I'm gonna win or die confronting the Master. I will not fade away as a weak old man.


Nora: Suddenly you're healthy?
Setrakian: Yes, so therefore you needn't concern yourself anymore.
Nora: I was the first to believe in you; to trust you. To bring you with us. And I just saved your life.
Setrakian: You might be more disappointed in me if I told you the truth.
Nora: I don't care. You won't treat me like this. I'm your friend.
Setrakian: Alright, but you must promise not to tell anyone, including Ephraim.
Nora: You have my word.
Setrakian: I've never confided this to anyone. I consume the worms to maintain my health.

Eph: Are you gonna die on us?
Nora: There's less swelling, but he's fully infected. I don't think he's dying.
Eph: In other words, we did it.
Nora: When do we test transmission?
Eph: Tonight we cut him loose.

So, the Master can see through all you things huh? Are you watching me now? You took my wife, my son's mother. I'm gonna take hundreds, thousands of yours. I'm gonna work my way all the way to the top; to you. Hey, my eyes are up here. You planning on sending my vampire wife after my boy? Here's the deal, Master. I will kill him and then I'll kill myself before I let you turn us into anything like you.


Vaun: Excellent!
Gus: This is bullshit. Why you got me running around here like an asshole?
Vaun: We are about to embark on a most important mission.
Gus: Is that why you give me a gun with only two bullets?
Vaun: You should have checked the magazine.
Gus: I should have checked my sanity to ever team up with a guy like you. Now you're gonna tell me about this big mission and why I'm so important or I'm outta here.
Vaun: We're gonna kidnap Eldritch Palmer.

Palmer: Have you heard of a Polish nobleman by the name of Jusef Sardu?
Setrakian: According to legend he was attacked by a vampire while on a hunting trip in 1873.
Palmer: Correct and he was said to have carried a cane.
Setrakian: With a wolf's head handle made of white gold; silver blade.
Palmer: Its been missing for decades, but my sources tell me that it may have recently resurfaced here in Vienna.
Setrakian: That is the first I've heard of this. Well is it true?
Palmer: That's what I need you to find out.
Setrakian: I'll see what I can turn up.

Eph: You both contracted the disease that's broken out in New York. The worms carry a very aggressive virus. There's no cure. You'll both die in fifteen to forty-eight hours.
Harrison: You knew this the moment those things wounded us.
Eph: We did, but you wouldn't believe it until you saw it for yourself.
Pauline: Then why did you bring us here?
Nora: Because we need your help.
Eph: For over two hundred years yellow fever ravaged American cities, killing hundreds of thousands of people. The disease went unchecked, until a group of U.S. soldiers volunteered to be test subjects for Dr. Walter Reed. They helped find a way to eradicate that disease. We'd like you to help us do the same with this.

Eichhorst: A new führer has emerged, wiser and stronger than the first one. He needs soldiers like you to serve as instruments for his unshakeable will. Does this interest you?
Steiner: God yes! I'm tired of running.
Eichhorst: Welcome to the fold, comrade.

Nora: When are we going to tell them?
Eph: In a couple of hours, when they wake up.
Nora: You mean when they're too sick to put up a fight?
Eph: They're infected, does it matter?

Nora: I think we have a winner, it's multiplying. Taking them on in cerebral spinal fluid.
Eph: It's munching on vampire brain juice.
Nora: I can see some justice in that.
Eph: If we can get this to happen in the wild, then this bug can obliterate the vampire central nervous system. Let's grow up a batch and give it a try.

Setrakian: A legend was passed down through the centuries concerning a book. An ancient tome of uncertain prominence and some say divine inspiration... The Occido Lumen.
Vaun: And what do you know of this book?
Setrakian: I now have proof that it exists.

There once was a great nobleman named Jusef Sardu. Since childhood he suffered from gigantism. His body was aging, his bones were bent and riddled with ache, so he was forced to walk with a cane.

Setrakian's bubbeh

The Strain Quotes

Love is going to guide them all back. To their homes. To their loved ones.


He's back. I don't know if I have the strength to do it all over again.