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Rizzoli & Isles Review: A Good Cry

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This is what Rizzoli & Isles Season 5 Episode 2 was for both the characters and the audience: a good cry, as I know I couldn't hold back the tears at the funeral.

Most fans knew this day was coming after the tragic death of actor Lee Thompson Young last fall. Of course, knowing this episode would arrive didn't make it any easier to watch. 

I appreciated how each of the characters was allowed to deal with their grief in his/her own way. Barry's mother asking his friends to help plan the funeral was a wonderful idea.

As anyone who has had to plan a loved one's funeral knows, the process can be completely overwhelming and this gave each of his partners a chance to help and have something to focus on. 

Jane seeing Frost in the street wasn't a surprise. As Maura mentioned, it's fairly normal for someone who's grieving. It's as though you miss them so much that your brain conjures the vision of them at odd moments. 

Or was it actually Barry giving them the clue they needed to solve their case? I liked that although Jane wouldn't normally believe in such a thing, she entertained the thought because she knew that Frost would if the roles were reversed. 

Speaking of the case, an amnesiac walking into the precinct covered in blood felt like something we've seen before. Not necessarily on Rizzoli & Isles, but on several other crime procedurals. Still, I thought they pulled off the plot line in a somewhat unique way.

I especially liked when Maura couldn't call the young woman Jane Doe because that's what she called the dead women that ended up on her table. So, with typical Maura logic, she ended up with Jessica which led Jane to joke in this Rizzoli & Isles quote

Oh no, Korsak. Maura's named her. Now we'll never be able to give her back.


As bad as I felt for Jessica (aka Lilly Green) experiencing the worst day of her life, it was Jane's eulogy that opened the flood gates. 

In this moment when there feels like there is none here is the good news. Death may have taken Barry but it can't take our memories of him. Those wonderful and perfect and beautiful memories. Those thank God are ours to keep.


Thank God they are. RIP Detective Barry Frost. You will be missed. 

OK, TV Fanatics, what did you think of how the show handled the death of Det. Barry Frost?



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OMG! The postcard at the end was brilliant!!! She will hang on to that treasure FOREVER! I hope we spot it on her fridge for a LONG time to come. :) I agree, this death was different since the actor had actually died. It's totally different from killing off a character because an actor gets fired or wants to move on. I'm wavering on whether Frost should have committed suicide, as I've heard others say, in order to deal with Young's suicide, but that just wouldn't be true to Barry Frost's character.
Yes, amnesia has been done thousands of times before, but I thought it was done perfectly & worked well with what the precinct was going through in the loss of Frost. Lily had her way of coping with death, as did each of our beloved R&I family.


The show was great...cried all the way through it. I liked how his Dad got to be there at the end, but wish he had had an opportunity to speak or to interact with his wife.


I cried the whole episode. Its amazing show and cast. It was very clear that they were morning a friend and co worker more then just a character.
Janes eulogy at the end was spot on!


I especially liked the way they let the men in the cast show their grief....they didn't "hold it in" but expressed it in a natural way...and you just knew those were real tears.


Very difficult to watch. Episodes like this are hard enough to sit through when a fictitious person has died, watching the other characters around him or her grieve. I almost felt like an intruder watching the very obvious and real grief of the cast and agree that the episode was handled with caring and grace.


That was a perfect episode. That is how you say goodbye to a beloved character and colleague. Well done Rizzoli and Isles!!!!


I thought they handled it with such grace. I loved it and I had a good cry as well. Very well done!