The 100 Review: Where is Home?

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Why couldn't The 100 air the finale episodes back-to-back? The CW is torturing us!

The 100 Season 1 Episode 12 picked up with the camp preparing for a Grounder attack, while Clarke, Finn and Monty remained missing. That was the relative peace before the chaos before the coming war.

Given the intensity of "We Are Grounders, Part 1," I can't even begin to imagine what will happen in the season's final hour.

The standoff in the drop ship was crazy!  Murphy's revenge was brutal. I've never been a fan of Murphy, yet I understand his anger and retaliation. His actions weren't justified no matter what was done to him. There was nothing that Bellamy could say to satisfy Murphy and he nearly died because of his bravery.

The interaction between Bellamy and Murphy was so distressing to watch that I can't even put into words how I was feeling during that scene. I didn't want to believe that Bellamy would die, but as the situation escalated it seemed more and more possible. It wasn't until Raven got the door open and Bellamy was on the floor that I felt comfortable that he made it.

Phew! Murphy's escape from the camp was probably the best resolution, since no one was forced to kill him and he'll likely get caught by the Grounders. Of course, he could end up somewhere else, but that's a worry for another day. 

Speaking of the Grounders, Lincoln saved both Finn and Clarke. I don't think I could like the guy more than I do right now. He took a stand against his own people to do what he believed was right and put his own life on the line numerous times. I am curious though about how much Anya knows about Lincoln. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that she helped facilitate Finn and Clarke's rescue. 

Clarke and Finn's journey exposed an expansive society on the ground which is much more complicated than the one faction of Grounders after them. There's a Commander who oversees the Rangers and Anya's group, the scary Reapers, another more friendly faction near the ocean, the loner Lincoln and probably many more societies that are still unknown.

Clarke made a comment that likely reflects how viewers feel as well, "I swear to God the more we learn about this place the less we know." Who are the Grounders? Reapers? The people alive in the cart? I hope we get some insight into this during the season finale.

Despite all the chaos that ensued over the hour, the group ended the day for the better and stronger with the exception of Raven. Clarke and Finn returned, Bellamy proved his strength of character and leadership, Murphy left, and the group came together around a common outside threat.

"We are Grounders." 

These space people left their previous lives behind and committed to their new reality on the ground. They banded together to fight for their lives and protect their new existence. That was until Clarke showed up with new information that they couldn't win there and instead needed to find others on the ocean who would help them.

Who was wrong? Bellamy or Clarke? Neither of them, but that's only because they don't know about the Hydrazine. If Raven stays conscious long enough or Jasper realizes the importance, the Hydrazine could change the course of the war. It provides the new Grounder teens a chance to win.

On The 100 Season 1 Episode 13, there will be an epic battle with Grounders vs. Grounders. In space, they will be holding out hope that the Ark can survive the atmosphere and land safely on Earth. Will the two groups be reunited by the end of the hour? Doubtful, but at least we get a season 2.

The hour was nerve-wracking to watch, but there were also so many touching moments. Here are some of my favorites that I haven't already mentioned:

Should they stay or go?


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Actually, I think I read that Lindsey Morgan is signed to do another show. This is unfortunate, since Raven is one of the more interesting characters on the show. I at least hope they keep her fate somewhat ambiguous, just in case she can return in the future. If anything, I'd say Finn is fodder. I find him to be rather hollow. His only real purpose is to brood. Frankly, if I were running the show, I'd keep Raven and kill-off Finn. I think his death would be a much more interesting (and unexpected) event that could propel the plot forward. The other character I'd kill off is the Chancellor. He deserves a heroic death, insuring the survival of (most of) the ark's inhabitants. Then, next season, Abby and Kane will be at odds without him there to mediate between them.

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raven is the smartest one there. She made it down from space on her own!. The triangle: Clark get over it. he thought he would not see raven again. Not anytime soon
I hope lincoln does not die. Interesting about the other grounders. i think the reapers are cannibals

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@ Michelle

I also think the Reapers are cannibals, and those sickly looking people in those carts are the food supply. UGH

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Nerve wrecking episode, I'm so relieved that we will get a second season too. Who ever plays Bellamy is a good actor & I wouldn't mind seeing him in more movies & television, his "we are grounders" speech was fantastically delivered. Ironic how Bellamy is my fave character & Octavia is my least favorite. I also fill like Raven is going to die.

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@ Steve

I liked Raven in the beginning but now it seems like there's not much room for her in the show. She pulls time away from characters that i'd rather watch. I won't care if she dies.

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@ sal

Yea Raven is just fodder character now in the way of Clarke & Finn

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The 100 Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Finn: What do we do now?
Lincoln: Now we run!

This is for tying the noose they hung me with. Say hi to Connor for me.