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This Strain, this virus changes its host's body through a violent corruptive metamorphosis. You can see a bizarre growth emanating from the throat, forming a kind of stinger through which a worm parasite passes from the carrier to the victim.


Dutch: I brought you a plan.
Eph: We don't need any more plans. What we need is a win.
Dutch: Okay then, I brought you a win.

Have you come here to destroy me? The old professor has a new pupil. To fail as he failed. I have taken everything from him and I will take everything from you. Your wife, your son. I am a drinker of men.

The Master

Stay to the right. The third rail, I don't know if it's live down here but at 625 volts you don't want to find out.


You and I are not assassins. Fet, that kill happy exterminator, this comic-con mission's his wet dream. And the old man's consumed by an ancient grudge. They have no plan B because they have have no one but themselves at risk.


Palmer: Human DNA decays as we age. Over time it frays and it fails and we follow suit. But it's a code that can be rewritten. Re-write the software and you control the hardware. The meat, muscle and tissue that is mankind.
Dutch: To what end?
Palmer: If hacking is about exploring the limits of what is possible, then I am on the verge of achieving what you would consider the ultimate hack. Cheating death.
Dutch: Immortality?
Palmer: Yes

We need to look at all the decommissioned tunnels and lines near the World Trade Center.


Dutch: Do you know Eldritch Palmer?
Setrakian: One of the most powerful men in the world, yes.
Dutch: He hired me.
Setrakian: To do what?
Dutch: I worked my ass off to shut the internet down.

Fet: I have feelings.
Setrakian: Leave the feeling to others.

Setrakian: Who was that?
Eph: My Ex-wife's boyfriend.
Fet: Not anymore.

There are a few to whom The Master grants greater power. They retain parts of their former selves.


They're connected to The Master who sees through every strigoi eye.

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The Strain Quotes

Be quiet. Do not touch her. She is corrupted.

Hooded Strigoi

If these worms did infect the victims, then human blood should produce a tropic reaction.