Graceland Review: Welcome Home?

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Summer has only just started, but things are quickly heating up on USA,

Our favorite federal agents have a new assignment on their hands and, if Graceland Season 2 Episode 1 is any indication, it looks like Mikey is going to be at the helm of the operation.

It seem like D.C. was treating Mike well. He was a rock star among his peers and even had a new girl, Jess, wooed by his this believed status.

This Jess character strikes me as trouble from jump. I feel like somewhere along the line she's going to hang Mike out to dry when he really needs her or the bureau's support.

But, alas, the undercover life has its grip on Mike, and he jumped at the chance - even if indirectly forced by his shutdown investigation - to get back to the Graceland crew.

I have to say, when Briggs got Mike on the phone, I wasn't sure he'd divulge the fact there was a hit out on him. The Briggs of Graceland Season 1 would have played an angle. But something about Briggs has really changed.

After all, he did mention he had bridges he had to rebuild, so perhaps this is his way of getting back in the bureau's good graces.

How quickly the tables have turned, though. Where Briggs seemed to be the vortex of power in last year, Mike is now top dog. I can't help but think his peers are going to have a hard time. At the very least it's going to be awkward.

Awkward definitely describes Mike's trip back to the house. D.C. sure did seem to give Mike a "better than thou" attitude at first, but perhaps it was because he was a little jealous at all he'd missed out on - and that they'd moved in a new roommate.

I'm really interested in getting to know the newest house member. It's certainly going to add a new element to the Graceland dynamic.

One can only wonder how the buses and the Caza cartel are going to get linked this summer, if they ever are at all. There's a lot of possibilities on the horizon.

Yet just as the dynamic among the housemates and Mike has changed, many of them between Jakes, Johnny, Briggs, Paige and Charlie are much the same. Charlie and Briggs are officially together, though I think we can all say there was a strong possibility that was going to happen anyway. T

he chore wheel is still intact - and that, my friends, is a sign of a still-functioning household.

I'm excited about what's to come. We have the direction, now all we'll need are the details.

Are you excited for the rest of Graceland Season 2?


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First, why is the picture above only showing one person, Mike. That in its self tells the tale. The only white guy on the show, who is the rookie btw, ends up being everybody's boss. WOW, I guess this IS true to life.

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@ Nisan

really? racist much

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@ Michael

Yeah, I'm the racist!

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do you think Mikes Boss back in DC are getting Kickback from the drug cartell and that why they shut him down

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Mike with Paige seems like a dangerous move. He's the team leader now--shouldn't shit where you eat. "But what about Charlie and Briggs?" you say. Well, I guess it's kinda the same thing, but Charlie and Briggs both live there; in 8 weeks, Mike goes back to DC so where does that leave Paige if they do hook up? Won't end well.

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Sarah silva

So happy this show is back!
That scene with Mike and the bag over his head was intense! I am glad that Briggs and his team got there rather quickly.
We have a new guy in the house. I am sure we will learn more about him.
Mike was right that the house and his former house mates are different.
I was not surprised to see Charlie and Briggs hooking up.
I do not like Jess, I agree with you Chandel there seems to be something off about her. I prefer Mike with Paige.
It did not seem to me that his bosses in DC thought Mike was a rock star, his peers may have but his boss shut down his task force. However at the end Mike was right about the buses and he was able to the OK to get a team together and continue his investigation of his bus theory.
I think the way that they are having Mike stay in LA worked out well. However his house mates did not seem to thrilled that he chose them to be his team. They should be happy.
This will be an intense season.

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So glad the show is back it's so great I really missed and am so happy to have it back. The story was so interesting this episode and seemed to set up the main story for the rest of the season and it's a pretty interesting story. I don't trust the new girl Jess I don't know why but I feel like she'll betray Mike or end up dead either way something's going to happen with her because Mike and Paige are supposed to be together. I was a little surprised that Charlie and Briggs are together even though I knew there was always something between them. The new guy seems interesting and I can't wait to find out more about him. The guy that plays the new guy is the guy that played a character in one of my favorite movies which is pretty cool. I'm not sure how long this guy will last on the show because now that Mike's back they'll need to make more room for him so there's a chance the guy could get killed off even though I hope we find out more about his character. I can't wait till the next episode.

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Sarah silva
@ marissa

Jakes was looking at apartments so I am sure Jakes will move out which will leave a room open for Mike. Either that or Charlie will "move" into Briggs room.

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@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Jakes' looking at apartments for him and his son threw me. Is Jakes "allowed" to live elsewhere? Does this mean he'll be quitting the Graceland crew?

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Sarah silva
@ MrWriteSF

Personally I think Jakes will still be around, the team will be okay with him moving out as it is for his son.

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