The Strain: Meet the Cast!

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The CDC gets called in to investigate when Regis Flight 753 arrives in NYC as a "dead plane." The passengers deaths can't be attributed to any cause that they've seen before.

Eph Goodweather leads the team that examines the plane, passengers and is tasked with determining the cause. The mystery leads them to an ancient and evil strain of vampirism. It's scary, creepy, and intense!

The series has a wide-range of characters, including the CDC's Canary Project team, those involved in the spread of the outbreak, a former death camp prisoner who's dealt with an outbreak before and Eph's family members.

Check out The Strain's cast of characters!

The Strain premieres on Sunday, July 13 on FX.

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The Strain Quotes

Setrakian: At least answer a simple question. I need to know about a book; a Holy book. A religious item, the Occido Lumen.
Fitzwilliam: Been a while since I heard about the Lumen.
Setrakian: Palmer gave up on the search. Why?
Fitzwilliam: He spent a lot of time and a while lot of money only to discover that it no longer exists. That it may never have existed at all.
Setrakian: He's wrong.

Love is going to guide them all back. To their homes. To their loved ones.