the Espheni invaded Earth, then the Volm came and now an even greater threat is coming? What!?!

The season premiere was a bit fragmented and confusing, but it  set an intriguing course for Falling Skies Season 4.

After Falling Skies Season 4 Episode 2, I'm not really sure what's going on at all. There are times when mystery works, but in this case it falls flat. The four different storylines with the Mason family split up doesn't help matters either.

The Espheni Plan

At least, Tom and Hal were reunited with Weaver and Pope by their sides to plan an escape from their electrified section. That's of course, if Tom is still Tom. He once again put his own life on the line and was taken up to the mothership. While there, he was able to figure out the hiding place of the flying skitters (former rebels), as well as, the tether's location.

The Espheni are no longer using harnesses on kids because they were unreliable and have shifted to removing all free will from the humans they are converting. The Espheni are brainwashing beings to obey commands without question, like with the rebel skitters. It didn't appear that Tom was brainwashed when he returned from the mothership, but I'm not entirely convinced yet.

As long as Tom and his group are locked behind the electric fences, I'm not all that interested in their story as it's repetitive of previous seasons when they were fighting off the skitters and forced into hiding. Of course, this time it isn't their choice but the concerns of resources and food aren't necessarily new.

Meanwhile, Matt is still at the re-education camp. He has a girlfriend and  his secret club was found out. Matt was delayed a few minutes due to a kiss and that may have saved him and his girl. Were Matt's friends taken to be brainwashed of their free will to fight along side the Espheni?

If they can remove free will from humans, then why are they going through all the trouble of re-educationing them? Or is that just a means to find those who will be most susceptible to the treatment? I like Matt and that he's following in his father's footsteps by being a rebel, but the overall storyline involving him hasn't been well developed yet.

Just as Matt is sticking strong to his own beliefs, so is Ben. He's made himself Lexi's protector and not a moment too soon. Lourdes is out of her mind. Why does she have such a strong connection to Lexi? She's crazy. Though, Lexi's "power" is unusual too. Perhaps, there was a physical or mental connection made when Lexi healed Lourdes.

Assuming the Hybrid is Lexi, she's either the savior of Earth or she'll help in its destruction. Right now, Chinatown residents see her as a messiah and protector. Is she really or is she just an other controlled being used to keep humans in line? It's likely a combination of both. She definitely has some powers of her own, but she's not necessarily using them of her own free volition as she met with an Espheni in secret.

The show is better when the Masons are together and fighting with their posse, the 2nd Mass, so I hope Anne finds Lexi soon and that Tom and Hal join them as well. Lexi prophesied that they would be reunited. (She did sound like a fortune cookie, right?) Once that happens, perhaps they will have a chance against their foes. 

My biggest problem with the first two episode isn't that the group was divided, though I don't care for that creative decision, it's that we don't know who they should be fighting. Are the Espheni still the enemy? What about the Volm? They promised to help, but they aren't holding up their end. Or, should the humans be working with their former enemies in a fight against this coming greater threat? It's all too muddled to know.

Who is the greatest threat?


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The greatest threat is the writers....

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While I mostly agree with this review I wish reviewers tried harder to keep track of the mythology and world of the shows they review. While it's possible it was a typing mistake (I don't think it was) the reviewer was wrong when they said Lexi met with a volm. It was an espheni. The species look quiet different so I don't know how the reviewer could make a mistake if they paid attention. But anyway on to my opinion of the show. Personally I in my opinion think this espheni was not hostile as I got the impression it was smiling in a non threatening manner . This is interesting because up to this point we have presumably only encountered members of the espheni military but based on the appearance of this new espheni, it's association with lexi, and lexi's apparent knowledge of alien religion (the three circles) I'm going to assume this espheni is their equivalent of a priest or missionary. An espheni that dosent want to harm humans and instead simply wants to pass on his culture is a character I would like to see. The new threat is something I had guessed since the first season due to the invaders behavior and focus on getting the children. It was doubly obvious when they captured the espheni leader in season 2 and he mentioned earth was simply a means to an end. I definitely think the espheni are bad guys but them not being the true threat is something that happens alot in science fiction usually to good results. The parts with Matt so far bore me because they too me are simply the shows way of getting across that the enemy is brainwashing humans. I'm sure the material will get better as matt finds more ways to rebel. Lourdes has been a character that I've liked one season and was annoyed by the next. She's just annoying now. I'm not even going to bother with Annes story because nothing has happened yet other than constant reminders that she's bent on finding her family at the cost of making her fighters do nothing but walk around while there Is a war to fight. I think what this show needs is the new threat to arrive and a 3 way battle between the (human - rebel skitter- volm alliance)-espheni - and the hopefully ultra powerful and scary threat. The threat has to be dangerous and alien (like the reapers in mass effect before the ending). That's it for now I didn't cover alot but I know this is long as it is.

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Carla day
@ OrdinaryGamer

Thank you for the correction.

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