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Once Upon a Time to Cast Trio of Frozen Characters

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Is there a chill in here?

Or is it just Once Upon a Time Season 4?

With the tease of Elsa from Disney's animated smash Frozen closing out Once Upon a Time Season 3, TV Line confirms that this character will appear in approximately 9 episodes this fall.

And she won't stop by Storybrooke alone.

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Elsa’s sister Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell on film) and ice merchant Kristoff (voiced by Jonathan Groff) will also recur on Season 4.

The official casting breakdown describes Anna as “fun-loving [and] fearless optimist;” Kristoff as a loner who loves the siblings deeply and is adjusting to life indoors when we meet him on OUAT; and Elsa as someone who understands the key to controlling her freezing cold power is love, specifically her bond with Anna.

So there you have it, TV Fanatics.

Once Upon a Time Season 4 will premiere this fall, giving you plenty of time to discuss and ponder: Who should play these key new roles?

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I think Virginia Williams who played a lawyer in Fairly Legal and the same on Drop Dead Diva would be perfect for the role of Elsa. She's gorgeous and has the same kind of look.

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I won't settle for anything less than Idina Menzela as Elsa, Kristen Bell as Anna and Jonathan Groff as Kristoff. All actors have said they would reprise their roles. Its a no brainer.

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@ Olaf

I don't have a problem with Idina if it was going to be another musical, but the arc Elsa will be playing on OUAT will have nothing to do with singing. Does she look like a version of Elsa? I think not. Virginia Williams looks just like Elsa. Check her out in some episodes of Drop Dead Diva and also where she was one of the main stars on Fairly Legal. She's tall, blonde, slim and gorgeous. A perfect fit for Elsa!

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@ Olaf

Menzel.... yeeesh you'd think I was John Travolta

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So excited I figured we would be seeing Anna and Kristoff and am very excited that we will. I'm glad that they aren't changing any of their characters because they're already such amazing characters. I love Frozen and I can't to see these 3 characters on the show because they were my favorite characters in the movie of besides Olaff or course. I want the show to return so bad so I can see these characters in it.

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Emma looks like Elsa. I know you said kristen bell played her sister anna but it would be interesting to see her play Elsa. She has the look and she usually plays Tom-boys so it would be interesting to see her play a prince. I know they couldn't afford her. Also jennifer Lawernce would be great but they couldn't afford her either. Realistically they could cast someone like Laura Vandervoot or Yvonne Strahovkis or someone similar.

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@ sal

They could afford whomever they wanted..they are ABC,guess who they are backed by...Disney..pretty sure money is no object at this point..this season is going to make them a gold mine....:)

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